More Important Information for My Children and Everyone about Intentionally Giving False Information and Testimony which is Abuse of Process

More important information for my Children and everyone else too…Intentionally giving false and misleading testimony or writing false and misleading information which you know can be used in court is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE called ABUSE OF PROCESS. This is especially true for anyone over the age of eighteen (18).

***Being forced to give false or misleading information or testimony with threats of abuse, violence or other unlawful acts could be MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCES so mention this as your motive for giving false and misleading information and/or testimony.

By mentioning how you have been threatened, you will reveal the TRUTH so those behind the Abuse of Process will be held accountable and it will be shown that THEY were threatening you to do as they demand so you are fearful of expressing your own free will by giving honest information and honest testimony. SLAVERY is a violation of the law and you are no one’s slave.

In the US, EVERYONE has a right to a fair trial and those who impede this legal process can go to jail because this is a VERY SERIOUS CRIME. People are SERIOUSLY harmed by false information and false testimony which leads to unjust court rulings based upon the false information.

My civil lawsuit case ‪#‎BC580980‬ filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court has many examples of Organizations and Individuals:
– giving false and misleading testimony and information
– and refusing to provide information which they were and still are legally obligated to provide.
This is a very serious criminal offense called Abuse of Process and may also be a violation of other criminal offenses and laws.

***So my Children and many other Children and others REALIZE that your alienating father (mother) is NOT YOUR FRIEND and neither are those working with him.

They only want to USE AND ABUSE YOU for their benefit and if that means forcing you to be their “front person” so YOU violate the law and not them, they don’t care if you go to jail. ***They only care about themselves, their money and their power and ability to control others and to keep their unlawful schemes going.

So don’t ENABLE them to control you because you have FREE WILL and are an INDIVIDUAL to act as YOU WANT. Get away from them and contact your honest, loving Mother (father) who will bring JUSTICE.

Also, remember as Judge Sfekas taught me and showed me many times; THERE IS GUILT BY ASSOCIATION so choose wisely with your free will. ***If you don’t choose wisely you only have YOURSELF to blame because the laws must apply EQUALLY to everyone in a Democratic Republic like the United States. This is what our Constitution and Laws are based upon; EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL.***

As always, none if this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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