More of the letter showing the concealed $2.5 million dollars.

The letter is from the law firm which represented me during the divorce (the law offices of Alan Shifman) to the law firm which represented my ex-husband (Seastrom & Seastrom). The accounting requested in this letter was never provided and these millions of dollars just disappeared.

The $916,000 profit from the sale of the EDPA building for $2,000,000 appears to have been pocketed by my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman WHILE THE DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS WERE GOING ON. What a guy!!!

Again the law firms, my ex-husband who controlled the community estate and is a CPA and Harvard MBA all KNEW these millions of dollars were never accounted for during the divorce and neither was their disposal but they all signed the judgment and advised me too and so did Judge Claudia Silbar, even though the net worth of the community estate was never established and many required documents were omitted also.

CATE SCHOOL received charitable contributions and donations in the amount of millions of dollars? 
Do you think they will be allowed to continue to hide these contributions which I have notified each of them appears to be my stolen and concealed community property?

***Would you want a Rabbi or Pastor lacking the morals to help end Parental Alienation or school administrators who abuse children now that the loving Mother is out of the way due to the Parental Alienation?

Think the school administrators were paid to help perform the abuse and the Rabbis and Pastor were paid to ignore the abuse and the parental alienation too? 
Think this is just their “religious” morals and teachings…to ignore abuse and help the wealthy, influential father carry it out? 
Well, stay tuned.

Reasonable, rational and moral people would want to help Mothers and their Children of all ages reunite. This is not a game but peoples’ lives; even if the children, including the young adults are too brainwashed to realize the truth and how they are being harmed as many experts have proven.

Well, here is the rest of the letter showing the concealed millions of dollars. Again, all of this is part of public records:

I noticed that Mr. Hassman sold the EDPA building in February of 2008 for $2,000,000 resulting in a gain of $916,000. Also, he received $162,304 from a K-1. Further, in 2007 he received a distribution in the amount of $455,500 from NAMCO Partnerships. Finally, he received $90,000 and $142,000 in June of 2008. I am requesting an informal accounting for these items with substantiation. Please let me know if your client will cooperate with my filing an OSC.

With all this being said; I had a wonderful day with very kind, thoughtful, honest, sincere and grateful people…my friends and friends of my friends. I am so glad to be away from those who lie, cheat and steal and manipulate others. Thus, I am so grateful to be bringing out the truth regarding all those involved in the parental alienation so they can Profit from Divorce which is truly reprehensible.

Also, anyone who wants me to respond to a question, please leave a comment on this facebook page or email me. Please do not call me because I will not return the call and remember, I cannot give legal advice. I can only share my experiences and knowledge. David, please take note of this for your “colleagues.” Many thanks.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; just based on my experiences and knowledge.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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