More updates as we are exposing more and more of the Truth about CROOKED JUDGES and THOSE THEY WORK WITH and getting closer to obtaining Justice while making all of them look very guilty.

I filed today a subpoena for crooked PHILIP SEASTROM of the crooked law firm SEASTROM, SEASTROM & TUTTLE of Newport Beach for him to appear to testify at the hearing on January 6, 2017 in crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S courtroom regarding my crooked husband’s MARK F. HASSMAN’S incriminating photos and false allegations regarding walking on the public sidewalk and taking photos of him and his crooked mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY a.k.a. the high-priced call girl from the Dr. Phil show with the breast implants my stolen money paid for.

I saw them on the public sidewalk outside the courthouse about 2 hours AFTER the hearing was over. According to crooked JUDGE SILBAR’S testimony, my husband was supposed to be long gone from the courthouse area because I was “disrespectful” and “inconsiderate” by taking public transportation since I can’t afford a car and the earliest bus after dawn when it is safer for me to wait outside instead of in the dark, arrived at the courthouse around 11am, not at 9am.
I told the court I would be late due to the bus schedule and as JUDGE SILBAR routinely does;she calls those cases later in the morning or after lunch.
However, crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR insisted on having my hearing at 9am and refused to accommodate me like other judges and parties have done, including BANK OF AMERICA and instead threatened me in her court as the transcript shows.

To make matters worse, Crooked JUDGE SILBAR still refuses to accommodate me for the January hearing and if I am not there at 9am she is going to hold me in contempt and put me in jail. She doesn’t care about my safety or my rights either as the overwhelming facts show or discrimination or the law. No joke, this is on the transcript.

Anyway, I tried to file crooked PHILIP SEASTROM’S subpoena before the Christmas/Hanukkah holiday but JUDGE SILBAR’S courtroom was closed then and it was also closed yesterday 12/27/16 because I tried then too. I was told that crooked JUDGE SILBAR is taking a “little holiday” and will not reopen her courtroom until next week after the New Year and her clerk needs to sign my subpoena. 
Do you think ALL THESE JUDGES are all on vacation together WITH MY MONEY since crooked JUDGE SILBAR refuses to admit that my Divorce Judgment she reviewed, signed and filed is fraudulent and invalid and must be rescinded pursuant to the law AND THEREFORE THEY HAVE SOME OF MY MONEY TOO?

Do your think crooked JUDGE SILBAR would agree to violate the law WITHOUT ANY BRIBE, PAYOFF OR SOME BENEFIT?

What about other Judges like JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE?

Do you think other Judges are “shielding” crooked JUDGE SILBAR and my other crooked defendants including my crooked husband who handled all of our finances?

Are other Judges going along with hiding the truth to be “part of the corrupt Establishment and rigged legal system” so they too receive benefits for violating the law and violating the legal rights of honest, loving, law-abiding Women and Mothers like me?

Anyway, do you think CROOKED JUDGE SILBAR will quash my subpoena like she did the one I filed with Toyota to find out how my “insolvent” crooked husband got approved for TWO not just one but 2 new Lexus cars and how he is paying for them?
Remember, my crooked husband testified repeatedly that he is “insolvent” and documents show his mistress, the high-priced call girl lives off of MY MONEY and is unemployed and a “lady of leisure.” 
This mistress drives around in a new Lexus while I take public transportation because I can’t afford a car because many have stolen my assets. 
Btw, THE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IN LOS ANGELES IS WONDERFUL. Judge Silbar’s courthouse is over an hour away where the public transportation is not as good.

I can’t even receive my retirement, savings and other property from my marriage OR my legally calculated spousal support because all these other people, including crooked religious leaders, law firms, nonprofit schools, Bank of America, the court-appointed therapist and with great disgust I have to include my crooked adult children have all stolen my money and Judges are going right along.

They know my divorce judgment is fraudulent and needs to be rescinded.
Crooked JUDGE SILBAR has a PATTERN of violating the law and not honoring subpoenas. She also ignored the subpoena for my crooked husband’s payroll clerk MAXINE MATHEWSON, who helped my husband hide his income, our retirement accounts and other assets so he could STEAL THEM FROM ME and testify that he is “insolvent.” This is aside from refusing to accept my subpoena for Toyota.
So, do you think crooked JUDGE SILBAR will make some excuse that because SHE was on vacation and my subpoena could not be signed until 2017 that PHIL SEASTROM does not have to appear because he was not given enough notice?
Btw, I am emailing this post to his attorneys so they WILL HAVE NOTICE as of 12-28-16. Anyway, will crooked JUDGE SILBAR ignore my subpoena AGAIN or will she reschedule the hearing for some time in early January so PHIL SEASTROM can testify and maybe make it later in the day so I can get the bus after dawn and not have to wait for it in the dark? Can you believe she is this evil, aside from being corrupt? I am just being honest because these are the facts.
It will be interesting to see if PHIL SEASTROM testifies that my crooked husband is LEGALLY divorced from me even though his law firm drafted and signed the fraudulent and invalid Divorce Judgment and I have his PERSONAL declaration too. He was involved as the attorney in many aspects as court documents show.

Does PHIL SEASTROM think the millions of dollars of assets from the Community Estate, under my husband’s control, just disappeared into thin air like magic? 
Did some of these assets just happen to land in his pocket and the pockets of my other defendants which include judges, lawyers, religious leaders, executives, the court therapist and others including my adult children. Amazing.

Well, I will keep you posted. As I have always said; Give crooked, immoral and abusive people enough rope and watch them hang themselves and each other. Now, it is getting to the point of being RIDICULOUS as more and more of the facts are being exposed. This is Justice.

On a lighter note, the photo today is from my beautiful Benjamin Garden. I see it as I do my legal work with great pride as I am showing my honest, compassionate and truthful character and values and using my education, experiences and skills to make our world a better place for millions of us suffering from Parental Alienation and a Fraudulent Divorce Judgment.

I am so much happier too with all these horrible people out of my life as I associate with many wonderful and kind people.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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