More wonderful information for OUR REVOLUTION; hurricane MICHAEL and someone I know named MICHAEL who can be a welcomed hurricane making a positive difference using his leadership skills which have been dormant for about ten years now. Also photos of some special artwork in Los Angeles.

More wonderful information for OUR REVOLUTION; hurricane MICHAEL and someone I know named MICHAEL who can be a welcomed hurricane making a positive difference using his leadership skills which have been dormant for about ten years now. Also photos of some special artwork in Los Angeles.

To begin, I filed legal documents in the California Supreme Court and the California Superior Court, County of Orange proving that evil predators who are part of or aid and abet the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to promote Parental Alienation are maliciously and intentionally misinterpreting BASIC contract, family and divorce law as well as the U.S and California Constitutions; despite being very well educated in the law and capable of researching the law too. 
Our laws in the United States mandate the ENFORCEMENT of equal rights and justice; not the enforcement of theft, slavery, entitlement, fraud and depriving the Wife and Mother at the time of divorce and thereafter of RECEIVING the fruits of her labor from her marriage, her rights to custody and visitation and other Constitutional and Fundamental Rights.

These facts also prove that the evil predators are TRYING TO SECRETLY HAVE POLITICS OVERRIDE THE EVIDENCE, FACTS AND OUR LAWS in the United States so they can profit at our expense. This is evil and repulsive beyond any words.

****Please understand, as difficult as this may be, evil predators rarely change and just keep committing criminal, illegal and immoral acts until they kill themselves and each other with all of their shame, grief, unhappiness, evil and delusions of their grandeur and invincibility. 
This is what commonly happens to evil predators as they blame EVERYONE ELSE for their problems because they try to pretend they are perfect and know more than everyone too. Oh well, our choices determine our Destiny. 
Thus, it is best to get them out of your life and live INDEPENDENTLY from them where you do not need them for any financial or emotional support. Good ridden.

The degradation of the legal system today, especially the “family” law division, proves how important OUR REVOLUTION is because we must exercise our First Amendment Rights to EXPOSE THE TRUTH and also REDRESS OUR GRIEVANCES for not only ourselves but also for future generations. This is what my lawsuits and motions in our courts are doing but we must keep going until we set legal precedent to make Parental Alienation a very serious crime where those who commit it will be held liable under RICO and other laws. That is justice!!! As the wise, honest and compassionate judge I clerked for named JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS taught me; JUSTICE MUST APPLY TO EVERYONE, otherwise we will no longer be living in a Democratic Republic; but a Dictatorship or Totalitarian government. 
Also, my wise, honest and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN taught me that we must always defend our good values and character because without them; YOU HAVE NOTHING AND CANNOT LOVE, YOU JUST PREY ON OTHERS. I am so grateful I had these wonderful role models which all of us can learn from now.

I will be more specific about the incrimination of these evil predators once more documents I served are received by them. In the meantime, just know that OUR REVOLUTION is thriving in many ways. For example, the Department of Justice has been looking into all of these Civil Rights violations as these evil predators try to sabotage our progress and by doing so they incriminate themselves very severely more and more proving their PATTERN of committing criminal, illegal, malicious and immoral acts.

I just want to WARN AGAIN all evil predators who are promoting Parental Alienation, which includes those who remain silent about it especially while profiting from it. EVERYONE has the means to CHOOSE to communicate and make a difference, especially those secretly profiting from Parental Alienation. 
Remember it is a MIRACLE OF GOD that I recovered enough from ten years of Parental Alienation (which is still ongoing) that I am able to use my education, skills and experiences to defend my rights and the rights of millions of others suffering from this terror, torture, abuse and horror as the Voice of OUR REVOLUTION. Think twice before you try to stop us.

Thus, with that being said, on a lighter note, Dodgers are doing great and also Hurricane MICHAEL is approaching the east coast. 
I know a Michael who CAN CHOOSE TO BE very wise, resourceful, honest, compassionate and make a difference in many people’s lives as well as his own in a VERY POSITIVE, HONORABLE WAY, as he used to do. I hope he comes in like a hurricane NOW, by PROUDLY carrying out positive, honest, compassionate acts as an INDIVIDUAL setting the EXAMPLE for others to follow as he used to do. THIS MICHAEL I KNOW HAS GREAT LEADERSHIP CAPABILITIES WHICH I HOPE HE DOES NOT LET GO TO WASTE.

Also, attached are some photos in Los Angeles near Miracle Mile where there are many museums and galleries. I knit and also taught my children how to knit and the photos show that an artist knitted bright colorful covers for the dull bike racks and also for some trees. I just love Los Angeles and the energy and creativity it creates.
Also, when I went to the grocery store they had very clever marketing for bananas which I wanted to buy for my morning oatmeal. The sign above a pile of bananas said “Choose me; I am single.” I thought that was so clever and bought two single bananas which were just what I needed.
So, have a great evening and I will update you soon on the recent documents I served and how they promote Truth, Love, Family, Equal Rights, Justice, GOD and OUR REVOLUTION.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children)

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