Mother’s Day! Don’t worry Alienated Mothers for Two Reasons

Hope everyone had a nice, peaceful weekend. My little trip was postponed until after Mother’s Day which was fine.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, alienated Mother; don’t worry for 2 reasons:

1-You know you are leading a life with honesty, compassion and other good values. You can only control how YOU behave so feel great that you are setting a beautiful example for your children while you are enjoying YOUR OWN life. This will give them a frame of reference when they are ready to see the truth.

2- If your children want to keep believing the lies, and don’t want to see you as you ARE; then you do not want to be with them anyway, because they will not be kind, civil or respectful. 
In time, as they continue to be harmed by the lies and schemes; they will reach a point where they will NOT be fearful to contact you. So, in the meantime, just have fun doing things with those who are kind, respectful, civil and fun.
Be proud of YOURSELF for being a wonderful person and spend time with those who appreciate you and have good values and character. Your children KNOW you will welcome them with open arms when they choose to see the truth and also contact you.

So, have a great week and also a great Mother’s Day.

As always, none of this legal or any other advice, just based on my knowledge.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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