My adult son STEPHEN HASSMAN who works at WILLIS TOWERS WATSON has been involved with stealing and laundering MY assets worth millions of dollars and a Student Loan Fraud Scheme involving 27 student loans so far. I never taught him these values.

The first attached photo is of my now evil, hateful, uncaring, unreasonable idiot son STEPHEN HASSMAN standing with me in the blue hat, who now works as an actuary at WILLIS TOWERS WATSON. He may soon find himself in JAIL with his predator father and all the other co-conspirators unless he wises up and clearly disassociates himself with the conspiracy which not only: 1) promotes Parental Alienation but also; 2) has WILLINGLY accepted fraudulent transfers of MY assets I should have received at the time of divorce and thereafter and; 3) WILLINGLY is carrying out other criminal acts of grand theft and money laundering including a STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME illegally using the GOVERNMENT’S MONEY.

Anyone who knows me knows that I did not teach these values to my now idiot, evil, predator son STEPHEN since I abhor people with this character and I live my life in the World of Love not in this World of Corruption and GREED. Also, I have always defended Equal Rights and Justice as my lawsuit against my crooked and evil parents, sister and their attorney in 1985 proves.

Thus, as the very wise and compassionate JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS and also my wise and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN taught me; JUSTICE must apply to everyone otherwise, we are undermining our Democratic Republic of the United States and creating and enabling MENACES OF SOCIETY to destroy humanity, like ADOLPH HITLER tried to do. Think my now evil, hateful, uncaring, unreasonable idiot son STEPHEN HASSMAN who is highly educated and was raised with my honest values doesn’t know what he is doing?

The second photo is of my youngest Son MICHAEL HASSMAN, whom I cannot find and private investigators have only been able to find a phone number for him which appears to be taken over by my horrible, evil,predator (still) husband MARK HASSMAN whose photo is in the post below. Stay away from him and those he associates with so you too will not be harmed.

Michael is my Son who was abused by my (still) husband MARK HASSMAN, his evil, predator mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY and CATE SCHOOL who all willingly forced him to sleep outside on a bare mattress without any covers, underneath a rusted pipe, near electric wires and a sewage pipe with his heart condition. 
I could not remove Michael from this abuse because the fraudulent, illegal divorce judgment stated that my horrible (still) husband had “full custody.” 
This is what is going on in our crooked courts today with crooked judges, crooked lawyers and crooked court-appointed therapists working with crooked religious organizations and other crooked non-profits whose so-called leaders brainwash the children and steal and launder the stolen money and other assets all working with the crooked, predator father. What a conspiracy I have discovered and HAVE PROVEN with public records and other court documents.

The third photo is of my now evil, hateful, uncaring, unreasonable, greedy, idiot daughter JULIE HASSMAN who thinks she is entitled to: 1) go on the Dr. Phil show and lie and; 2) then tell me that unless I obey her and take down my website and facebook page, she will not agree to attend the reunification therapy Dr. Phil so graciously offered us and; 3) will never talk to me again. 
Does this sound like a very well-educated, entitled spoiled brat to you or a reasonable, caring adult daughter?

***NO WONDER I developed seizures from my children’s and husband’s abusive behaviors which stopped once I got away from all of them.
My horrible, uncaring daughter is also involved in WILLINGLY carrying out criminal acts of grand theft including BUT NOT LIMITED TO a STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME illegally using the GOVERNMENT’S MONEY just like her older predator, dishonest brother STEPHEN HASSMAN.

I am entitled to EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE under the law and if this entails having SOME OR ALL OF MY ADULT CHILDREN being put behind bars for the criminal and illegal acts they have and CONTINUE to carry out EVEN AGAINST THEIR OWN LOVING, LAW-ABIDING MOTHER, then so be it.
**** I cannot take the law into my own hands because that is corruption, not justice.

Also, please note again that RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE has hacked my website so I cannot add this post or any other posts at this time. His and others criminal acts against me are all part of fighting evil predators and bringing forth justice so expect hacking and other illegal behavior from predators of all ages ESPECIALLY those who are so evil to create and/or promote the domestic terrorism of PARENTAL ALIENATION.

Well, have a great day knowing Truth, Justice and Equal Rights and of course God are prevailing. My lawsuits are progressing nicely and so is all my cooking for Thanksgiving. I am REASONABLY so grateful to NOT be sharing it with my evil, uncaring, greedy, entitled predator now adult Children who would only make my seizures return with their abusive behaviors and attitudes. 
Remember, we can’t control what adults do, including our own adult children BUT WE CAN CHOOSE not to act like them and instead live with honesty, kindness, reason, and compassion in our World of Love with others who share these important values.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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