MY CHILDREN did your father MARK HASSMAN with all his infinite financial and accounting wisdom tell you that it is a “good investment” for you to keep all these LOW INTEREST STUDENT LOANS FOR LIFE instead of being DEBT FREE while he buys himself a condo and other properties and luxuries?

MY CHILDREN, please do yourself a big favor and look at the financial facts and BECOME INDEPENDENT and DEBT FREE.
Student loan and other debt KEEPS you under the CONTROL of the government; your employers; and others because you need them to be able to pay off your debt.
***Being DEBT FREE is a much better way to live because you have more FREEDOM and can enjoy life and relax more and not worry about money.
MY CHILDREN, IF YOU THINK I AM WRONG; ask your father to make a contract with you to take over all of your student loan debt. Think he will make some EXCUSES that this debt has to be in your name? Read the FINE PRINT of the student loan agreements because; I doubt it. If so; then have them ASSIGNED to him. You can do that with a contract which is binding and the forms are on line too.
***If this DEBT is so good to have; YOUR FATHER should want to have it for himself. Don’t you agree?

DEBT is a classic way of keeping CONTROL of others.

MY CHILDREN, part of becoming an ADULT is taking control of YOUR OWN finances. A loving, caring parent should HELP YOU take control of your own finances; NOT KEEP YOU IN DEBT, especially when that debt was ILLEGALLY used for HIS purposes; to pay off HIS REAL ESTATE LOSES since HE OVEREXTENDED HIMSELF.

REGARDLESS, why isn’t your father encouraging you to start communicating with me? I don’t want any money. What is he afraid of now? Losing TOTAL CONTROL of you and your life? Why do you as adults ALLOW THIS? You don’t need to obey him. Just email me.

FREEDOM, especially from a controlling parent, will never be given; it must be TAKEN and I know this not only from HISTORY LESSONS but also from my own PERSONAL experiences. So, what are YOU waiting for? Please just tell me ONE REASON why you are “obeying” your father and still not communicating with me after twelve years?
What have I ever done that is so horrible? Please tell me because I can explain whatever this MISUNDERSTANDING is. As adults, let’s try to UNDERSTAND why you don’t want to communicate with me ESPECIALLY AFTER TWELVE YEARS? This is not logical, natural or reasonable and also not in any of our well-being as many experts have proven. A parent who wants this lack of communication to continue is confused and should seek professional help. If you disagree, please tell me why?

Think he is happy? I can assure you he is not because he refuses to do loving, kind and caring things and instead values money and control and will do whatever he needs to do to maintain it. Not encouraging your children to start communicating with their Mother ESPECIALLY WITHOUT having any discussions or other communications is a SICK, CHILDISH, EVIL AND MANIPULATIVE WAY FOR A FATHER TO BEHAVE. If you doubt what I am saying see a professional, without telling your father, who agrees to keep your sessions private and also research Parental Alienation. All of you are very smart and know what I am saying makes sense and is reasonable.

I care about you and I hope you stop allowing your father to ruin your life with his CONTROL. As adults make your OWN decisions which will give you control of your own life and FREEDOM. You are not his slaves. Just look at the facts and follow the money too. Your father doesn’t care about your well-being. If he did he would end the Parental Alienation and willingly SET YOU FREE by taking over your debt which you have INCURRED FOR HIM…YOU DIDN’T NEED TO GO INTO DEBT FOR YOUR EDUCATIONS; we had all of that set aside. Your father just used it for his own purposes. Please just look at the facts as grown adults.
As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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