My Children, please do not worry; also more facts showing my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN has made agreements with others to Conceal MY Assets which they plan to receive after a Statute of Limitations period runs; and a list of more of these Concealed Assets they are all Depriving Me of receiving in violation of many Laws

IF MY CHILDREN ARE READING THIS, please just keep making yourselves the best person you can be and know that everything will be fine and we will benefit greatly from all of this.

Another example of why it is clear my ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN has made unlawful agreements to help him conceal community property that should have been distributed to me but instead, these agreements give himself and others MY concealed assets and income for helping him deprive me of what is lawfully mine which he and they are illegally depriving me of receiving as they clearly know or should know. Ignorance is not a defense of the law.

This is Conspiracy and Corruption and the many layers of Parental Alienation that millions like me and my Children are suffering from as many experts have determined. []

***My ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, those helping him like Law Firms, a Judge, Religious Organizations, Schools, a court appointed Therapist, Joint Venture Partners, Business Executives, a Accounting Firm a 401K Profit Sharing Sponsor, his own Mother and others do not care about the Children and the harms they are causing by helping to alienate them from their loving Mother and also many the harms they are causing the loving Mother because they are psychologically very SICK and full of SHAME as many experts have proven. [].

All these sick people and the organizations they manage care about is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. They are evil to say the least but they will FALL as history has REPEATEDLY shown and many authors write about and explain too.

This is not legal advice, just my opinion.

Part of the responsibilities of Family Law Firms that are hired to lawfully guide and represent clients during the divorce process are to diligently ascertain through public records and other sources all assets which the parties HAVE OR MAY HAVE an interest in, regardless of the characterization.

The Family Law Firms both I and my ex- husband hired knew or should have known they did not diligently account for or ascertain through public records and other sources the material facts and information regarding the existence, characterization and valuation of assets that ARE OR MAY BE community property as the Property, Contract, Family, Marital and other Laws mandate as they knew or should have known.

By not diligently accounting for or ascertaining through public records and other sources all assets that ARE OR MAY BE community property regardless of the characterization, the Family Law Firms representing both myself and my ex-husband who was the spouse who controlled the community estate and is also a CPA and should have known the law too ESPECIALLY with the guidance of the Family Law Firm he hired SEASTROM & SEASTROM; they have all outrageously, knowingly, intelligently, voluntarily, intentionally and maliciously deprived me of receiving my community property interest in the community estate worth millions and my other rights mandated by many laws relating to Property, Contract, Family, Martial and other rights.
Where do you think all these millions of dollars of community property are?
Did it they just disappear as my ex-husband and the others have been trying to make me believe and my ex-husband has even sworn he is “insolvent”.
Subordination of Perjury?
Grand Theft?
Does this represent other crimes these people have committed for INTENTIONALLY TAKING PROPERTY FROM A LOVING MOTHER and spouse who at the time was suffering from seizures due to emotional abuse caused by their acts and others and is still suffering from all this including the loss of relations with her wonderful Children who as the facts show are also suffering from Parental Alienation?
What do you think a jury will think?
Will a jury allow them to get away with this; keep MY property and not punish them for intentionally doing these acts and making agreements?

***Why would these professionals and these organizations intentionally deprive me of receiving MY property, harm me and my wonderful Children, RISK THEIR CAREERS and RISK LOSING THEIR LICENSES and FACE OTHER SANCTIONS even possible INCARCERATION unless they have MADE AGREEMENTS FOR A LOT OF MONEY (not a nominal amount) with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN as I know some have done?
The facts clearly speak for themselves.

***They thought the odds were against me because I was so emotionally distraught and sick with my seizures and anxiety which is very well documented.
RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles even tried to keep me in that state of anxiety and still tries to bring it back as do many of the others.
They have characteristics of having psychological disorders as experts have proven like narcissistic personality disorder, being a sociopath and others.

***But God and the Truth will always prevail IF you help yourself by DOING GOOD THINGS CONSISTENTLY and HAVING GOOD INTENTIONS CONSISTENTLY as my life experiences have proven time and time again.

Now for the list of more concealed assets worth millions that all of these people and organizations have intentionally deprived me of receiving:

8) Moote Pointe Properties, LLC.

This is the Company were the joint venture partners tried to extort from me $112,500 since my ex-husband made a “mistake” and omitted this asset from the stipulated judgment but they still tried to collect $112,500 from me for what some believe is part of a BANK FRAUD SCHEME and a Tax Fraud Scheme. Quite typical of corrupt, evil people because this is what they do.
Remember, sick, evil, corrupt people act this way all the time.
This is what they do; they are corrupt and INITIATE VIOLENCE AND HARM OTHERS. They are a form of terrorist and only care about themselves and money and using people to fit their needs. Period!!!
***They many act charming but it is just an act; they have a knife behind their back ready to harm you in many ways so they can get YOUR money and other things they want from you.

9) Companies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California.

When a Private Investigator discovered them my ex-husband said the State of Pennsylvania made a mistake and the Judge believed him because she thinks he is “credible” as she stated many times. This she is corrupt or and incapable judge who should be removed from the bench? What do you think a reasonable and honest judge like the one I clerked for and a jury will think?

TO MAKE MATTER WORSE: Then my ex-husband initiated more violence by making up false allegations as public records show he has a HABIT of doing, and reported this Private Investigator to the licensing board trying to have his license revoked for his honest testimony and his false allegations were dismissed.
It is my understanding that this is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE my ex-husband committed but JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR still thinks my ex-husband is “credible” and “thinks” he is “insolvent” when MANY facts show he has concealed millions of dollars worth of assets.
Think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR is competent to remain a judge since she obviously cannot understand what it means to be credible and consequently makes rulings which are in violation of many laws as the facts show.

Think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR has one of these agreements with my ex-husband too where she will get a lot of money, MY money if she helps my ex-husband conceal assets and income worth many millions until some Statute of Limitations runs?
Do you think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR is just incompetent and should be removed from the bench and all her rulings reversed, or both?
Should we take a vote?
What do you think a jury will think or a reasonable judge like the one I clerked for?
This is just the tip of the iceberg too.

10) Many examples of Concealed Income

11) Moote Pointe Partners, LLC which was never distributed to me because it was “netted out.” Really? Think a jury will believe that one?

12) The $2.5 million dollar building owned by Moote Pointe Partners, LLC. I guess that was “netted out” too.

13) A Health Savings Account and the distributions which appear on many of our joint tax returns during our marriage as do many of these other concealed assets.

14) Hundreds of thousands of dollars of delayed and concealed tax refunds and other tax benefits which the IRS is aware of.
Neither my ex-husband, his new wife nor the accounting firm who prepared all of my joint tax returns when I was married and still prepares my ex-husband’s have NOT AMENDED them and have not given me my community property interest even though they have been put on notice and have a responsibility to make such amendments as the IRS informed me.

Well, all of these people and organizations have typical behavior of those doing corrupt and immoral acts but God and Truth will prevail.
So, have a great weekend and just be honest and truthful with good intentions consistently, rectify the harms you have caused and you will be just fine. If not, then as history and many authors and others have shown; you will not be so fine as your shame and your sicknesses will continue to destroy you.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS; do what is right and rectify the harms you have caused and then continue to do good things having good intentions CONSISTENTLY or don’t.

***Don’t ever expect me to sit back and let you harm me and my wonderful Children because that is allowing and perpetuating abuse and corruption and I have never done that and never will.
If you have any doubt, ask my Mother.

Tomorrow I will discuss a Bank Loan Application in my ex-husband’s handwriting which shows many of the concealed community assets and their values of millions of dollars; but I never received any and he is now “insolvent” as he swore many times on public records. Really? Think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR will think this shows he is “credible” as she has stated many times on public records? Where do you think these millions of dollars of assets are? Where do you think they are planned to be after some statute of limitations runs? With me or with all these others who have agreements with my ex-husband to keep them concealed?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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