MY CHILDREN, your father and my husband, MARK (FREDRIK) HASSMAN never disclosed the Net Worth (value) of the Community Estate (marital assets) under his control ANYWHERE, not even on the divorce judgment even though this is REQUIRED by the law. Do you think he had/has a SECRET DRUG or SECRET GAMBLING PROBLEM? If not, what do you think happened to our homes; businesses; annuities; college savings accounts; profit sharing accounts; 401(k) and other retirement accounts and other investments and assets?

In California divorce law is very simple and basic. The divorce judgment must clearly disclose 3 items:  1) the NET WORTH of the Community Estate; 2) the DATE of the meeting and who attended when the Net Worth of the Community Estate WAS AGREED TO by both the wife and husband and; 3) the date(s) of the 50/50 DISTRIBUTION between the wife and husband of that Net Worth which was already agreed upon so the Community Estate is totally dissolved.

This law is very reasonable and rational because once the Community Estate is distributed between the divorcing wife and husband, the marital assets no longer exist so neither does the marriage. If there is no distribution then the marital assets remain intact and so does the marriage.

Do you think your father worked all day and I just sat around and did nothing productive for the family? Who did all the cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping and tended to other family matters? I did not have any housekeepers or nannies and worked when you were older. Do you think I was useless and do not deserve any assets or income from this marriage? (and the law should be violated too.).

If you look at my divorce judgment none of those 3 required items appear so it is an invalid, unenforceable, unlawful divorce judgment and my marriage is still legally intact. So why do you think lawyers and judges signed it and also later on appeal continued to ratify it instead of rescinding it and ordering it to be re-written so it complies with the law? Think “they” received my 50 percent interest in the Community Estate?
If not, what happened to my 50 percent interest and why aren’t these supposedly honest Judges and Lawyers and my other Defendants like Jewish Organizations interested in helping me rectify this illegal divorce judgment? ( I haven’t even mentioned that I was denied custody and visitation without any tests being administered which is a very serious criminal act as I understand. Even unfit parents have supervised visitation.)

MY THREE CHILDREN, all of you are very smart and good with numbers and know this does not make sense. Did your father gamble all our investments away or did he snort it away? He couldn’t and to this day still can’t explain to me where all these assets went which according to our marital tax returns, amounted to many MILLIONS of dollars. Was this used as bribe money?
***If you were in my shoes as the wife, would you have taken out student loans when the whereabouts of all our investments was never disclosed to you? Of course you would not because that would not be reasonable or rational.
So what your father did was FORCE YOU to take out these loans with all his lies and schemes and BLAMING ME FOR ALL HIS FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. He wanted to control all of us financially and I believe unfortunately he succeeded with all of you but only temporarily. It can be rectified.

Of course I am worried about all of you. I know you must have many problems trying to replace the love of a Mother. PLUS, you have been believing many lies over the past 12 years, including LIES ABOUT ME.
You have nothing to be afraid of by contacting me. Do you think I am to blame for all of your problems and never did anything or very much right? Let’s discuss how you feel because this should be helpful for all of us. Don’t you think time is overdue for all of us to See the Truth and Stop Believing Lies?
DO YOU FEEL THREATENED BY YOUR FATHER? In other words, at 30,28 and 26 years of age is he that controlling and cold-hearted that he won’t even “allow” you to contact me? WHY DO YOU TOLERATE THIS CONTROL? For financial reasons? If so, look at this financial mess you are in with AT LEAST 27 STUDENT LOANS, which he orchestrated. I can teach you how to live with financial security and little or no debt.
The truth is quite clear if you reasonably and objectively look at the facts which are in public records. Also, I do not lie.

Please try to contact me and email will be the best method since I am in Israel and have an Israeli phone number. Also, the time zone is different than in America. PLEASE I AM REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT YOU AND HAVE BEEN FOR THE PAST TWELVE YEARS. LET’S END THIS PARENTAL ALIENATION and THEN WE CAN LEAD THE WAY TO HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME. [sarahassman1@]

I believe it is truly a MIRACLE that all of us have survived all of this terror so let’s not waste this miracle and also enjoy life again as we used to as many photos and other things show.

As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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