My Daughter’s lie on the Dr. Phil show and what liars, cheaters and abusers DO

Some important updates:
First, to my Daughter and all of you who have my money and have purposefully destroyed my relationship with my Children as is well articulated in a document as your intent…
If the “cutting” occurred on the Dr.Phil Show as you described and blamed me only, that is ridiculous and not rational.

If you had a serious cutting problem your teachers, doctors, school mates, relatives and your father too would have SEEN IT. With that being said, if you try to make me out to be a person I am not; I will show the FACTS to PROVE you wrong. You KNOW I was and still am a loving, nurturing, law-abiding Mother and Individual.
STOP allowing your father to USE YOU to make up lies to harm me, yourself and your brothers. Contact me, go to the police and/or someone you trust. STOP LYING and STOP BLAMING ME FOR MADE-UP PROBLEMS. 
You know the facts of the divorce are very clear and your father and everyone involved is very nervous that they are going to jail.

Again, just look at the stipulated judgment which is invalid on it’s face and I have SEVERAL COPIES, sent from the court and it is part of many court documents too. They will try to change it but will become more immersed in their lies. This is what they DO because they ONLY KNOW HOW TO LIE AND CHEAT and will CONTINUE THIS. See the facts and STOP LETTING THEM USE YOU. Do not become involved in the corruption. STAND STRONG AGAINST IT AS I TAUGHT YOU and my wonderful Grandfather Ben taught me as well as Judge Sfekas.

Now on a lighter note,
My hummingbird feeder is attracting some beautiful hummingbirds and my little Benjamin Garden, named after my Grandfather Ben, who had a beautiful garden, looks so nice too.

Also, due to the new law passed, my website will be available from a computer but not from a mobile device.Sorry for any inconvenience.

Well, have a great day and remember; liars, cheaters, manipulators and abusers do just that; while honest, kind, truthful, loving, wonderful people don’t. We stand up to the liars and cheaters, manipulators and abusers and hold them accountable when they have harmed others especially loving Mothers and innocent Children.
Our choices determine our character and our character determines our destiny.
As Always, none of this is legal or advice of any kind.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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