My eldest son’s birthday is tomorrow, whom I haven’t seen for eleven (11) years due to the TERROR of Parental Alienation and not one Jewish or other leader will even TRY to help us begin communicating again. I KNOW this Son and My Other Two Children would NEVER suddenly stop communicating with me, especially for 11 years now if they weren’t threatened or oppressed. Also, a touching, poignant, relevant dragon story.

Photographs I took prove my youngest son a MINOR at the time, WAS BEATEN INTO SUBMISSION to alienate me, his loving, honest Mother. These photos which are in public records many times and I even posted them here on my website and facebook page PROVE that CATE SCHOOL, a private college preparatory boarding high school in Santa Barbara County, California forced my MINOR SON to sleep outside on a bare mattress in the winter, WITHOUT ANY COVERS near a sewage pipe and electric wires and among other dangers WITH THE APPROVAL OF his father, my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN and others. My minor Son was sick many times that year, of course especially with his heart condition.

MY EMAILS AND TELEPHONE CALLS TO REMOVE HIM FROM THIS ABUSE were fruitless and this abusive situation made me very, very distraught as expected.

Disgracefully beyond any words, even RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles refused to help me TRY to remove my MINOR SON from this abuse along with judges, lawyers and many others. I was then ordered by CATE SCHOOL to ANNOUNCE when I wanted to come and visit my minor Son so the school could HIDE this and other abuses. All these facts and photos are in public records and for just one example see Criminal Court of the State of California, County of Orange, Harbor-Newport Beach, Case #14HM07681.

ACCORDINGLY, to my eldest Son on his birthday and also My Other Two Children and ALL OTHER CHILDREN suffering from the TERROR of Parental Alienation;
****DON’T BE AFRAID OF THESE ABUSERS AND PREDATORS. Instead, REALLY TRY to open your eyes and acknowledge the TRUTH and GET AWAY from them as I have. ****
Go to your alienated Mother (or father) and begin to HEAL WITH LOVE, KINDNESS AND HONEST GUIDANCE TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR BEAUTIFUL POTENTIAL, not have it destroyed by making you obedient and being forced to commit crimes and other immoral acts. Don’t become like them; use your FREEWILL to get away.

For My Children, come to Israel and I will PROVE TO YOU THERE IS A BETTER LIFE IN THE WORLD OF LOVE than living in fear and under the control of these predators and abusers.
Many people here in Israel try to be helpful and kind and go out of their way to be that way. Even today, a woman wrote a note in Hebrew for me to give the bus driver so he would understand exactly where I needed to go and also the day pass I needed. Then later in the day, a very nice couple drove by me when I was walking home and pulled over and offered me a ride since I was carrying some packages.

Many Jews, Muslims, Bedouins and others are very helpful and kind and have a PEACEFUL ATTITUDE unlike those who sponsor the TERROR of Parental Alienation who: 1)enjoy fighting; 2) are constantly complaining; 3) constantly blaming others for their problems; 4) are never happy despite all their (stolen) money and other assets.

It is so much better to live life with this peaceful attitude but you don’t have to believe me;**** COME SEE FOR YOURSELF AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION.*****

Thus, to all My Children, I invite you to come visit me in Israel, IF YOU HAVE HONEST, KIND and CIVIL INTENTIONS… NOT AS A SPY WITH SOME HARMFUL ULTERIOR MOTIVES as a puppet of your father.

With YOUR HONEST, KIND and CIVIL INTENTIONS you can make a REASONABLE DECISION as to which world is better to live in: 1) the one of a predator who SPONSORS THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION which your father lives in or 2) the one of your loving, honest, law-abiding Mother who lives with a PEACEFUL, LOVING ATTITUDE and PEACEFUL, LOVING INTENTIONS and among those who have the same attitude and intentions. Come see for yourself and decide since all of you are now adults.

Posters outside the Arad library prove what I just stated above. Sunday there is going to be a lecture on how many countries throughout history have forged peace agreements AND apologized for the harms they caused including: the Germans after the Holocaust; the nuclear SALT agreements to limit nuclear weapons; Ireland’s agreements; the French and British agreements; South Africa’s apartheid agreements and others.
I have found that many Israelis are constantly focusing on PEACE and WANT TO LEARN FROM OTHERS who have successfully made peace agreements. It is truly wonderful living among these types of people. I have found that most Israelis are also VERY GRATEFUL for many things and they have much less material possessions than most Americans; but they are much happier because they understand the importance of Love, Truth and Peace.

There was another poster outside the Arad library which I took a photo of and emailed it but I haven’t received it yet. It is of a very touching, poignant, relevant story which I will write now:

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful island but it was under the curse of a dragon who separated it into two parts. This evil dragon breathed evil fire flowers which MADE PEOPLE FORGET THE GOOD AND ONLY REMEMBER THE BAD.
On one side of the island lived a small man and on the other side lived a tall one. Both were miserable but did not realize that their misery was caused by these evil fire flowers of the evil dragon.
One day a bird visited both men and was chanting about the evil dragon’s hateful curse. This bird revealed that the cure was hidden in a magic lemon. The bird told these men that the magic lemon could be found in the hidden valley, just below the dragon’s cave at the center of the island.
The small man arrived at the hidden valley first but could not pick the magic lemon because he could not reach it. Then the tall man arrived, but the magic lemon was even too high for him to reach.
Both men discussed that they both wanted the magic lemon to end this hateful curse. Thus, they BECAME ALLIES in an attempt to reach it. The tall man lifted the small man and put him on his shoulders and TOGETHER they were just tall enough to pick the magic lemon. Inside they found a very tiny needle to poke the dragon’s eye with which will break this hateful curse. Only the small man was able to hold the very tiny needle.
TOGETHER both the small and tall man went to the dragon’s cave and found him sleeping. To reach the dragon, the tall man stepped over the beast with his long legs while holding the small man who poked the dragon’s eye with the needle, thus breaking the hateful, evil curse. The evil dragon turned into a tiny lizard and crawled away.
Then SUDDENLY all the evil fire flowers became colorful and from that moment on, people on the island RECALLED NOT ONLY THE BAD BUT ALSO THE GOOD.
The small man and the tall man looked at each other and REMEMBERED that they were long-forgotten brothers. They celebrated for forty-four days and forty-four nights and lived together in peace, trust and harmony for the rest of their days.”
I hope you enjoyed this story.

Also, to my eldest Son; I hope your birthday is one of reflection and positive ACTIONS where you begin to STOP hiding from the truth, STOP only believing the bad things you have been told AND STOP perpetuating the Parental Alienation.
As the eldest, I also hope you HELP your sister and brother do the same.
Helping each other is one of the very important lessons I taught all of you in case you do not remember. Brothers and a sister should always try to help each other in positive ways.
Ending the Parental Alienation is a very positive thing as any reasonable person with love in their heart knows and using your FREEWILL to do it is what a responsible, reasonable adult should do as I am sure you realize.
****You have nothing to fear but regaining the peace of mind, happiness and love you used to have in your life.

RESPONDING TO A COMMENT: yes, this irrefutable truth keeps getting clearer and clearer and my children’s accomplishments along with many documents in public records and elsewhere prove they were raised with a lot of love and compassion by me as their full-time stay-at-home Mother AND we had a lot of fun too. As expected, we are approaching 175 people who have read this post just on this page. Go Truth, Love, Facing the Truth and Ending Parental Alienation with GOD walking by our side.

ALL ADULTS must be responsible for their choices and hopefully they are ABLE to objectively look at the facts and IF NOT are NOT BETRAYED by those who have a duty to guide then honestly with the TRUTH.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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