My evil predator Mother HELENE PENN DORF, my evil sister RUTH PENN CARLINER, many of my evil cousins and childhood classmates belong to and help manage the terrorist NONPROFIT organization called BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE in Baltimore, which promotes Parental Alienation, money laundering, theft and alienates anyone, like me, who refuses to accept their ways of terror and corruption which clearly are CONTRARY TO JUDAISM and clearly do not promote the general welfare of society as NONPROFITS are legally obligated to do. Also, Rabbi CLIFFORD E. LIBRACH on January 31, 2018 wrote a letter to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL regarding NEW YORK’S JEWISH MUSEUM.

As many of you know, when I was twenty-seven years old, I discovered that my parents, HELENE and STANLEY PENN, my sister RUTH PENN CARLINER and their attorneys LEONARD KOHLENSTEIN and LOUIS GLICK had been using my social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust in a scheme to evade paying taxes, since I was at a lower tax bracket. They secretly and illegally put their income and assets under my social security number, via this trust in my name and then paid my income taxes which included this fraudulent income, phantom income and illegal calculations. I knew that my parents took care of having my taxes paid while I was at college and also in law school and I REASONABLY trusted them and REASONABLY trusted that the tax returns their accountants prepared for me were legitimate. 

However, when I approached my parents with these illegalities when I was twenty-seven years old, they refused to rectify the problem and insisted that I continue to let them file my tax returns as they pleased. When I refused, my father, whom I had been working for, fired me and my mother, sister and all my cousins alienated me. The wonderful Judge I clerked for, JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS, my wonderful trust and estates law school professor LARRY ROSENTHAL who also headed the trust and estates department of a major bank, both helped me. I was also helped by the head of the Jewish Big Brother and Sister League in Baltimore named CONRAD NATHAN. All of them told me that I was at a crossroad in my life. I had to decide whether I was going to be an honest person or corrupt person hoping to never get caught but live with shame and disgrace subconsciously always while HIDING THE TRUTH. 
Well, I refused to agree to HIDE THE TRUTH and PRETEND to be wonderful while going along with this tax evasion scheme, so; my only other alternative was to SUE ALL OF THEM, which I did. It took four long years but my crooked, evil parents, sister and their lawyers agreed to settle because the wise, honorable and compassionate presiding judge stated that based on the court file, that if I, the Plaintiff, put on the case that he expected I would, then he, as an Officer of the Court would have an obligation to turn all the defendants over to the criminal division and they would all probably go to jail. 
Being young and less experienced than them and also wanting to end this lawsuit; I agreed to their request to seal the court file so anyone wanting to ever see it would need a court order. My parents, sister and their attorneys were never apprehended by the IRS and must have made some deal with them because the IRS was notified of the horrific, criminal facts of this case. 
I went on with my life, had three children and was a very devoted stay-at-home Mother to them for about eighteen years and wife to my husband. I created the family I had always wanted myself and was the Mother I never had. I also encouraged my children to be very kind, caring and close with each other since my sister and I were worlds apart. Our family thrived as our Children’s school, sports, Hebrew school and many activities prove along with our happy dispositions and outstanding values and character. All three Children were leaders in many ways and I was very proud of them.
Thus, when my evil predator husband MARK HASSMAN suddenly wanted a divorce because I refused to go along with his student loan fraud scheme so he would have the low interest loan money to invest himself, I was severely devastated. I refused to sign for student loans for our children’s educations since I knew we had millions saved for their educations. My evil husband MARK HASSMAN told our children lies that I did not want them to go to college and many others and thus, the Parental Alienation began. 
As a result, I developed seizures, had to be hospitalized and medicated. My epilepsy doctor and others told me that my seizures were due to stress, not a malignant brain disease and recommended that I remove myself from my abusive husband and children. Once I did by moving to Los Angeles, as they predicted, my seizures ended and I was able to come off of my seizure medication. However, due to the Parental Alienation, I needed and still need an anti-depressant and something to help me sleep at night since as expected, I really miss my children as millions of us suffering from Parental Alienation do.

I was attending therapy and seeing doctors and a rabbi to help me cope with the Parental Alienation. After not communicating with my mother now for about 30 years, I decided to call her and I am glad I did. She was not compassionate at all and refused to admit she ever treated me disgracefully. I told her that she should be ashamed for illegally using my social security number and she said she did not see it that way. Some philosophers believe that reality is “subjective” and people can hide from the TRUTH and lead a PRETEND life believing lies and planting lies so they and others become REVISIONISTS. They are not objective.
This is what my mother, sister, cousins, many old classmates and others at BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION and all other JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS in the US, their leaders and members, judges, law firms, executives and NONPROFITS, my husbands and others aiding and abetting him have become because all of them: 1) refuse to acknowledge the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and 2) refuse to reasonably, compassionately and diligently help end it; 3) so they have made up their own lies which they claim are facts despite the law and the TRUTH as my lawsuits prove.

As another example, my mother HELENE PENN and my sister RUTH PENN CARLINER started a foundation at the NONPROFIT Jewish synagogue BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION where anyone, including themselves, can donate money in honor of my evil, crooked father STANLEY PENN. All of them PRETEND that my father was a wonder person when he was an evil, criminal who illegally used his own daughters to evade taxes and refused to stop; thereby forcing me, his honest daughter, to sue him to free her social security number and evict herself from his scheme. 
My crooked, evil father STANLEY PENN also had an affair for years with a woman from this Jewish Congregation named RHONA LEWIS while both he and my mother pretended to be happily married and even doubled-dated with this woman and her husband. I was encouraged to become friendly with their daughter who was my age. Even the Cantor of BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION was known to have affairs with many members. Sounds more and more like the Oneida Colony; not a Jewish Synagogue. 
There are so many more examples of immoral and criminal activity I could give too because this is the way of life of these people who PRETEND to be righteous Jews.
A society based upon profiting from vulnerable Mothers and their Children (and some fathers too) at the time of divorce and thereafter is promoting terrorism and violence NOT FREEDOM, EQUAL RIGHTS, LOVE, FAMILY and JUSTICE FOR ALL as our US Constitution in the Democratic Republic of the United States requires and as any reasonable and rational thinking person knows. 
Experts and also history has proven that only a very evil person like my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN and these so-called Jewish organizations and their leaders and members would do all the horrible things as they have and continue to do to me and our Children. 
For example, since the 1980’s according to the book “The New Rabbi” […/] the Jews have refused to use their education, negotiation skills and religious and other experiences to help end the domestic terrorism called Parental Alienation. In addition, My State, Federal and US Supreme Court cases prove that these Jews, for the past ten years have refused to help my three Children reunite with me and end our Parental Alienation which has been going on for about TEN YEARS now; even though:
1. I HAVE BEEN A LOVING, LAW-ABIDING PERSON MY ENTIRE LIFE as my clean record from the Department of Justice and other evidence proves and;
3. There was Shared Parenting Agreement drafted and ready to be signed until my evil predator still legal husband chose to withdrawal from the “collaborative divorce process” involving collaborative divorce lawyers, therapists and other experts and hired the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM ( now also TUTTLE). 
The law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM drafted, signed and advised their client, my evil husband MARK HASSMAN to also sign the criminal, invalid and unconscionable divorce judgment which not only perpetuated the Parental Alienation but PROVES my assets and income were STOLEN by them along with the law firm representing me THE LAW OFFICES OF ALAN SHIFMAN and the presiding judge, the crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who has a duty to sanction ONLY LEGAL AND VALID JUDGMENTS. You can see this invalid divorce judgment which is in public records in the United States Supreme Court Case #17-7086; and also the United States District Court Case # B267984 which was formerly BC580980. You will be appalled. 
There are many other appalling documents including but not limited to the PERSONAL DECLARATION of PHILIP SEASTROM, the founder and senior partner of the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM and income and expense declarations they prepared on behalf of their client, my evil husband MARK HASSMAN, letters between these law firms where my husband was copied-in which prove fraudulent and criminal activity including but not limited to the very serious crimes of Perjury, Obstruction Of Justice and destroying the loving companionship I shared with my three Children since the day they were born until the Parental Alienation began about eighteen years later. Disgraceful beyond words.

***Why won’t the leaders and members of ANY RELIGIOUS or nonprofit organization help me reunite with my Children AND HELP MILLIONS OF OTHERS TOO who are also suffering from the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation and instead have chosen to STAND BY IN SILENCE?

***Why won’t former first lady and licensed United States Attorney MICHELLE OBAMA, who claims to love Mothers and Children and claims to have a legacy to improve their wellbeing; acknowledge the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and help end it?

***Why won’t Judges and Law Firms, Schools, Executives and other leaders and organizations which are cornerstones of our American Society acknowledge and with reasonable due diligence try to end this domestic terrorism?

If they were truthfully the honest, compassionate leaders they PORTRAY THEMSELVES TO BE; they SHOULD WANT to bring awareness and help end the horrors of the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM CALLED PARENTAL ALIENATION BY publishing articles, having classes, discussions and other events to bring awareness and help end it along with alerting CONGRESS so that they can PASS LAWS to end this domestic terrorism and restore Freedom, Equal Rights, Love, Family and Justice for ALL in our AMERICAN SOCIETY and hold those accountable who refuse to cooperate.

******Rabbi CLIFFORD E. LIBRACH on January 31, 2018 wrote a letter to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL entitled “Judaism’s Uniqueness is Necessary for it to Survive,” where he mentions the new presentation by NEW YORK’S JEWISH MUSEUM of its collection. He wrote that the American Jewish community is in the midst of a titanic struggle between two self-perspectives. One perspective sees and celebrates moments and achievements of survival and continuity against an oceanic tide of assimilation. The other abandons the unique in Judaism, in favor of the identification of the “Jewish version” of various universalist virtues and impulses. 
HASN’T THIS RABBI AND THE NEW YORK JEWISH MUSEUM MISSED THE POINT? Does it matter when you have Jewish leaders and Jewish Organizations PRETENDING to be Jewish while they are destroying the FREEDOM, LOVE and EQUAL RIGHTS of millions of Jewish loving, and law-abiding Mothers and their Children because they secretly support acts of the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation?

***Why doesn’t the NEW YORK’S JEWISH MUSEUM have and exhibit on Parental Alienation? I would be willing to help you with it as I am sure other Jews would too? What is stopping you? Why don’t you want this form of domestic terrorism to end for Jews and millions of others so we can help HUMANITY SURVIVE?

Like many wise, courageous, reasonable and compassionate leaders and activists before us including but not limited to Presidents Washington and Lincoln; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Elie Wiesel; my wise and wonderful Grandfather Ben and Judge James S. Sfekas whom I had the honor of clerking for; we also must NEVER FORGET what is at stake in OUR REVOLUTION to end the domestic terrorism of PARENTAL ALIENATION which is RESTORING Freedom, Equal Rights, Love, Family and Justice for ALL, which includes millions Mothers like me and our Children of all ages.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children)



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