My husband who is controlling our children with acts of Parental Alienation AND the MONEY and other ASSETS he stole from me refuses to give me our three Children’s contact information (along with the property he stole from me at the time of divorce and thereafter as our divorce judgment proves).

Here is a song from the famous show Chicago which describes: 1) My (still) husband MARK HASSMAN; 2) all the JEWISH LEADERS; JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS AND many other Jews in the United States……who ALL refuse to end their secret policies of Parental Alienation AND help Me begin communicating with my Children so we can celebrate the upcoming Jewish holidays together and END our Parental Alienation going on for over 9 years now.

Also, not one of those listed above will even ACKNOWLEDGE PARENTAL ALIENATION so we can’t reasonably expect them to help us reunite. They want Parental Alienation to continue so they can continue to PROFIT AT OUR EXPENSE. People like this do not live for any worthwhile purpose; they are PREDATORS and spend their life WILLINGLY using and abusing others so they can profit; BUT they are so full of shame, anger and never have peace of mind or understand love. This is what happens to predators if they refuse to change their evil ways; as many experts have proven along the lives of evil predators like Adolph Hitler.

WHY HAVEN’T MY CHILDREN REACHED OUT TO ME IN OVER NINE YEARS NOW? Are they threatened; are they too profiting and have agreed as adults to become criminals despite the honest values I TAUGHT THEM and LIVE BY DAILY myself? Time will tell but I am so GRATEFUL I got away from all of them and their immoral, unreasonable and criminal ways and have recovered enough to obtain JUSTICE for millions of us suffering from their secret policies of Parental Alienation.

Also remember you cannot have a family IF THERE IS NO LONGER a family to have so like me; do things you enjoy and you will meet kind, reasonable and fun people who also live in the World of Love not the World of Corruption as I have. 
I DO NOT MISS the disrespectful, uncivil, verbally abusive ways of my three Children and unless they choose to REASONABLY USE THEIR MIND by doing what they know is reasonable and moral and stop believing the lies and schemes; I do not want them part of my life because then they will make me sick again. 
HOWEVER, I do want to talk to them and find out WHY then are still continuing the Parental Alienation, as any reasonable, loving Mother would want to do. WHY have they chosen to live in the World of Corruption and not the World of Love?
There should be no war between our minds and our body because we are one person and our WORDS AND OUR ACTIONS must be CONSISTENT not IN CONFLICT as reasonable people know and many experts and authors have proven. 
I want to know WHY my Children changed all of a sudden at the time of divorce and also WHY they refuse to change back because many, many facts prove that they should have NEVER, EVER alienated me to begin with over nine years ago and not talked to me since. This is ridiculous.

Anyway here is the link to the song. There is a lot of irony since the entire show is about the rigged legal system. The song is about “class” etc. but the lyrics use many “unclassy” slang words which I think is funny when taken in context with the entire show. Many of the lyrics are right on point if people want to focus their mind, see the truth, acknowledge it; not ignore it and help make our world a better place for honest, loving, law-abiding people; NOT take advantage of them.

Have a wonderful weekend as more and more truth is being exposed as we have PEACE OF MIND doing what is reasonable, moral and just living in the World of Love.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

This song is from movie musical Chicago. Lyrics: VELMA: Whatever happened to fair dealing? And pure ethics And nice manners? Why is it everyone now os a pain…



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