My lawsuit is very similar to APPLE’S regarding privacy issues

My lawsuit is very similar to APPLE’S regarding privacy issues and also like me; APPLE found itself in a situation where its legal and Constitutional rights are involved, where the stakes are high, and future generations will be affected.
Also like me; APPLE did not look for this fight but we both have issues which must be reasonably and legally resolved.

In my lawsuit; religious organizations and a school; specifically:
1. SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles; 
2. SADDLEBACK CHURCH in Southern California which has global religious services and;
3. CATE SCHOOL which is a not-for-profit high school near Santa Barbara;

have all used their “charitable” agreements to hide, steal and launder MY money and property I should have received at the time of my divorce.
(Remember, I have a fraudulent, unlawful and invalid divorce contract for several legal reasons including because the required net worth (value) of the community estate and its required disposal were never established).

Think I am the only one these organizations have financially abused and harmed or do you think this is their business plan?

Since these organizations have NON-PROFIT STATUS FROM THE GOVERNMENT they receive many financial and tax benefits. 
One of these benefits is that they do not have to disclose:
1. WHO made “charitable” agreements by donating money and property and;
2. WHERE the money and property came from; is from a community estate and donated without the knowledge and consent of the Wife/ Mother?
Is it drug money and property? 
Is it money and property from other criminal activities?
Is it money and property from terrorist organizations or terrorist governments?

Will the Court of Appeals allow these organizations, which have the GOVERNMENT status of being a non-profit and receive GOVERNMENT benefits, to keep secret:
1) WHO made “charitable” agreements with them by donating money and property and;
2) WHERE the money and property came from?

Will the GOVERNMENT allow these non-profit organizations to PROTECT THEIR DONORS at the expense of hiding and stealing community property of a Mother/Wife and promoting the form of abuse called Parental Alienation so that the Mother/Wife is so distraught she is unlikely to be able to fight for her legal and Constitutional rights to obtain her money and property they are hiding and stealing using their “charitable” agreements.

Charitable agreements include but are not limited to 501(c)(3) and vow of poverty agreements.

Will APPLE be allowed to protect their customers at the expense of security?
Will I be prohibited from completely and accurately knowing the disposal of the net worth of my community estate under my husband’s control because the GOVERNMENT will allow these non-profit organizations to protect their donors even though the law demands that full disclosure of the net worth of the community estate and its disposal must be made in order for a divorce contract to be legal and valid?

This is getting very interesting from a legal perspective. 
Think I have a Federal case?
Think my case will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court?

I am confident that public opinion will rule in my favor and thus; the laws regarding the secrecy of charitable agreements will change; new legal precedent will be set. 
Like I have said, I am not only standing up to protect my own legal and Constitutional rights; I am also standing up to protect those rights of future generations and to make our world a better place for all honest, kind, reasonable and compassionate people.

Btw, I also stand very strong because I have a very strong moral and reasonable foundation and I work out too. I take care of myself both physically and mentally, making sure I relax, do fun things and have peace of mind for what I am doing. I hope you do too.

Well, it will be interesting to see if Rabbis, Pastors, Priests, and Schools band together to try to prevent me from knowing the “contributions” my husband or someone or some entity on his behalf made to their non-profit organizations WITHOUT my knowledge and consent. This is against the law.

Tax returns and other documents show my husband made these “charitable” contributions with his mistress. It even appears my husband transferred some of his income to his mistress so he could claim he could not afford to pay my support. What a guy and what a mistress. Think they belong in jail? Think they are mentally sick and will claim the insanity defense?

Like I have been saying; give them enough rope and watch them hang themselves all together as one corrupt and immoral group. 
Remember, there is guilt by association too.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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