My Picketing; the overwhelming community support and Sinai Temple’s unreasonableness

First I want to tell you about the overwhelming support I have received from the community and second I want to tell you how unreasonable Sinai Temple continues to be with their attitude that you are stupid and they know everything and you should listen to their lies. Quite typical of corrupt, immoral leaders including those who claim to be religious. I am a Jew and I am totally disgusted as are many in the community as I am finding out.

First, the attached photograph is compliments of Collins who came by yesterday while I was picketing. He supports equal rights for all and asked if he could take my photo for his photography class and then emailed them to me so I could post them which was so nice. Then Danny came by and asked if he could take my photo because as he said; “I can’t disagree with you.”

Then George came by and we had a wonderful conversation. He is also thrilled I am bringing awareness to this corruption and abuse which a friend of his experienced too and he knows of others even in New York with Jewish Temples there. Their “charitable agreements” are not charitable at all but used to harm and abuse kind, honest people by hiding their assets.

George also told me Sinai Temple is known to be a cult and he is sickened how all they care about is money. He knows people right in the neighborhood who refuse to go Sinai Temple and go to services further away. 
George was also impressed at how articulate I am on the subject and know my facts and am very passionate to bring forth justice to end this corruption, immorality and abuse. We plan to continue our conversation.

Kay told me that she fought a similar battle with a corporation and she is so glad I am holding Sinai Temple accountable and is also familiar with their lies and corruption.

This morning Maria, William and Yoko were also very supportive as was Monica who also told me many in the community stand behind me. 
Even Mothers walking their Children into Sinai Temple smile and say good morning. Elderly women tell me to keep going and sue the ****, they know they are horrible.

Many continue to drive by, wave, smile, give me thumbs up, beep and nod. I am smiling in the photograph Collins took because I am so grateful I have figured all of this out and have the strength to bring forth the truth. 
Many have also told me to EXPECT Sinai Temple and others to try to hide the truth by trying to make me look crazy. George said everyone tried to make Erin Brockovich look crazy as the movie with Julia Roberts shows this is their strategy.

Well with that being said, I want to tell you about how unreasonable Sinai Temple was this morning and their entitled attitude as I just returned from my morning picketing.

A man approached me with a coffee cup in his hand and said he would like to talk to me. I said fine what is your name? He said you know who I am and I said no I don’t. He said you have left me voicemail messages. I said Oh, are you HOWARD LESNER, the executive director of Sinai Temple and he said yes.
He told me it is sad I am wasting my life. I said you don’t even know what I do and who are you to tell me about my life. Well you are wasting your time picketing. I said, it is not a waste of time as many in the community are very supportive and it is bringing awareness to the truth of abuse and corruption and my lawsuit too. 
He said, yes I received that 721 page “thing” like this is some kind of joke. 

I asked him why I was thrown out of Sinai Temple on Saturday morning October 27, 2012 while I was waiting in line around 9:30am to enter with others. I was told by the LAPD Security Guard that I could not enter and was banned from there and could never come back and had to leave immediately. He was following orders and did not know what I did.
Immediately I contacted many at Sinai Temple and other Jewish organizations to help me find out what I could have possibly done that was so terrible and why they told me at such an inappropriate time. Since 2012 I have yet to find out. All I was told
I was told I sent Rabbi David Wolpe an email that he did not like but they have refused to show me the email.

When I had therapy with Rabbi David Wolpe regarding parental alienation and trying to cope with the sudden destruction of my companionship with my children at the time of divorce; he told me to email him so I did and we discussed many religious topics, books, events in LA and other things. They were all polite and civil as this is how I am. 

Since the morning of October 27, 2012 I have been asking to see this email that they allege was so horrible I had to be thrown out of the synagogue while all dressed up and waiting in line to enter. Plus, if it was so terrible, why didn’t they bring this to my attention earlier and reasonably tell me what the problem is so it can be resolved; IF there truly is a problem and this is not made-up.

***I asked HOWARD LESNER to see this email. He said he doesn’t have it because who saves emails from years ago. So I said, you are telling me that there is this email that caused you to throw me out of the synagogue, which Dr. Phil asked me about on his show; and I have been asking to see since October 27, 2012; but you don’t have it???
He said he was not the Executive Director then and does not know about it. I said, I am sure you can find out.

*** HOWARD LESNER told me there have been others who have also been thrown out of Sinai Temple. I said, Sinai Temple apparently has a real problem of throwing people out of the synagogue when people have rights. I have never heard of anyone being thrown out of a synagogue. Have you?

***He told me he is trying to have a civil conversation with me. I said, if you want to have a civil conversation then stop making excuses and show me the facts as to what I did that was so terrible as a law-abiding citizen that caused you to throw me out. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with.
But, it get WORSE, VERY WORSE!!!

I also asked Howard Lesner why Sinai Temple refuses to discuss the epidemic problem of parental alienation and try to reunite loving, law-abiding parents with their children. 
***He said why should we do that???
I could not believe my ears.
He said you apparently don’t know what Sinai Temple does.

I said it is very clear you are corrupt and should be helping people in community. This is so typical of corrupt, unreasonable, immoral people. They refuse to be reasonable. I told him I refuse to believe his lies and to bring me evidence of this alleged email which caused me to be thrown out at such an unreasonable time, while in line waiting to enter to pray.

***Can you believe Howard Lesner, the Executive Director of Sinai Temple believes Parental Alienation should not be discussed and they should not get involved with reuniting Children and their loving, law-abiding Mother (father)? Why not? Think they work with the wealthy parent to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE as best selling author Stephen Fried explains the JEWS have been doing since the 1970’s? […/Chapter-2-for-WEBPAGEThe-New-R…]

Well, I am so grateful I am bringing out the truth and receiving great public support in Sinai Temple’s OWN neighborhood.
Truth, love for humanity and of course God will always prevail.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based on my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parenatal Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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