MY WAY is using REASON, MY MIND and the LAW never acts of Corruption. I have been involved with Corrupt Family all of my life so NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ME.

For Everyone: Those who live in the world of Love and Kindness AND ALSO those who live in the world of Abuse, Manipulations and Corruption (see post below for more clarification re: Hermann Hesse, “Demian”)…know those in the world of Love and Kindness will prevail.

• NEVER give up hope that Love and Kindness is much more Powerful than Abuse, 
• ALWAYS choose to be the best loving and kind person you can be, 
• WHILE NEVER letting those in the world of Corruption make you fearful because…

they are COWARDS themselves and ONLY know how to use lies and manipulations to get what they want by abusing the power of their title or position in society like a: 
-Chief Financial Officer and Certified Public Account, (for my Children, this is your father), 
– Judge, 
– Rabbi, 
– Pastor,
– Lawyer, 
– School Administrator, 
– Executive, 
– Therapist, 
– Joint Venture Partner,
– Current Wife and others.

As each day passes, more and more facts and evidence are created even when those listed above do NOT take any proactive measures.

So, although the liars, manipulators and abusers OFTEN THINK they can take away my legal rights, as my Parents, Sister and their Lawyer did when I sued them as a young adult; I CLEARLY showed them and the world they COULD NOT TAKE AWAY MY LEGAL RIGHTS and also WERE HELD RESPONSIBLE for their harms. 
I was young and inexperienced then and I agreed to seal the file which I can have reopened with a court order and may do that to see the parallels in my current case.

Let more and more of the truth be known.

When people are corrupt and have been corrupt for a long time, THEY ARE VERY DELUSIONAL. 
***So, what they may be telling YOU, DON’T BELIEVE because although they may THINK they know what I may be planning to do or say; they have no idea and have already seriously INCRIMINATED THEMSELVES.

THE ONLY REMAINING QUESTION IS: How many others will they be able to convince to join their collective corrupt group before I bring them ALL down using REASON, MY MIND and the LAW; NEVER acts of violence or corruption as my acts and public records from my entire life of over 50 years show; which includes the public records from my lawsuit when I was 27 years old against my parents, sister and their attorney who tried to take away my legal rights.

***MY WAY is using REASON, MY MIND and the LAW as the facts clearly show, no matter how many lies and schemes they try to create.

Please just make sure you are NOT part of their corrupt group so YOU are you NOT brought down with them. 
If you already are, CHOOSE to escape and if you are not; DON’T BELIEVE their lies and DON’T ASSOCIATE WITH THEM.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences many shown in public records since I was 27 years old.

For your own well being: DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME!

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;

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