My Wedding Photos with RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG of BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE who is running a destructive CULT, not a Jewish synagogue

RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG and others from his synagogue BETH TFILOH will not even acknowledge me or my emails regarding Parental Alienation. They pretend this epidemic problem does not even exist.
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Dear Defendants whose email addresses I have and who do not have fraudulent civil restraining orders against me so I cannot contact them and also Jewish Leaders and Jewish Organizations in California and Nationally including those from THE JEWISH JOURNAL and ALSO MY MOTHER (also since you never sent me my sister’s email address, please forward my emails to her as it may be helpful for her to be informed):

So Rabbi Wohlberg,
Please explain to me why you, all other Jewish Leaders and my entire family will not even acknowledge my emails and help me begin communicating with my Children again after 8 years now?

I have been told professionally that my Children have characteristics of the form of abuse called Parental Alienation, which is an epidemic problem in our society. Why are you professionally and personally promoting this form of abuse?
Are you running a destructive Cult at Beth Tfiloh Synagogue?

I hope you change your ways so I do not have to hold you responsible for perpetuating this form of abuse. Why would you want to do this…to profit? What do you think a jury will think? Don’t you care about your values and character and behaving like a Rabbi and not a criminal?
Sara Hassman






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