Never let your Corrupt and Immoral Children pull you down; stay Honest and Moral

When your children, especially adult children, do not realize the gravity of the situation they are in even though you reasonably and civilly try to explain it to them; know they have more lessons to learn WHILE YOU REMAIN honest and moral and don’t let their ignorance and refusal to reasonably and objectively SEE THE TRUTH pull you down.

With that being said, I had a wonderful Mother’s Day even though I did not hear from my Children. Last week, I filed a $70 million dollar lawsuit against Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, Saddleback Church, Judge Claudia Silbar, law firms, business executives, my ex-husband, his current wife, his mother and others for participating in the parental alienation and stealing or helping other defendants steal my community property worth many millions of dollars.
The net worth of the community estate was never established during the divorce or thereafter which is a VERY SERIOUS legal and moral matter. This is case #BC580980 filed in the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County. You can look it up and I will be posting the details soon.

The millions of dollars did not just disappear and my ex-husband is a certified public accountant and received his MBA from Harvard and controlled the community estate and had a duty to do that honestly and fairly; not take my interest for himself and involve others to help him so they could ALL PROFIT FROM THE DIVORCE at my expense. 
Any reasonable person knows this is against the law.

It appears, my Children who are now adults have gone along with this corruption, maybe they are profiting too, instead of being TRUTHFUL AND MORAL and standing up for justice.

As many experts, classic authors and even the Torah states; corrupt people just keep lying and cheating and trying to hide the truth and make the innocent person look wrong when they are CLEARLY HONEST AND TRUTHFUL.

You are either GUILTY OR NOT; like being pregnant; you are either pregnant or not and as the wise Judge I clerked for taught me there is GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.

So, with that being said, if your Children want to act dishonest and corrupt and associate with those who do; that is THEIR CHOICE. My choice is to stay away from all of them because this is reasonable and for me; I don’t want to get sick again.

So, if my Children have CHOSEN as adults with their free will to do corrupt and immoral acts and SUPPORT THOSE who do the same; then it is better that we part ways.

If they ever decide to change PERMANENTLY and go through therapy and use other resources to help them change their corrupt ways; then I will welcome them with open arms.
***But, I will not sacrifice my values of honesty and morality for anyone nor should I.
I am very, very sorry if this includes my adult Children but as experts, classic authors and the Torah all state; you cannot let those who are corrupt and immoral entice YOU. YOU must stand STRONG against them and advocate TRUTH, MORALITY AND JUSTICE.

I hope this helps many keep things in perspective.
*** Be PROUD of yourself for being honest and truthful and not being enticed by those who are corrupt. 
Stand strong in support of Justice and Honesty so we can hold those accountable who are encouraging parental alienation and other acts of corruption so others in Society will not be harmed. This is what Honest and Moral people do; they don’t become corrupt or allow others to commit corrupt acts with their help.

I am very proud of myself and I hope all of you are too who stand for honesty and morality and don’t allow others to entice you to do corrupt acts. 
So have a great day and a great week and a great life knowing you are a person with moral values and character…no matter what others say or how they TRY to manipulate the truth; which they typically do.
The truth will always prevail.

As always this is not legal advice just based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions;



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