NEW SECRET ACTS OF THOSE IN THIS PARENTAL ALIENATION CONSPIRACY from over the PAST TWELVE (12) YEARS and the two emails I sent last night. All this further proves the evil character of MARK HASSMAN and HELENE PENN who are my husband and mother respectively AND others in this evil CONSPIRACY; many who disgracefully call themselves JEWS AND JEWISH LEADERS.

If all these people, many in powerful positions, did not have very serious CONTROL and other problems; they should fervently be trying to HELP ME COMMUNICATE WITH MY CHILDREN as any reasonable person knows and experts have proven.
To begin; I am sure MY CHILDREN are; [AS MARK HASSMAN, their father so horribly planned]; EMOTIONALLY and FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT upon him and have very few INDEPENDENT people they associate with.
********MARK HASSMAN doesn’t want OUR CHILDREN to reach their beautiful potential. Instead, he wants to CONTROL THEIR LIVES. YES, HE WANTS TO CONTROL THEIR LIVES!!!!

How does he do this? AS MARK HASSMAN DOES WITH ME, he uses all those MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of our Community Estate which should have been distributed to ME, to pay SPIES AND HACKERS so he knows our whereabouts and can THWART ANY RELATIONSHIPS and FINANCIAL SECURITY. He obviously wants us to REMAIN UNDER HIS EMOTIONAL and FINANCIAL CONTROL. He also wants MY CHILDREN AND ME to believe we cannot survive without him.
MY CHILDREN, as so shamefully overwhelming facts prove as I will explain below; MARK HASSMAN, your father and my husband, will violate the law and destroy our love to make us believe that we need him to survive emotionally and financially. As JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS the honest, wise beloved judge I clerked for taught me and whom all of you knew; “let the facts speak for themselves,” and this is what the facts prove.

***Your father, my husband MARK HASSMAN has been for the past 12 years refusing to seek therapy which has been recommended to him many times AND refusing to ALLOW ANY OF YOU CHILDREN TO SEEK THERAPY because then his sick, manipulative, controlling and CRIMINAL behavior will be discovered.
MARK HASSMAN, your father even refused to ENGAGE in any therapy during our Collaborative Divorce Proceeding and BLAMED ME for our marital failure. We went to several therapists and he did not like any of them and refused to engage in any therapy but said everything was MY FAULT.
He refused to let our daughter attend the therapy so graciously granted by the Dr. Phil Show. He used and abused her to try to get me to agree to stop exposing this horrible truth about PARENTAL ALIENATION and PROTECT this CONSPIRACY which profits from it as the facts prove. He demanded I remove my website and Facebook page if I wanted any therapy with her. Why should I be prevented from exposing the truth to help myself and others?

MARK HASSMAN learned that he MUST CONTROL ALL THE AVENUES OF COMMUNICATION. This is also why I often get hacked AND have website posting problems and I am sure MY CHILDREN get hacked too and spied upon too as explained more below.

Now MARK HASSMAN tells me posing as some SECRET INTERNET ADMIRER that “he stayed away too long,” and should have “come home to me” sooner. What about the “wife” he claims to be married to? Does he just throw her out or was she just a paid actress playing her part?

As I am sure MARK HASSMAN learned at Harvard Business School and in his other experiences; HE PLAYS EVERY ANGLE. In other words, he plays all the possibilities. Specifically:
First, there was the COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE AGREEMENT where we had: 1) Shared Custody of Our Children and 2) 50/50 division and distribution of our Community Estate. There were 2 signed drafts of this agreement which are in public records. MARK HASSMAN went through this process because he thought I would either: 1) Die from the Parental Alienation ( I did get very sick which is reasonably expected since it is considered a form of terrorism) or
2) Come running back to him for emotional and financial support. In either scenario; this collaborative divorce agreement would have never been instituted.

NEXT, when MARK HASSMAN saw that neither of those two possibilities were going to happen THE FACTS PROVE THAT HE USED the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF OUR COMMUNITY ESTATE to BRIBE the judges, lawyers, religious leaders, religious organizations, private schools and universities and other nonprofits, the court-appointed therapist and others to: 1) HAVE ISSUED and also ENFORCED against me RESTRAINING ORDERS so I would be FORCED to stay away from MY CHILDREN whom I love and raised with a lot of love and care and; 2) RUIN my beautiful character with lies so my children think I am terrible.
Our ELDEST SON was so brainwashed that he even helped his father MARK HASSMAN obtain a stay-away order from the house where I was on the deed AND I had no history of any criminal or violent past.

Then, RABBI DAVID WOLPE of synagogue SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles agreed to be used to try to ruin my beautiful character by having me BANNED FROM THE SYNAGOGUE for ALL EVENTS including SERVICES after I consulted him for therapy regarding coping with Parental Alienation. MARK HASSMAN realized RABBI DAVID WOLPE and other SINAI TEMPLE leaders could be bought and sold.
As I have written before, RABBI DAVID WOLPE, as a divorced man himself, tried to have a relationship with me and even told me I was the type of woman he wanted to marry. If I had agreed, then MARK HASSMAN’S FINANCIAL PROBLEMS would have been solved because the divorce agreement says and it is COMMON SENSE TOO that if I marry again then I agree that I am already divorced and MY INVALID, CRIMINAL and UNENFORCEABLE DIVORCE JUDGMENT WOULD HAVE BEEN RATIFIED.
Would Rabbi David Wolpe have just abused Me even more? He certainly would not have loved me since he refused to and to this day still refuses to END this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation as a prominent Jewish leader. Accordingly, RABBI DAVID WOLPE is not preaching Judaism; he is preaching terrorism.
However, I reasonably and wisely told RABBI DAVID WOLPE that before, yes before, I would even pursue any relationship with him; he had to help me REUNITE with MY CHILDREN, BUT he refused. Why would I want a relationship with someone who doesn’t care about helping ME and MY CHILDREN and also doesn’t care about following the law and Judaism?

So MARK HASSMAN was at another DEAD END and now had to find another way to destroy me EMOTIONALLY and FINANCIALLY.

This is what the overwhelming facts PROVE. What does this say about our SOCIETY and WORLD? Do these PEOPLE IN POWERFUL AND ALSO RELIGIOUS POSITIONS care about OUR CHILDREN and that they grow up with love and self-confidence so they can reach their beautiful POTENTIAL GOD GAVE THEM? (There must be a GOD for me to have survived all of this terror and have my health restored so I could expose it too.).

So next, I was banned from schools and from even emailing MARK HASSMAN to try to END THE PARENTAL ALIENATION.

All those involved in this CONSPIRACY must have been getting very nervous and angry with MARK HASSMAN because I was still filing lawsuits and trying to reunite with MY CHILDREN as I should be as a loving, honest, law-abiding Mother using my legal skills, education and experiences to LEAD THE WAY to END this PARENTAL ALIENATION not only for myself but for millions of others suffering from this terror in America, Israel and Worldwide.
So what happened next was I was put in jail for 7 days for walking past MARK HASSMAN and his PRETEND NEW WIFE, while outside the courthouse for the lunch recess on the PUBLIC SIDEWALK. As photos show, which are in public records and on my Facebook timeline and website; there was no violence or attack, it was peaceful. But, the judge ruled that I violated some RESTRAINING ORDER by walking past them and needed to go to jail for 7 days. ALL THIS IS IN PUBLIC RECORDS and IT IS A MIRACLE OF GOD I HAVE SURVIVED IT ALL and MY SKILLS RETURNED so I could expose it.

So, since I still survived and now filed even more lawsuits; those in this PARENTAL ALIENATION CONSPIRACY were really getting nervous. This time they put me in jail for 14 days because I sent MARK HASSMAN an email trying obtain OUR CHILDREN’S contact information so we could REUNITE in time to CELEBRATE THE JEWISH HOLIDAYS TOGETHER. The judge said I violated some other RESTRAINING ORDER when I sent this peaceful, reasonable and loving email and needed to go to jail for 14 days. When I got out I decided to come to Israel but I guess this CONSPIRACY thought I would either die in jail or become so distraught that I would become a useless, emotionally tortured Mother.


MY CHILDREN, all of us have been through so much. It is very clear to me and many other honest, reasonable people that it is WELL-OVERDUE time for us to REUNITE and BEGIN new ADULT RELATIONSHIPS. I really hope you agree.

As my wise and compassionate beloved, GRANDFATHER BEN taught me (he is my Mother’s father); Hitler could take everything from us but our good values and good character and we must always defend them for ourselves and those who are unable; otherwise we will be unable to love and will be filled with guilt, shame and misery.
I believe that the past 12 years have proven that MY GRANDFATHER BEN, your Great Grandfather, was correct and very wise indeed. I hope you CHOOSE very, very soon to JOIN ME IN ISRAEL so we can begin our new life together in this beautiful country of GOD. Don’t worry, GOD will PROTECT and PROVIDE for you as he has been doing for me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and so does GOD; and also GRANDPA BEN and others too if not; we would have never survived.
I believe WE HAVE AN IMPORTANT MISSION TO ACCOMPLISH because this is what the Parental Alienation has prepared us for and EXPOSED TO THE WORLD that this terror must be ended.

The facts clearly prove that MARK HASSMAN and others in this conspiracy are psychological manipulators who prey on VULNERABLE CHILDREN and WOMEN, those who reasonably trusted them too. They need very serious professional help.

Here are the two emails I sent last night which should further prove the TRUTH of all I have just written. The exposure of this TRUTH and our survival is TRULY A MIRACLE. Do you agree? Shabbat Shalom. Maybe next Shabbat we will be together here in Israel. I hope so.

from: Sara Hassman <>
to: Mark Hassman
date: Feb 7, 2020, 8:57 PM
subject: Want to end the Parental Alienation, I don’t want my money

Why not? Think I should be restrained from sending this email to try to end this terror and help our children?

from: Sara Hassman <>
to: Helene Penn
date: Feb 7, 2020, 9:04 PM
subject: Do you want to help me reunite with my children because then you can see your grandchildren

Dear Mom,
Do you want to help me begin communicating with my children? Then you can get to know your grandchildren and they are wonderful.

As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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