No one DESERVES to be harmed or should ALLOW anyone to harm them

If someone does harm you, this is the shame THEY feel inside for something in their past; THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

They have a serious problem for wanting to harm others. Harming others means bullying, threatening, telling lies, deceiving and committing other acts where they initiate violence which includes making Children of all ages believe they need to alienate their loving Mother at the time of divorce based on lies, schemes or fear.
They refuse to reasonably encourage the Children of all ages to have civil conversations and reunification therapy with their alienated Mother(father) with an HONEST, QUALIFIED therapist; not one who refuses to keep the sessions confidential so the Children are not afraid to express their true feelings for fear of repercussions like a court ordered therapist did with myself and my minor son.

If you think you DESERVE to suffer you can get rid of your shame by starting to do positive things to make yourself happy. But, don’t go back to allowing yourself to think you should suffer. Remember, you DESERVE to be happy and not suffer.

So to stop this, take control of your life and start reading books and articles on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and understanding WHY you feel like you need to endure abuse and associate with people who are being rude and harmful to you and WHY you think you have to listen to them. This is all normal growth in life so don’t ignore this, choose to grow. Listening to people who are harming you is not reasonable so start being reasonable and taking care of yourself in a responsible manner.

It is part of life and emotional maturity to REALIZE your challenges and address them so they SHAPE you making you wiser and not ignoring them so you become more and more miserable.

Herman Hesse in his classic novel Steppenwolf discusses overcoming your shame and learning to change your negative thoughts and behaviors and understanding you DESERVE to be happy and use your beautiful potential.

Any alienating children reading this; please remember, you are not to blame for the parental alienation!!! You were and still are BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. Understand your shame so you can end the alienation and become happy making moral and positive accomplishments using your beautiful potential; not lying and cheating like your alienating father (mother) since this is the environment you are in and the behaviors you are learning. Go to therapy and/or read and talk to others who have been through this.

Help yourself and I believe because I am an example that if you help yourself, God will help you too. It is a MIRACLE I survived all the emotional abuse of parental alienation and learned how to cope as I still need to but; all of my skills came back so I am reasonably confronting those who caused and cooperate in causing the parental alienation using reasonable, responsible, civil methods including passive resistance. They clearly have shown they refuse to change their harmful and evil ways of destroying the special Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship.

Surround yourself with those who are kind and moral AND who you enjoy being with AND do not take advantage of you or others. If they take advantage of others they will take advantage of you too. So surround yourself with those who have honest, loving dispositions and do what the best for everyone, not just themselves.

When a person, a religious organization, a boarding high school, lawyers, judges, corporate owners, a new spouse and others deny rights to the oppressed; not only is this morally wrong but it is my understand this is in violation of the law.

***Why would a normal, sane person and leaders of an ethical organization want to and intentionally harm a Mother and her Children at the time of divorce instead of reasonably trying to help them? They wouldn’t because a normal, sane person and leaders would HELP NOT HARM the Mother and Children at the time of divorce as many experts have proven. []

Oppression is the despicable conduct that subjects a person to cruel and unjust hardship in conscious disregard of that person’s rights. Immoral, evil, sick people TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPRESSED until they are forced to stop because as history and many authors have shown, YOU CANNOT REASON WITH THOSE WHO CAUSE OPPRESSION like Hitler. People like this need to be stopped.

As history has shown; as more and more of the truth is exposed people who cause oppression have been stopped so keep bringing out the truth about the harms of parental alienation.

When you love your Children and also the freedom and way of life a Democratic Republic like the United States was founded upon; you cannot just forget about those being oppressed and go on with your life with a clear, moral conscience, especially when you know you have the skills and resources to help them. If I did, I would just become part of the oppression.

As political activist Elie Wiesel, who survived several concentration camps said: Silence helps the oppressor not the oppressed.

As I continue to forge forward bringing out more and more of the truth regarding Parental Alienation and those being oppressed because of it so I can help end it. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE OPPRESSED and I will not stand by watching it continue to keep me alienated from my Children and millions like us. With truth and understanding comes change.

None of this is advice of any kind, just based on my own experiences and knowledge.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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