No One is Born an Abuser or a Criminal

No one is born an abuser or a criminal. Guilt, shame and grief is in all of us and it needs to be addressed responsibly, not directed at harming others. Sick, unhealed people take their guilt, shame and grief out on others. This includes those with respectable professional titles who formulate or execute corrupt corporate or other corrupt bureaucratic policies or procedures. They all have FREE WILL and willingly, knowingly and intelligently have chosen to live a life of corruption harming precious children and others. (1) They have the means to seek help and heal themselves but have chosen to do otherwise.

***It is not only unhealthy but also reprehensible to carry out harmful acts to justify something missing in yourself. This is what Jewish leaders and many others in charge of major corporations, organizations and other bureaucracies have done as they continue to ignore the cries of children in our society while they have willingly, knowingly and intentionally had a hand in destroying the sacred, loving parent/child relationship. (1)  

Although many of these leaders may be intellectually intelligent they are extremely emotionally immature and unhealthy, some very mentally sick. Some probably have personality disorders like narcissism and could also be sociopathic or have other emotional or personality disorders…



***To make matters worse, these emotionally or mentally sick leaders and their organizations are not held accountable for their abusive acts.

For example, Jewish leaders or Jewish organizations have not been held accountable since this emotional child abuse called parental alienation began in the 1970’s. Stephen Fried’s book so poignantly illustrates how Jewish leaders have been accepting monetary, political and other benefits from sick, abusive parents trying to emotionally torture precious children and destroy the sacred, loving parent/child relationship at the time of a divorce, in exchange for ignoring this emotional child abuse and emotional torture. (1)

These sick Jewish leaders and sick abusive alienating parents have a secret or silent quid pro quo arrangement which is just so horrid beyond words. In other words, these leaders agree to ignore this emotional child abuse in exchange for benefits; monetary, political and others.

 However, there is hope because once guilt, shame and grief are addressed in a competent, professional manner; a person can heal and then help others heal too. Those who need healing, like our emotionally tortured and alienated children and their abusers which includes those who have blatantly ignored the emotional torture like the Jewish leaders; can all have the benefit of our knowledge and experiences.

***But, despite their intellectual intelligence, these abusers and leaders are so emotionally immature or sick that they can’t even bring themselves to ADMIT their wrongful conduct let alone begin conscientiously trying to seek help so they can heal.  It is such ashamed for them as they just exist and don’t live and will never have peace of mind.

 On the other hand, we may still have the scars but, at least we had the courage to heal ourselves and educate ourselves so we have a deep understanding of this horror and the mental abuse associated with this form of child abuse called parental alienation. This is also setting a wonderful example for our children who I believe, with our example, will make the right choices and ultimately live a life with the beautiful values we taught them.

*** I really believe my children will do this and I am hopeful millions of others will too.

As the courageous and amazing Simon Wiesenthal, who passionately hunted down Nazi war criminals and made sure they were held accountable for their horrible acts of ripping children from the arms of their loving parent and many other atrocities said:

“Never mix politics with justice.”

Unfortunately, this is what the Jewish leaders on both the National and Local levels have done and still continue to do. For about 50 years now they have harmed precious children and their loving parent who is trying to help their children become responsible adults with good values and practices.(1)

I intend to keep bringing awareness to the harms of parental alienation so more and more people including our precious children, can heal. As Wiesenthal said; “A soldier stays on the battlefield. I cannot live in silence as a traitor.” Well, neither can I. Thus, the place where accountability starts is with me. People who commit these acts will never rest.

Any threats made against me like the ones Rabbi David Wolpe, Howard Lesner and many others at Sinai Temple and in other Jewish organizations by exiling me for some mysterious reason for over a year now but won’t tell me what I did, convinces me even more that this is my duty. My message to all of you Jewish abusers is;

   “If you want to get well again, then rebuild your life using the Jewish teachings that you preach. Follow them, don’t pretend to follow them while carrying out heinous acts against precious children and their loving parent.”

 ***It is particularly alarming to me how these Jewish abusers and abusers in general can be charming one minute and then so brutal the next.

Consequently, it is easy to understand how of course our precious, innocent children fell prey especially since their abuser is their parent, a step-mother, a Rabbi and others who have breached these children’s trust and BETRAYED THEM. Pure evil as these adults should be helping precious children grow up to become strong, healthy, responsible adults; not adults filled with guilt, shame and grief and have resulting psychological and physical problems. Many also become a burden to society. Disgraceful but it is not the fault of these precious children. Precious children, you are not forgotten.

 As Simon Wiesenthal showed the world; one person, if he or she wants and puts forth a diligent effort, can make a difference to the world by bringing to justice those who have committed atrocities like ripping children from the arms of their loving parent and destroying the sacred parent/child relationship.

Like Simon Wiesenthal, I too have walked away from war weighing less than a hundred pounds, having lost my precious children but having a moral conscience and a sense of responsibility as a Mother and as a Jew. For him, the war never ended as he needed to avenge those who obstructed justice and denied freedom to millions. This war of parental alienation has not ended for me and millions of other loving parents either. Although I and many loving parents are now divorced from these sick abusers; our children and millions like them are still controlled pawns or slaves and need to be freed. Like Wiesenthal, I will not stop either as this is my responsibility.

Also, although I am Jewish, I clearly recognize how evil and abusive the Jewish leaders and organizations have become. I will not let sentiment cloud my judgment as the facts speak for themselves and have been speaking very clearly since the 1970’s when the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe willingly turned his head. Despicable. (1)

 Onward and upward with great pride and courage like Simon Wiesenthal as I too hold my head high. God and Truth will prevail.



-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,




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