Not one Rabbi or Jewish Organization will help me reunite with my Children; disgraceful beyond words.

Dear Rabbi Wohlberg, Rabbi Steinberg, Rabbi Saroken, Rabbi Sachs-Kohen and Norton & Melnik, APC on behalf of your client Sinai Temple which includes Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Ralph Resnick and others;

I was very disappointed that I did not hear from any of you regarding helping me reunite with my Children whom I have not spent time with in eight (8) years now due to the very well documented form of abuse, terror and torture called Parental Alienation.

My husband with the help of rabbis and others turned my Children against me with lies, treats and schemes so all of them could profit by making me so distraught and tortured that I would not be able to realize that I was deprived of receiving millions of dollars from my divorce and not be able to defend my rights which I am doing now. My husband MARK HASSMAN and everyone else underestimated me since I have recovered enough from this torture, as my medical records show, to figure out this PLANNED SCHEME and defend my rights in court.

I am still married due to our fraudulent divorce contract and because no one will help me, including my own husband, establish the net worth (value) of the community estate and its disposal which are needed before a divorce can be deemed legal and valid. My husband MARK HASSMAN just took all the millions of dollars and is sharing it with the other defendants and others too. They don’t care if we are legally still married and I have been deprived of my legal rights to my relationship with my Children and receiving my millions of dollars.

*******What a deal… make the wife sick, steal her money, EVADE TAXES with the help of 501(c)(3) agreements and use and abuse the children to obtain fraudulent student loans, tax benefits and to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE.
What is so disconcerting is that Jews are taught to make our world a better place for all; NOT take children AWAY from their loving, law-abiding Mother at the time of divorce so they can PROFIT.
THIS IS A CRIME as the US Constitution clearly states that a parent has a fundamental right to have a companionship with her children.

Regardless, as psychologists and other experts have proven; Children of all ages should have independent relationships and receive love from BOTH of their parents from the time of divorce and thereafter. It is abuse to lie, threaten and manipulate the children to alienation their loving, law-abiding Mother.

Accordingly, why won’t any of you help me, using your skills and knowledge, to reunite with my Children. Even my husband MARK HASSMAN told Dr. Phil on national television that he was in favor of our reunification. So, why not help me reunite with my Children? 
***Think they aren’t suffering? Think they could not benefit from having my love, guidance and support?

It you truly followed Jewish teachings; you would fervently help me reunite with my Children AND also be very concerned about our well being. In addition, you would try to STOP others from facing these problems of using Parental Alienation and a fraudulent divorce contract to PROFIT. Why do each of you refuse end this practice? It is not acceptable Jewish behavior; it is criminal and immoral behavior as any reasonable, sane person knows.

Also, Norton & Melnik, APC, why has Sinai Temple banned me from coming to services and all other events since October 2013 which is the time they made agreements with my husband regarding the 501(c)(3) contributions and to inflict me with emotional abuse?

No one at Sinai Temple or any other Jewish Organization will try to help me figure out why I was banned since I have been a law-abiding citizen my entire life and have very good values as the letter from Rabbi Ralph Resnick states which is part of the court file.

PHIL SEASTROM and all the other defendants must be getting very nervous because they have tried to dismiss my case based upon false information. No surprise, this is what all the defendants in my lawsuit do; they lie, cheat, steal and mislead children teens and young adults who are very vulnerable and their loving, law-abiding Mother whom they make vulnerable with the abuse, terror and torture of Parental Alienation which is very well documented in my case. This is their BUSINESS PLAN. It clearly appears this is also the business plan of Rabbis, Synagogues and ALL other Jewish Organizations which is very well documented in my case.

This is disgraceful beyond words and not what Judaism teaches or condones but repudiates, as any reasonable, sane person knows.

******So, why are all of you, as Rabbis, and as individuals going along with this abuse, terror, torture, lying and stealing instead of helping to end the corruption and abuse?

***Why are you acting like ADOLPH HITLER and not like Jews? Hitler took Children away from their loving, law-abiding Mother and stole her money and property too and tortured both the Mother and her Children for a Profit and other benefits.

As my entire life shows; I am an honest, law-abiding, enriching Woman and Mother who helped my Children thrive in many positive ways. I also ACT like a Jew because I promote truth and justice, not lies and corruption. I hope all of you follow MY example and begin by helping me end the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and help me and my children and others like us reunite.

I had a great day today getting ready for Passover. I made some delicious homemade vanilla and chocolate chip macaroons and harosets. My friend bought an some old hens today so we are going to make chicken soup and matzah balls later this week along with homemade chocolate matzah with nuts and for the adults we marinate the matzah with red wine. All of this is so delicious and it is a shame my Children feel THREATENED so they will not call me and let me know where they are or what they are doing. 
This is another year we will not be sharing Passover together. It is also shameful that my husband, and NO Jewish Organization or leader will help us continue the enriching and fun companionship we enjoyed for many years until the time of the divorce.

I hope you decide to reasonably change you ways and help end Parental Alienation, end hiding community assets and income from the Wife/Mother so she is cheated in the divorce, and end using 501(c)(3) agreements for tax evasion. Not only is this reasonable, it is also following Jewish teachings.
Sara Hassman


Unfortunately Peanutbutter A hypothetical question for you.
If all three of your adult children were to suddenly agree to resume contact with you, 
would you expect them to:
– actively join you in your lawsuit(s) against their father and stepmother (and others)? 
+ testify?
+ agree with and support all items in your lawsuit(s), or would they be allowed to differ with you on perhaps one or the other of your beliefs?
– join you while you picket the synagogue where Rabbi Wolpe works?
– stop all contact with their father and stepmother?
– start their own lawsuits against those you deem appropriate targets?
– fervently dedicate their lives to the cause of Parental Alienation?From your Facebook postings it seems clear you -would- want all of the above, but would you -insist- on any/all of the above if contact were resumed?
Would you be able to imagine a relationship with your adult children where PA does not form the dominant discussion topic?

Parental Alienation Solutions
Parental Alienation Solutions Dear Unfortunately Peanutbutter,
Let’s not put the cart before the horse. I don’t even know where my children are and what THEY WANT to do. It is up to them to use their free will and do as they please.
I just REQUIRE honesty and civility as any reasonable Mother, PLUS I will not get sick again from the acts of Parental Alienation which are well documented; there can be no transference where they are used as pawns; that is not good for any of us.
This is what happened with my daughter on DR. PHIL with her lies and then ultimatum for the therapy.
If you were an honest, compassionate parent you would understand this. Don’t you think I want to talk to them and see HOW they are doing and WHAT they are doing? My lawsuit is about MY legal rights.

Parental Alienation Solutions
Parental Alienation Solutions Forgot to mention Unfortunately Peanutbutter,
I am NOT interested in telling my children to stop contact with their father and his mistress; they have to decide that for themselves if they think that is in THEIR BEST INTEREST. All this is reasonable and I am reasonable.
Also, As experts have all proven it is best for children of parents going through a divorce as my Children are since I am not legally divorced; to have INDEPENDENT relationships with BOTH of their parents and that is what I want as any reasonable Mother would, this includes honestly and civility.
Also not to be used as SPIES.
Sorry, I am familiar with that sick strategy too.



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