Obsessions often cause people to accept manipulating, lying, cheating and stealing as a way of life

Obsessions like alcohol, drugs and sex (having random sex repeatedly, not making love) often cause people to accept manipulating, lying, cheating and stealing as a way of life; this includes professionals like lawyers, judges, rabbis, pastors, priests, business executives and others you would not expect.

TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE: these PREDATORS often try to TURN YOU INTO an addict or someone with an obsession because then they can better CONTROL YOU. 
It is pure evil but this is what sick, controlling, evil people do instead of FACING THEIR OWN PROBLEMS so they can stop manipulating, lying, cheating and stealing THEMSELVES. They think it is more fun and easier for them to just keep the corruption going where they harm others and if you go along with them instead of GETTING AWAY from them; YOU will become just like them.

Often the manipulating, lying, cheating and stealing PREDATORS like judges, lawyers, rabbis, pastors, therapists, executives, step-mothers and others try to use their power and influence to destroy INDIVIDUALITY by forcing others to adapt their beliefs. They use the technique of SHAMING OTHERS and then BLAMING OTHERS for all of their own problems. They constantly talk about how horrible the one is who is trying to expose the truth (like me) and then blame me for all of their problems in life.

Simultaneously, they try to HARM those like me who:
1) disagree with them
2) expose the truth about their manipulating, lying, cheating and stealing so others will not be harmed which is a very positive intent and purpose
because once the TRUTH IS KNOWN the manipulating, lying, cheating and stealing PREDATORS like judges, lawyers, rabbis, pastors, therapists, executives, step-mothers and others will be forced to reckon with the TRUTH ABOUT THEMSELVES and what they have become. Many have terrible tempers to go along with their other serious problems and all of them are unhappy, sick, corrupt people who PRETEND to be HELPING OTHERS when they are destroying their heart, soul and mind.

So to all Adults including MY ADULT CHILDREN: 
What kind of adult have you become and will remain? 
One who manipulates, lies, cheats and steals as a way of life or one who does not? It is quite simple; these are your 2 Choices and you either carryout these acts or you don’t. It is like being pregnant, you either are or you are not.

To help you make an educated decision, let me CAUTION YOU…
I am coming from strength because I have the truth, love and God, yes God on my side.

Just like my very wealthy and influential parents thought they could get away with unlawfully using my social security number to set up a fraudulent grantor trust and carry out a tax scheme; they failed. They, their lawyers, accountants, rabbi and others thought they were so smart. 
My father could never relax, was never happy and died while on vacation. 
My mother and sister are both miserable and can’t even carry on a civil conversation because they must DICTATE everything; they must control. Oh yes, they have money, but they can’t even relax to enjoy it and think people don’t know the truth and talk behind their backs; guess again.
I learned many important lessons from them especially after all of these years and I see what they have become. I also see these behaviors repeated by well educated, wealthy, influential friends I grew up with. As a result, now I am even stronger and wiser so watch out if you choose to be a PREDATOR and manipulate, lie, cheat and steal from ME. Ever heard of white-collar crime which goes along with selling your heart, soul and mind?

Let me make a few things very clear: I stand for TRUTH and JUSTICE for all and not entitlement, abuse or corruption. I also have a fraudulent divorce where millions of dollars were stolen from me along with my companionship with my children WITHOUT any evaluations or tests showing I was unfit and dangerous. Any tests or evaluations would have shown the OPPOSITE; as my children and others who know me know; which is why the predators had to create the parental alienation to try to make me very, very sick and die. Well, they failed because I have come back stronger than ever!!!
My fraudulent divorce is very clear from the divorce judgment so not much if any additional PROOF will be needed.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND my children and others like them:
Your father and all those working with him, thinking they would cheat me out of my millions and I would have died already like Judge Claudia Silbar, Seastrom & Seastrom lawyers Phil Seastrom, Noelle McCabe and Tom Kenney who moved away; The Law Offices of Alan Shifman, The Law Office of Kaleen Harris Gonzalez, Dale Kiken of The Kiken Group, Rabbi David Wolpe, Rabbi Ralph Resnick, Howard Lesner, Pastor Rick Warren, the court-appointed therapist Alan Liberman, Marji and MJ Knitter, Steve Murow of Dirtonu, Mikel Sanders-Persky and others think they are very slick and entitled to my money and property and have a right to tell lies about me and try to destroy my beautiful reputation. Well, you should know better and realize they will fail; BUT WILL YOU GO DOWN WITH THEM?

I have legal rights and one of those rights to is have a legal divorce by RECEIVING my 50 percent interest in the community estate. No one else has a right to receive my 50 percent interest because I did not consent to this. Why would I, so I can have financial, emotional and other problems? 
When two people get divorced in California, the community estate is clearly and accurately disclosed and then divided 50/50. It is quite clear, reasonable and logical 50/50.
I will say it again 50/50; 50/50; 50/50.

Others who have tried to interfere with this 50/50 law; I will hold them accountable as I should. Your father knew he had to make me emotionally distressed so I would be unable to realize what he along with the help of these others did; hence he created the parental alienation.

Well, the facts are very, very clear and it may take me 10 years to get my right to Due Process of Law where I have a hearing before a judge or magistrate who is unbiased and objectively applies the law to the facts. This is what an honest, wise and ethical Judge does like Judge James S. Sfekas whom I had the privilege of clerking for and knowing. He would never sell his soul by allowing corruption. He stood firm against it, lived modestly and had peace of mind and many wonderful true friends and grandchildren he taught many important lessons and had great memories. I will not stop until I find that man or woman judge who gives me my right to Due Process of Law like I am legally entitled to; nor should I. 
I will figure it out like I have my honest life of over 50 years.

Those who INSIST on living by manipulating, lying, cheating and stealing I cast aside; like my mother, father, sister and other relatives. I will not live that way or associate with those who do. Furthermore, I will bring down those who try to force me to live a life of corruption by using my years of education, skills and experience to do it. I have faced my challenges in life; not opted out by manipulating, lying, cheating and stealing from others; this is what insecure, sick cowards do. I am a strong, wise woman.

I just wanted to make this very, very , very clear to MY OWN ADULT CHILDREN and others who have refused to be reasonable, civil and logical by repeatedly refusing to resolve my fraudulent divorce, the fraudulent post judgment spousal support modifications and help my children and myself rectify our companionships which abruptly ended at the time of divorce WITHOUT any rational basis or sound reasoning. This is what an honest, kind, moral individual does; they STAND STRONG, enforcing their rights and refusing to sell their soul; regardless of what others do, even if these “others” includes their own adult children.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder,www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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