Often in Life We are in Positions Where We have to Learn What to Do. Trust Yourself.

If there is a will there is a way to become a beautiful person and nurture others to do the same. Often in life we are in positions where we have to learn what to do.
For example; just because you start college does not mean you know how to be a good college student. There is an adjustment period.
When you decide to get married or have children you have to learn how to be a good spouse and a good parent.
This is all part of growing emotionally and being the best person you can be, helping others along the way.
Know that you are very capable and resourceful too.

How do you know when you are ready to begin a new stage?
First, do you want to and why?
Are your reasons reasonable and positive? Or are you holding back because you are unreasonably scared and do not want to learn new positive things?

Be honest with yourself.
For example; if you think you want to get to know someone better are you willing to work together and compromise and sometimes put their needs before yours if this is best for the couple?
Are you afraid because you don’t know what the end result will be and are afraid to take that chance?

Don’t be afraid; learning is a very positive thing even if the end result is not what you expected or hoped for. You will know what to do better next time.

Also, does that person you want to get to know better make you feel special and bring out the best in you and help you grow in positive ways?
Do you have fun together and make each other laugh?
That is important.
Or are you afraid to get to know someone better because you are afraid of the unknown and only associate with those you can control or predict their behaviors?
People who have trouble trusting others often try to control others because they think this is how they need to get others to do what they want. They don’t realize that if they were kind, respectful and honest; many people would want to be with them and flock by their side.

Can you talk honestly with that person and express your true feelings and thoughts or do they criticize and berate you if you disagree with them?
Do you like their friends because that can be an indication as to whether you are seeing this person as they truly are or only seeing superficial aspects of their character and values.
Remember, birds of a feather flock together.

So, if you TRUST YOURSELF you will be excited and not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and do positive things with values of respect, collaboration and kindness. You will see that people will want to be with you and will realize there is no need to try to control anyone but to just be honest, kind and respectful.
Then you will have a great time and soon feel comfortable in your new stage.

You will look back and realize how much you have grown and be very grateful you trusted yourself and stepped outside of your comfort zone. You will also want to do it again and again learning more and more positive new things.
***This is how people grow older and also grow wiser and do not stagnate.

Our choices define us so choose the type of person you want to be; one who tries new things and steps outside of their comfort zone or one who does not and doesn’t enrich themselves very much.
When you make yourself a better person you are also making this world a better place and also influencing those who see your positive changes.

Thus, if you are serious about trying to resolve a situation like Parental Alienation; the children need to be told the truth and reunited with their loving Mother (father) because this is in THEIR best interest.
As many psychologist and experts have shown; it is best for children of all ages to receive love, care and have fun times with BOTH of their LOVING, REASONABLE divorced parents; not a manipulative, deceiving, abusive parent who will harm them time and time again.

***Children of all ages need to get away from the control and influence of an abusive parent which is reasonable and rational; until that parent can learn to be kind, caring, respectful and not abusive.

***If a person can’t follow through on the reasonable request to help reunite a loving Mother (father) with her wonderful children then do not have confidence that they will follow through on any other commitment they make to you.

There are no excuses because a loving Mother (father) and her children need each other. This is why the Mother/ Child relationship is a fundamental right and is protected by our United States Constitution in the First, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments. (I am not giving legal advice, just stating facts)

For any alienated Children reading this: There are always beautiful flowers for those who want to see them – Henri Matisse.
My Grandfather Ben grew beautiful roses and let me pick the one I wanted for myself. Because of Him, I stand by my values & insist on being a beautiful rose like those my Grandfather nurtured BECAUSE HE NURTURED ME TOO.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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