Our Children Are Our Future

It is not reasonable to believe that the US Constitution was written by our Founding Fathers with the intent to harm millions of children by:

  • encouraging a parent to psychologically and emotionally manipulate a child’s mind, resulting in this parent receiving tax and other monetary benefits;
  • encouraging a parent (and others on his or her behalf) to break the sacred bond between a child and his or her loving, fit parent so they can receive tax and other monetary benefits
  • encouraging a parent to secretly financially plan for a divorce using tax and other laws resulting in the other parent being cheated out of assets and income that is rightfully his or hers; commonly resulting in the ‘ousted’ parent being unable to provide for the financial and emotional needs of the children.

Therefore, it is only seems reasonable to amend these laws and enact new laws to deter this harmful behavior, allowing millions of children to accomplish goals and reach potentials and not become burdens to society and wrought with psychological, emotional and physical problems.

Why wouldn’t a person, interested in our country, our children, and our future, want to help make these changes in our laws to help these millions of children and society?

by Sara Hassman


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