This is quite a stark contrast to the 1980’s and 90’s when I clerked for the wise, honest and compassionate Judge James S. Sfekas and also the wise, honest and compassionate Judge John Fader presided over my lawsuit against my mother, father, sister and their attorney. Both these Judges were determined to obtain truth and justice for ALL in accordance with our laws.

For example, the defendants in my lawsuit in 1985 consisted of my mother, father, sister and their attorney who set up and administered the fraudulent grantor trust illegally using my social security number without my knowledge and consent. Judge Fader told all these defendants at the very beginning of my jury trial after opening statements which is BEFORE the evidence is presented the following:

1. If I, the Plaintiff, prove what I stated I would which is what the evidence in the file clearly substantiated; 

2. Then as an OFFICER OF THE COURT; he would have to report each of them to the CRIMINAL DIVISION. 

3. Accordingly, Judge Fader suggested that the defendants go into the court hallway and settle this case with me. If not, ONCE the evidence is presented in court; he believes my mother, father, sister and their attorney will all go to jail.

4. Judge Fader took a recess to allow time for settlement discussions in the court hallway which did result in a settlement.

This is quite a contrast to court proceedings today because JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE have BECOME PART OF THE CORRUPT CONSPIRACY, instead of using their judicial power or police power to apprehend it and resolve my case pursuant to our laws and in pursuit of justice as Judge Fader did in my case and Judge Sfekas did daily which I witnessed as his clerk.

Do Judge Silbar and Judge White along with all the lawyers and others involved in depriving me of my legal rights think they are unassailable?

The law clearly states that those harmed must be justly compensated, which is very reasonable and according to the social mores of society.

However, what the law doesn’t state, which is going on today is that JUDGES ARE OPEN TO INFLUENCE.

If you doubt my words just look at merely one document in my case; the divorce contract. This contract will show you the CORRUPTION and CONSPIRACY by judges, lawyers, the court-appointed therapist and all the other defendants. (California Court of Appeal case # B267984)

My case also shows how the divorce trial judge, corrupt Judge Claudia Silbar is covered by guarantees of immunity for her criminal and illegal actions by the civil court trial judge, corrupt Judge Elizabeth White.

Consequently, many in society have reasonably lost any respect they once had for judges.

In order to successfully fight this CORRUPT CONSPIRACY in our legal or judiciary system; one must never give in to the corruption and plan on taking their case to the US Supreme Court as I do. They must also view their case as a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY to bring forth justice for millions by changing our laws and making our world a better place for all; not only those who think they are privileged or entitled and have prestigious positions.

As I explained in my 700 page Complaint, my case is a continuation of THE BRADWELL CASE OF 1873. This was a United States Supreme Court case which solidified the narrow reading of the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment which addresses the rights of citizens. In this case, a woman was not allowed to go to law school because her husband did not want her to. It was determined that a woman does not have any legal rights or privileges outside those of her husband.

***My case shows this same narrow reading of these laws since I am not allowed to have a legal divorce, have custody and visitation and other legal rights or privileges because my husband does not want me to. 
All the judges, law firms, religious leaders and organizations, executives, court-appointed therapist, non-profit schools, my husband, his mistress and others also do not want me to have any legal rights or privileges either and refuse to help me obtain them.

This is horrible beyond belief but what the facts clearly show.

Without a husband who consents to his wife’s legal rights and privileges, the wife is non-existent as far as the legal and judiciary system is concerned. 

As the court transcript shows, I even asked Judge Elizabeth White; “I just don’t have any rights,” but she ignored me and dismissed the case so I am still married since my divorce contract is fraudulent and my husband took our entire community estate for himself. (Superior Court transcript, case‪#‎BC580980‬, 01/15/2016; page 5, line 26)
Think this is discrimination along with corruption? Of course it is.

Like the Bradwell case of 1873, all the defendants are trying to prevent my case from proceeding so they can also deprive me, the wife of my Legal and Constitutional right to Due Process. They know if my case proceeds, they will be found guilty and liable.

However, to prevent the case from proceeding REQUIRES CONSTANT VIGILANCE because Judges and other Officials must be communicated with often and given “gifts” to keep them on “friendly” terms so they will use their influence or police power for their benefit, not for obtaining truth and justice as they were hired by the State to insure.

For example, JUDGE SILBAR had to be influence to quash (throw out) my subpoena to disclose the financial information from Lexus Financial showing the documents used to approve my husband MARK HASSMAN for not one but two (2) Lexus vehicles when at the same time he swore under oath in court that he was unable to pay my support which was reduced to zero, since he swore he is “insolvent.” 
DONALD TRUMP has been insolvent for years and also there are many definitions of insolvent as my husband a certified public accountant and graduate of the Harvard business school knows or should know. The judge should know this too. Don’t you agree?

To make matters worse, the judge did not ask for any personal financial statements showing my husband’s personal net worth which is required by the law BEFORE support can be reduced. (California Family Code section 4320)
***Think this shows that Judge Claudia Silbar was influenced or does she just like to violate the law?

Unfortunately for the defendants; a case cannot be held up indefinitely without actual, not fraudulent legal grounds provided. The defendants have provided fraudulent and misleading legal grounds which have incriminated each of them even more, especially PHIL SEASTROM.

PHIL SEASTROM, founder of SEASTROM & SEASTROM wrote and signed a personal declaration so he is ALSO now liable personally along with another attorney who did the same. 
Their fraudulent and misleading grounds will not hold and the case will proceed forward and may reach the US Supreme Court if I am continually denied my Legal and Constitutional right to Due Process so I am unable to argue the facts of my case on their merits.

***To the defendants, this is all a game to them because they are so sick and corrupt. 
They think they are so special and entitled that they can prevent themselves from being charged criminally and held liable for all the harms they have caused and continue to cause; just like my parents, sister and their attorney incorrectly thought too.
This is well beyond being reasonable as any sane person knows.

The defendants also keep trying to defame my beautiful values and character thinking others will alienate me from their life. This is deliberate humiliation for no other purpose than to display their power.
***However, many know the truth and are VERY PROUD of what I am doing and give me GREAT SUPPORT. Only those who are unreasonable and DO NOT LOOK AT THE FACTS and therefore believe their lies are the people who think I am not an honest, compassionate, law-abiding woman; LIKE MY THREE CHILDREN, unfortunately.

***The ultimate goal of all the defendants is to keep me in such a state of distress, torture and terror so that I forget the whole world and live only in hope of proceeding along this false path of justice.

This is why RABBI DAVID WOLPE banned me from attending any events at SINAI TEMPLE without any legal or rational basis and why NO JEWISH ORGANIZATION will help end Parental Alienation or help me rectify my fraudulent divorce contract. None of the other defendants will help me either as expected.

As Kafka said; the client ceases to be a client and instead becomes the lawyers’ dog or slave and the dog or slave of others in the Criminal Conspiracy.

Well, instead, I am forcing the defendants to live in a state of distress, torture and terror and forget the whole world and live only in hope of being able to prevent justice. My mother, father, sister and their lawyer also tried to prevent justice but truth and justice prevailed. I am confident history will repeat itself and there will be truth and justice in my case pending in the Court of Appeal which will bring truth and justice to millions.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation Solutions
Parental Alienation Solutions:   Forgot to mention,
RABBI DAVID WOLPE is paid to be CONSTANTLY VIGILANT toward acting like he loves me and wants to marry me so he can KEEP ME on “his side” and the “side of the defendants” and DISTRACT ME from my lawsuit. This is why no one, for years as I have requested, will stop him from hacking my computer and my phone and buying me “gifts.” 
He tries to have people meet me at bus stops and give me gifts like a pink baseball cap and even sends me gift certificates via email. Today I am going to a show in west Los Angeles because he sent me a gift certificate to redeem on a website for many events in Los Angeles. 
If you doubt my words, just have my computer and cell analyzed and trace my messages and calls. Is this what a RABBI should be doing instead of trying to end Parental Alienation and fraudulent divorce contracts? Not according to reason and also Jewish teachings.
Parental Alienation Solutions    Also RABBI DAVID WOLPE and my husband MARK HASSMAN communicate daily and RABBI DAVID WOLPE has set up my husband’s computer so they both receive my posts and comments immediately after I post them. Again, if you doubt my words, have both their computers analyzed and their phones too.  
Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves: