Our LEGAL SYSTEM is RIGGED and involves many Leaders and Organizations in the Establishment which have many CROOKED policies, one being to “do whatever it takes” to cover-up each other’s corrupt and immoral acts so this Rigged Legal System can keep operating and carrying out “business as usual” as my lawsuits clearly show; even the one in 1985 against MY CROOKED MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER AND THEIR CROOKED ATTORNEY.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of having millions of Children which includes Teens and Young Adults ripped from the arms of their Fit, Compassionate, Law-abiding Mother so those in this RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM can profit and have fun using and abusing them. It is truly disgraceful beyond words.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of having millions of their Fit, Compassionate, Law-abiding Mothers financially decimated so those in this RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM can REDISTRIBUTE HER INCOME AND OTHER ASSETS TO THEMSELVES.

NOT ONE in this RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM has the sense and courage to step forward and help fight for truth and justice for all.
This RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM has been operating for decades UNTIL those in this RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM are CHALLENGED like I SUCCESSFULLY did to my Mother, Father, Sister and their lawyer in 1985 and I am doing again now to CROOKED judges, law firms, religious organizations, private schools, universities, the court-appointed therapist, corporate owners, business executives, CROOKED Bank of America and other CROOKED organizations controlled by very highly educated CROOKED leaders and a highly educated father too.

This CROOKED ESTABLISHMENT follows a different set of Laws than everyone else so that they can PROFIT and REDISTRIBUTE THE INCOME AND OTHER ASSETS of others to themselves. They think they are PRIVILEGED and it is ACCEPTABLE to do this because they think we are here to be used and abused by them as they please.

This is what all of the overwhelming uncontroverted or undeniable facts of my lawsuits clearly show. The defendants in my lawsuits not only KNOW BETTER, but have a legal and moral duty or RESPONSIBILITY to uphold and enforce truth and justice which they have repeatedly breached as my overwhelming uncontroverted or undeniable facts clearly show.

Think this is a CONSPIRACY or just a coincidence?

Think the fact that millions of honest, compassionate, law-abiding Mothers (fathers too) have for decades suffered from Parental Alienation and a Fraudulent Divorce Contract is just a COINCIDENCE? [seewww.PAlienation.org for detail and statistics]

This RIGGED SYSTEM includes those who try to play both sides so they think they are protected no matter how the lawsuits are resolved; fairly or unfairly.

NOT EVEN ONE highly educated person in this RIGGED SYSTEM will reasonably come forth, admit the horrible acts they have committed, compensate those they have harmed; help end the RIGGED SYSTEM and engage in therapy and other remedial programs to help them change their illegal, immoral and abusive ways. 
This would be seen as being a TRAITOR instead of a HERO. They should know better to care what sick, corrupt, abusive people think.

***Thus, they will go down with the Conspiracy THEY ARE PART OF instead of doing what is moral and just which is to PROTECT Mothers and their Children at the time of divorce and always, along with all other people who deserve to have EQUAL RIGHTS as the laws in the U.S. mandate.

Those in this RIGGED SYSTEM have such a level of paranoia because they reasonably do not know who to trust. 
TRUST is not part of their world of terror and corruption. They know that they and the others in this Conspiracy have a PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR of lying, cheating, stealing and manipulating so they know the others they associate cannot be trusted; especially when no one is looking and they are making SECRET DEALS.

I want to remind everyone reading this of the illegal, SECRET MEETING OF JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, as the court testimony clearly states. Several years ago she had a secret meeting as a government employee, which was not on the docket, in her PRIVATE CHAMBERS with my CROOKED HUSBAND MARK HASSMAN and my two “boys” as she called them. Is this not similar to the SECRET MEETING of BILL CLINTON and LORETTA LYNCH on HER PRIVATE PLANE?

The severe paranoia clouds the judgment of those in this RIGGED SYSTEM which is why they continue to do what they have always done which is to continue to carry out illegal and immoral acts against Mothers and their Children at the time of divorce and thereafter and against other vulnerable people.

The internet has expanded their “pool of vulnerable victims” too so they think they are untouchable and can profit even more, like never before. However, in reality they are weltering in a state of shame; their own induced shame which is destroying them with all of their obsessions because they refuse to be strong, moral and just and change their corrupt and abusive ways. They refuse to leave the RIGGED SYSTEM comprised of those in the CROOKED ESTABLISHMENT.

Those in this RIGGED SYSTEM very incorrectly think they can keep benefiting from a corrupt RIGGED SYSTEM THAT PROTECTS ITS OWN, OR AT LEAST TRIES TO with a fury as my cases clearly show. 
As my CROOKED husband MARK HASSMAN had the ignorance and gall to state under oath; “one hand washes the other.” Think this will come back and haunt him and everyone else in the RIGGED SYSTEM?

The system is Rigged because it is reasonable and also demanded by the laws in the U.S. to punish those for repeatedly harming others especially when they have a duty or responsibility to protect them and do what is in their best interest; which they should WANT to do anyway.
Even if they claim their acts were “unintentional;” if their acts SHOW A CONSCIOUS DISREGARD for the health, safety and wellbeing of others; especially Mothers and their Children, then they should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Accordingly, those who commit Parental Alienation, perpetuate a Fraudulent Divorce Contract, and perpetuate the resulting Marriage Fraud should be ordered to:
1. STEP DOWN from their positions so they are unable to continue to cause these very severe harms; 
2. Have their PROFESSIONAL LICENSES REVOKED so they are unable to continue to cause these very severe harms;
3. Ordered to be place in REHABILITATION where they receive therapy and other remedial treatments so they are unable to continue to cause these very severe harms.

***Otherwise it will ONLY BE A MATTER OF TIME until “the next shoe drops” and another Mother and her Children are harmed by their illegal, immoral, corrupt and unconscionable acts, whether this is kept a secret or the truth is exposed.

Please note, I will never give up on Democracy and Capitalism and all of us can control our own actions with our own free will. Any teen, young adult and adult can leave a RIGGED SYSTEM or an ABUSIVE HOME or WORK ENVIRONMENT.

It is wishful thinking if those in this RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM think I will just disappear and go away. They would have to kill me for this to happen but then they would have murder to contend with along with all their other illegal and immoral acts that my overwhelming uncontroverted facts clearly show.

Don’t worry; truth, justice and love are prevailing daily and will continue as I will prove by my lawsuits and changing these illegal and immoral laws which this RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM secretly operates by. Just watch while you spread this horrible truth in your community and together we bring awareness to this RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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