OUR PEACEFUL REVOLUTION and a preview of future REVOLUTIONARY ACCESSORIES supporting our very important causes of DEFENDING WITH PRIDE Constitutional, Family, Contract and other legal rights of Women and Mothers so that they can have EQUAL RIGHTS by being able to obtain a LEGAL AND VALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT which has informed consent and abides by our laws in the United States. Also, some failures of the Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering Enterprise which have taken away these rights for decades as REALITY proves; not their lies, schemes, brainwashing and other acts of terror, torture, abuse and oppression which they REPEATEDLY REFUSE to reasonably: 1) acknowledge, 2) end and, 3) compensate the Women and Mothers they have very maliciously harmed and continue to harm in the name of religion, business, politics and criminal and immoral policies and practices.

It is long overdue that Women, Mothers and others start helping themselves and each other by defending their Constitutional, Family, Contract and other legal rights with pride. 
For decades, at the time of divorce when Women and Mothers are obviously very vulnerable; they have been taken advantage of by those who had a duty to treat them honestly and fairly and by family members who claimed to love them.
Being treated honestly and fairly doesn’t mean stealing, hiding, laundering and REDISTRIBUTING Women and Mothers’ property, income, retirement and other assets at the time of divorce and thereafter so these thieves and/or their charitable nonprofit and other organizations can profit at these Women and Mothers’ expense; leaving them financially and emotionally devastated. ENOUGH of this terror, torture, abuse and oppression is ENOUGH as any reasonable, compassionate person knows especially these thieves who are comprised of very educated and experienced professionals of which many have very prestigious titles.

People often tell me that they are very PROUD OF ME for having the courage, dedication and compassionate to use the legal system to reasonably fight these thieves who are also evil predators by using my education, skills and experiences. By doing so I am helping to solve the criminal and epidemic problem of FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENTS and the other crimes which are commonly associated with the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation by seeking to obtain Justice for millions of Us, Future Generations and to protect Humanity. I am so grateful to have been given such a wonderful opportunity and important purpose in life.
These thieves who are also evil predators are trying to obtain ABSOLUTE POWER in exchange for using their free will since they have CHOSEN TO GIVE UP their bright, honest potential and future for: 
1) a made-up reputation based upon lies; 
2) a world of delusions due to these lies which have led to drinking, drug and other dependencies, obsessions and addictions; 
3) living in a world of corruption, conspiracy, hate, greed, and jealousy;
4) squandering beautiful and positive opportunities which they have the skills and talents to maximize in positive ways; 
5) living by JUST EXISTING since their world is void of Love. They are empty robots or SLAVES and COWARDS who take orders and are AFRAID to reasonably stand up and peacefully fight for truth, justice, equal rights, love and freedom despite what other foolish, evil people and organizations say and do.
These thieves and evil predators are also COWARDS because they refuse to face REALITY since that is PAINFUL for them since they have committed many crimes and immoral acts. They would rather BLOCK THE TRUTH OUT instead of: 1) Reasonably acknowledging what they have done; 2) Responsibly compensating their victims and; 3) Lawfully and morally changing their policies and practices so this corruption does not reoccur.

Accordingly, it is also REALITY that positive change is inevitable because I and many who live with me in the World of Love will not become thieves, evil predators, immoral or crooked. We have used our free will and CHOSEN to live our lives using our education, skills and experiences to make our world a better place with acts of love, kindness and compassion. Thus, we are fervently promoting equal rights, freedom and justice for all as our laws in the United States mandate along with Judaism, Christianity and many other religions. 
To be religious it takes much more than eating matzoh, going to services and making charitable contributions. 
You must ALSO follow the BELIEFS like being honest, compassionate and treating others fairly so you make God’s world a better place for loving, law-abiding people. This is what being a “religious” person means. To do otherwise is abuse, terror, torture, oppression and betrayal; NOT RELIGION; NOT LOVE, NOT HONESTY, NOT EQUAL RIGHTS, NOT FREEDOM and NOT BEING JUST, KIND or REASONABLE.

In my situation, my evil predator and still legal husband MARK HASSMAN has CHOSEN to use his free will to become a thief and commit many serious criminal acts including but not limited to: perjury, malicious prosecution and obstruction of justice. 

***MARK HASSMAN obviously hired the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM (now Seastrom, Seastrom & Tuttle) to USE ITS LEGAL SERVICES TO VIOLATE THE LAW by helping him steal my property, income, retirement and other assets because I am not legally divorced as my divorce judgment proves on its face. 
Specifically, the net worth of the community estate under his control, its agreed upon value, division and distribution were ALL never established and he just STOLE all the property, income and other assets with the help of SEASTROM & SEASTROM; 
the law firm representing me named THE LAW OFFICES OF ALAN SHIFMAN;
very shamefully my three now adult children and others. 

The facts prove that it is REALITY that those mentioned and others too will do whatever it takes to obtain and maintain ABSOLUTE POWER and THEIR LIVES OF LIES, DELUSIONS, RACKETEERING, and OTHER CRIMES. However, the inevitable changes OUR REVOLUTION are bringing about will continue to force them to adapt because their CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE will no longer be tolerated. Just watch if you doubt my words.

For example, I have been told by many and history has proven this too; the money and other assets they have stolen from me will continue to CURSE THEM and make their lives miserable UNTIL they return it to me.
I know MY CHILDREN are a lot worse off since they have alienated me from their life and stolen my assets. They used to be kind, happy, civil, reasonable and empathetic. Now they are just evil predators, liars and thieves living in a world without love just like all the thieves and evil predators listed above. This is REALITY.

AUTHORITY is an illusion because those who use it only wield power if you CHOOSE to let them by remaining silent and not exercising your 
First Amendment rights which give you FREEDOM to peacefully address your grievances and also have FREE SPEECH so you can reveal their lies, crimes, immoral behavior and conspiracy by exposing the truth.

On a lighter note, I have been “spreading love” all over Los Angeles with my reflective heart shaped sunglasses and “spreading happiness” with my flower baseball cap which reminds me of my beloved GRANDFATHER BEN who had a beautiful flower garden and shared his flowers with many and his wisdom, compassion and his flowers with very lucky me. I have received many compliments on both which are shown in the video attached.
Thus, once our revolution enters the next phase; I plan to have these items and others available at rallies, lectures and many events so all of us can spread love and happiness wherever we go.

Hope you are having a nice EASTER and PASSOVER and weekend. Keep spreading the truth as OUR REVOLUTION continues to thrive in many ways. More are becoming aware of what these evil predators do, do not fall prey and reasonably and compassionately want to help end this terror, torture, abuse and oppression too and replace it with honesty, love, compassion, freedom and justice.


 -By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children)



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