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I love living in Israel in my World of Love and want to focus on this however; I felt it important to send this email to many of my Jewish defendants and others who have been promoting the terror of Parental Alienation.

Here is the email: In light of President Trump and Israel barring the two Congresswomen who hate Israelis, Jewish people and refuse to change; do you think people like you who promote Parental Alienation of loving, law-abiding JEWISH Mothers like... (more...)

Here are the morning after photographs which are beautiful.

The first photograph is of the beautiful sunrise this morning from my home in the Judean Desert in Arad, Israel after the “star party.” We did see a few shooting stars along with the beautiful almost full moon. The few shooting stars moved either... (more...)

I am really looking forward to the “Star Party” tonight in Arad, Israel which will probably be followed by a relaxing morning swim in the famous Dead Sea. I just love my new life in Israel among peaceful, compassionate and enriching people who live life helping others reach their beautiful potential in the World of Love.

Tonight, some shooting stars will be visible starting from around 3:30 am along with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune which are commonly seen in the evening sky in Arad. Then after “star gazing,” I with some others may go to the famous Dead Sea which... (more...)

Like me, you too could have this AWESOME VIEW from your window and GO TO THESE FUN AND ENRICHING PLACES with peace of mind, freedom and love in your heart.

All you have to do is: 1) stop blaming people like Me and other loving, law-abiding Mothers and Fathers for your problems and; 2) stop associating with those who are using aliases, shell corporations and banks including many off shore and other fronts... (more...)

Here is a wonderful update and a recent photo of me too.

Here is a wonderful update and a recent photo of me too. Everyone tells me I look great and I also feel great as I love my new life in Israel among people who are kind, caring and peaceful. My Israeli and other friends I have met in Israel live promoting... (more...)

Why have judges, lawyers, my still legal husband, religious leaders, the press and other influential people and organizations been REFUSING TO HELP ME FIND MY CHILDREN for eleven (11) YEARS now and RETALIATED AGAINST a private investigator who tried to help me? Have My Children been sold into the sex and drug trades and turned into addicts so they live as confused, terrified slaves? Why did they allow me to be SENTENCED TO 14 DAYS IN JAIL for PEACEFULLY sending an email to my still legal husband requesting My Children’s current contact information?

MY CHILDREN WOULD NEVER CHOOSE TO ALIENATE ME from their life as overwhelming evidence of our loving companionship proves. Also, as adults now, My Children can DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES and TELL ME if they don’t want to renew our loving and enriching... (more...)

Responding to a comment; yes it clearly appears there is enough EVIDENCE IN PUBLIC RECORDS from the past eleven (11) years and even before then including FRAUDULENT tax returns, trust and corporate documents filed with several states for there to be an INDICTMENT of my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN.

MARK HASSMAN stated in public records referring to his business associates and other professionals in this Parental Alienation conspiracy that “one hand washes the other.” I wonder if “they” will support him now… Especially since there is the... (more...)

More fun things I am doing in the Israeli desert, not only surviving but THRIVING AND WHY as I have proven, Jewish and other religions leaders WHO HAVE BEEN using RELIGION as a POLITICAL WEAPON to profit from Grand Theft; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Elder Abuse and other crimes of Parental Alienation should NOW use THEIR FREEWILL to change quickly because:

1) it is a MIRACLE I have survived all of this terror; 2) every day I experience MORE MIRACLES in the desert AND; 3) it appears PLAGUES may be next as history repeats itself. Stop refusing to “let my people go” meaning all those suffering... (more...)

I wanted to be very clear with MY CHILDREN AND OTHER ADULT ALIENATED CHILDREN, who are PROTECTING THEIR FATHER and HIS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, like using their Mother’s stolen assets and income to LEVERAGE their criminal activities. Yes, I forgive you and hope you choose to end the Parental Alienation by contacting me with an honest intent to restore our loving companionship but; I feel as your Mother who truly loves you and cares about you that I need to warn you about continuing to ignore what you have done.

You are in a situation which as your father used to say, “has legs.” In other words, there are many future events which can reopen our fraudulent divorce judgment and all of the legal proceedings and documents in public records. As just one example;... (more...)


I received a comment and wanted to respond quickly. It is not reasonable or natural for a person to EXPECT a parent or spouse whom they love to deceive them using lies, fraudulent restraining orders and other schemes AND to work with judges, lawyers,... (more...)

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