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I am living the dream in my new life in Israel as these photos show

Please go to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ParentalAlienationSolutions to see some photos of my new life in Israel among many with love in their hearts. I love snorkeling in the beautiful Red Sea in Eilat, Israel; walking on the popular Road... (more...)

My computer has been hacked again by those who secretly control the internet since they obviously do not want those suffering from Parental Alienation to know that YOU DON’T NEED TO BE AFRAID to reunite with your loving parent and begin a new life with Love. YOU CAN ESCAPE THEIR ABUSE. Don’t be hopeless anymore. They think that because they secretly control the internet with lies and schemes they can manipulate societies and the world. So…

MAKE A DIFFERENCE to yourself and others by SEEING the truth AND CHANGING your harmful,destructive  and unreasonable THOUGHTS which drive your harmful, destructive and unreasonable BEHAVIORS. …just use the internet less frequently and confirm the information... (more...)

An updated version of my recent post entitled; “I came to Israel to find Peace and Love which I am beginning to find as these experiences show. Also, new schemes it appears from RABBI DAVID WOLPE of the Parental Alienation Conspiracy to be aware of.” Now also WHY ENDING PARENTAL ALIENATION is what all reasonable people should want; especially religious leaders and their followers.

Many of my experiences in Israel show that I could not have found this Peace and Love without GOD walking by my side along with my beloved GRANDFATHER BEN; beloved JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS and some other beloved righteous people. To begin, I found this... (more...)

WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE whether this is your child, spouse, parent, sibling, friend or someone else; you try to give them what they want and if what they want is unreasonable or irrational; you try to help them understand why by having civil and kind CONVERSATIONS. You also try to give them the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT which is why FORGIVENESS is very important and why ENDING the relationship should be a LAST RESORT. LOVE is worth (peacefully) fighting for with great effort, passion and courage.

Ending the relationship should be a LAST RESORT because there are many POSITIVE RESULTS when you WORK TOGETHER to try to RESOLVE YOUR DIFFERENCES IN AN HONEST AND REASONABLE MANNER. This is how LOVE GROWS and FLOURISHES. As the lyrics to Stevie Wonder’s... (more...)

Overwhelming evidence proves that RELIGION today is ONE BIG CULT, yes a CULT where leaders and followers promote divorce, then encourage the spouse controlling the money to alienate the children from the loving spouse. Then the Rabbis, Priests and others sexually, emotionally and physically abuse these vulnerable and lost children while they “help” the spouse controlling the money “work through” his financial problems which includes stealing the alienated wife’s (or husband’s) half of the marital assets thereby intentionally leaving her emotionally and financially devastated as my lawsuits PROVE along with overwhelming evidence on Parental Alienation.

Religious leaders today, like RABBI DAVID WOLPE and PASTOR RICK WARREN are running their own fiefdoms where they are turning innocent children of divorce, including teen and young adult children, INTO THEIR SLAVES; sex and other slaves so they can profit... (more...)

Many religions and their followers believe that a MESSIAH or a SAVIOR WILL BE coming to Earth or HAS ALREADY COME and WILL COME AGAIN. As an honest, compassionate Jewish Mother I have contacted many of these: 1) religious leaders; 2) their followers and; 3) their organizations and thus far NOT ONE will ACKNOWLEDGE the epidemic problem of PARENTAL ALIENATION. Instead they have defamed my character and persecuted me while PRETENDING that PARENTAL ALIENATION doesn’t exist despite overwhelming evidence from many REPUTABLE WORLDWIDE doctors, therapists, authors and others. What else are they PRETENDING? Also why MY CHILDREN need not worry about me and this well-documented Parental Alienation we have endured; it will end.

Are religious organizations, their religious leaders and their followers using their education, skills, experiences, resources and HUGE WORLDWIDE NETWORK to try to get their followers and EXPAND their followers too so all of them are then taught, threatened,... (more...)

I know MY THREE CHILDREN are very loving, kind, caring, honest people BECAUSE I RAISED THEM WITH MY VALUES as their full-time, stay-at-home Mother (without any nanny and with infrequent babysitters) and I SET THE LIVING EXAMPLE FOR THEM TO FOLLOW TOO with all that I do in life especially how I have ENDLESSLY tried to reunite and END our well-documented Parental Alienation for about eleven YEARS now AND how I remove myself from those who live a life doing criminal and immoral things so I am not corrupted. None of us are perfect so I do FORGIVE them and hope and pray GOD WILL OPEN THEIR EYES and HEART TO THE TRUTH as I believe he has started to do with MY MOTHER.

My Mother is now communicating with me after alienating me for over thirty YEARS for refusing to go along with her criminal tax scheme and for then peacefully using the legal system to make her scheme obsolete so society is no longer harmed. As we approach... (more...)

Why it is VERY important to FORGIVE (yes, forgive) while also DILIGENTLY and LOVINGLY TRYING TO COMMUNICATE AGAIN with YOUR MOTHER (father), and/or CHILDREN and/or SIBLINGS whom you have been alienated from due to PARENTAL ALIENATION even though communicating again with them may REASONABLY AND RATIONALLY seem SCARY.

I am so happy due to: 1) the recent great progress with MY MOTHER; 2) as GOD keeps reminding me that HE is walking by my side. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE WHAT GOD CAN DO because bringing me back to health from enduring all of this terror for eleven years... (more...)

We must BE PATIENT with OUR CHILDREN who have alienated us because THEY LOVE US but are scared because they have been abused in many ways. Also, MY MOTHER is now lovingly communicating and helping me after thirty years AND as my wise and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN taught me, NEVER GIVE UP your good values and character REGARDLESS of what others in this world do.

To begin, as many experts have proven, Children coming from homes of Parental Alienation WANT TO HAVE THE FREEDOM to love BOTH of their divorced parents and one day they hopefully will feel secure enough to do so. Also, remember; they have very unfortunately... (more...)

As this article from the Jerusalem Post proves, the ISRAELI COURTS are leading the way to not only END Parental Alienation but also CRIMINALIZE it. I hope the JEWISH LEADERS IN AMERICA with all of their influence prove they have LOVE IN THEIR HEART by bringing about similar CHANGES in our American courts and CHANGES in the thoughts of American Jews and others. Here is the article:

IN ISRAEL, parental alienation is known as nikor horim, and the courts have been taking it seriously. In family cases, the welfare of the child is always paramount and previously where the child was settled with one parent, even where there had been... (more...)

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