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I am thrilled; it looks like my case regarding my fraudulent Divorce Judgment where I was deprived of my Constitutional rights to receive my property worth millions of dollars and liberty rights to Custody and Visitation is headed very soon to the United States Supreme Court.

I will keep you posted as MARK HASSMAN, my idiot, evil (still) husband’s machinations, lies and many schemes are catching up with him and all the others aiding and abetting him in these criminal, immoral and unconscionable acts. Like my wise... (more...)

Below is an email I just sent to help END the Parental Alienation with my Children which can then help Everyone else. I sent this email to my evil, idiot and horrible (still) husband on my Children’s behalf, since he has refused for TEN YEARS NOW, to help us reunite and even give me their current contact information.

Even after the recent Jewish Holidays, my horrible (still) husband MARK HASSMAN refuses to give me our three Children’s current contact information. He tries to still CONTROL THEM as the facts prove. I can’t afford both emotionally and financially... (more...)

THE CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE is not just in Hollywood. It is also DISGRACEFULLY among Judges, Lawyers, Non-profits, All Religious Leaders and Religious Organizations in the U.S., Non-profit Schools, Bank of America, Business Executives, the Court-appointed Therapist and even Harvard Lawyer and Former First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA and U.S. Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG regarding remaining silent for decades about the domestic terrorism of PARENTAL ALIENATION; FRAUDULENT DIVORCE JUDGMENTS; MARRIAGE FRAUD and using NON-PROFITS TO LAUNDER THE STOLEN ASSETS and dirty profits from SELLING THE CHILDREN INTO SLAVERY.

This is shamefully what my State and Federal lawsuits PROVE. Not one of these individuals or leaders has thus far had the common sense and courage to come forward and reasonably use their education, skills and experience to help END these criminal, illegal... (more...)

The HARVEY WEINSTEIN SCANDAL, the NFL SCANDAL involving the U.S. Flag and OTHER ACTS WHICH VIOLATE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION should make my defendants in my State and Federal lawsuits and those aiding them VERY NERVOUS for many reasons.

First, as the Wall Street Journal reported today 10-12-2017 on page A17: President Trump tweeted: “If UC Berkeley does not allow free speech AND practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view-No Federal Funds.” The First Amendment... (more...)

Here is an email which clearly shows the intent of the Evil Father and his Mistress to perpetuate the Parental Alienation against Me, SARA HASSMAN, a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother who was the stay-at-home Mother for about 18 years. During this time, our children and entire family THRIVED in many positive ways as my (still) husband and others ADMIT and many documents PROVE.

MARK HASSMAN is my evil husband I am still married to due to our fraudulent divorce judgment where he STOLE all the assets and deprived me of my legal rights with the aid of his law firm, judges, and other law firms including mine, the court-appointed... (more...)

Just like the Harvey Weinstein scandal involving Abuse of Power and abusing vulnerable young adults and others; the PARENTAL ALIENATION CONSPIRACY involving many of the same people in the crooked establishment who have Abused their Power AND taken advantage of vulnerable young adults and their loving law-abiding Mother (father) at the time of divorce, will also be exposed and their careers and FAKE legacies will also be destroyed. This is Justice, Reasonable and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. We are no longer tolerating the crooked establishment and their harmful ways.

This secret conspiracy disgracefully includes Former First Lady and Harvard Lawyer MICHELLE OBAMA and US Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG, both who claim to love and support Women, Mothers and their Children BUT have refused for years to even... (more...)

Why MY CHILDREN and millions like them suffering from the PURE EVIL of PARENTAL ALIENATION remain brainwashed and abused.

MARK HASSMAN, my horrible, evil, idiot husband I have been trying to obtain a legal divorce from since 2008 lies, cheats, steals and preys on HIS OWN INNOCENT CHILDREN and his loving, law-abiding Wife and Mother of his Children (me) as overwhelming... (more...)

Just as President Trump has said this is the Calm Before the Storm; please know that many wonderful things are happening for those who live in the World of Love promoting not only Love, but Integrity, Equal Rights and Justice for ALL; not violence and other forms of PURE EVIL.

I have been very busy doing wonderful and important things for all of us involved in OUR MOVEMENT to End the PURE EVIL and DOMESTIC TERRORISM called PARENTAL ALIENATION. So just keep spreading the truth in your own community, on line and elsewhere as... (more...)

As we try to understand some of this “Pure Evil” in the United States and also our world; please know that I am just thrilled with the progress of OUR MOVEMENT TO END THE PURE EVIL OF PARENTAL ALIENATION as we help PRESIDENT TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Just like PRESIDENT TRUMP, I do not want to be too specific at this time but let’s just say that anyone who doesn’t realize that the Domestic Terrorism of Parental Alienation is “Pure Evil,” and therefore continues to promote... (more...)

As we mourn all the victims of the EVIL Los Vegas shooting; the following facts PROVE that OUR MOVEMENT TO END the EVIL Domestic Terrorism of PARENTAL ALIENATION is prevailing.

As you know I have not seen, communicated or spent time with my 3 Children for 10 years now. This is due to my very EVIL husband’s acts of Parental Alienation and those aiding him. They have helped him draft, sign and enforce our fraudulent divorce... (more...)

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