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Individualism vs. Collectivism; having the strenght to standup and promote Truth and Justice for ALL

Do you know what you stand for CONSISTENTLY? Respect, kindness, honesty, helping others OR corruption, taking advantage of others, secretly harming others while you pretend to be nice to them and pretend that you care about them? OR do you not stand... (more...)

How to Find Integrity, Compassion and Love in a World of Immorality and Corruption

Searching for integrity, compassion and love in a world filled with immoral people; including teachers, coaches, rabbis, priests, executives and others with “prestigious” titles who most would not expect to be immoral and harm innocent children,... (more...)

President Obama’s “It’s On Us” Campaign Fighting Abuse

President Obama’s “It’s On Us” campaign launched a few days ago aims to fundamentally shift the way Americans think about abuse with the focus on sexual assault. This campaign aims to inspire everyone to view abuse as their RESPONSIBILITY... (more...)

Today is my oldest son’s 25th birthday and I have not seen or talked to him in over 6 years, since he was 19.

 It is so horrible beyond words for both of us. *** I feel so badly for him and his brother and sister because like millions of other Children of divorce; they were told lies and false stories and are now forbidden to contact their loving Mother for... (more...)

Don’t Be Afraid to Embace Your Challenges because They are Building Your Character and Bringing You Joy

Honest Communication, Being Reasonable and Objective, Not Running Away from your Challenges and IF YOU RESPECT THE SOURCE; then being grateful for suggestions and honest critiques; are all wonderful behaviors to have. This means not taking the suggestions... (more...)

Money Does Not Bring People Happiness if they Lack Good Values and a Positive Purpose in Life

Money does not bring people happiness; although many think it will. Look around at all the wealthy executives and other professionals you know and you will see not only are many unhappy but; many have very bad values, issues with control and power and... (more...)

Often in Life We are in Positions Where We have to Learn What to Do. Trust Yourself.

If there is a will there is a way to become a beautiful person and nurture others to do the same. Often in life we are in positions where we have to learn what to do. For example; just because you start college does not mean you know how to be a good... (more...)

Why it is Important to Stand Strong Against those Who Create and Support Parental Alienation which is Harming Millions

The following is not legal advice just my opinion: The United States Constitution guarantees and protects individual and property rights. These rights cannot be taken away without an Amendment to the Constitution. Thus, if people or organizations take... (more...)

President Obama said “Religious Organizations” are NOT those who harm others like ISIS

After listening to the President’s speech last night he stated that ISIS is not a religion because they condone killing and harming others.  What do you think all of these “religious” organizations are in the US and elsewhere since they refuse... (more...)

Have Any of you SEEN MY CHILDREN?

Emergency Post-9/9/14   I just realized that I have been leaving voice mail messages for my Children for many months but; they were being re-routed to one of my ex-husband’s “associates.” I also believe the same has occurred with my son’s emails. ... (more...)

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