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The Sun is Always There

The Sun is always there. Sometimes in life, before you are able to see the Sun and realize how you have been placed in a situation to help you grow and develop a strong, beautiful character and live a wonderful life; you have to first understand the darkness. ... (more...)

Why it is Very Important to Differentiate Between the INITIATION of Violence and RESPONDING to this Initiation of Violence by Standing Up to Protect Your Rights and the Rights of Your Children

Do you think it is important to differentiate between the INITIATION of violence and when people RESPOND to this initiation of violence by standing up to protect their rights and the rights of their children? Using lies, threats, false stories and other... (more...)

Any Fool or Tormented Person can look like a Hero when they Take Advantage of Vulnerable Women and Children

Any fool or tormented person can force a plan along especially if they take advantage of women, children and others who trust them and who never dream they are EVEN CAPABLE of doing horrible acts. When you love and trust your parent (spouse) YOU DO NOT... (more...)

Another strategy Terrorists use to lure vulnerable Children, Loving Parents and others

Another strategy Terrorists use to lure vulnerable Children, Loving Parents and others is called Homunculus. This is a philosophy which is NOT based on REASON. It is instead based on subjective faith or alchemy. Homunculus is a belief that God created... (more...)

Parental Alienation has become a PROFITABLE BUSINESS for Many

Parental Alienation has become a PROFITABLE BUSINESS for many immoral and corrupt organizations and individuals, including evil stepmothers and stepfathers. For merely a contribution or maybe some influential politics, or a car for a stepdaughter or... (more...)

The Solutions are to Use Reason Instead of Many Forms of Violence

As I watched the peaceful, playful little duckling family again this weekend; I couldn’t help but think of how millions around this world unnecessarily create problems harming innocent women and children like this mother duck and her ducklings. I... (more...)

There are Two Types of Partners Adults Generally Seek

Either they are looking for a partner who will keep them in a state of comfort; not caring where the money comes from or if abusive, controversial or illegal means are used to obtain the money. All they care about is maintaining their comfort no matter... (more...)

What is LOVE?

What is Love? Is love being married and together bringing into this world wonderful children and together nurturing the children by spending years doing things that are in their best interest and fun too? Is love spending years learning and growing... (more...)

Do You Have a Room with a View of Growth or of Manipulation and Other Forms of Violence?

Do you have a room with a view of growth or a room with a view of stagnation, manipulation, lies and other forms of violence which includes Parental Alienation? To change your view and realize Peace of Mind and Happiness; you need to have a plan. Plan... (more...)

Playing it SMART is using REASON not any form of Violence to get what you want.

Once you start using violence which includes lies, manipulation, intimidation, schemes, shaming others, emotional torture like Parental Alienation and other forms of violence; you will continue to create more and more shame for yourself as you lose your... (more...)

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