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Who has the Right to Express their True Thoughts and Feelings Without Being Harassed or Punished?

-Who has the right to express their thoughts and feelings in a respectful, civil manner and be treated fairly?   On the other hand; -Who should expect to be harassed or taken advantage of when someone does not like what they have to say or what they... (more...)

You Can Only Love Another If You Respect Their Existence & Their Beautiful Thoughts and Feelings

Respect and Freedom for ALL; but many believe they that do not deserve to be respected or have freedom or even have fun. This is just the shame that someone like an alienating parent has made a child believe so he or she can ruin their self esteem and... (more...)

If You Face Your Problems They Will Shape You, Not Scar You

To be a responsible person and face your problems you must understand 3 things: 1-what or who caused your problems 2-why were they caused 3-and how you can avoid having these problems occur again. For example; why do millions of children believe since... (more...)

Speaking Strongly in Support of our Precious Children Leads the Way for Change

Speaking strongly in support of our precious children by showing we are neither deterred, impeded or subsumed by the evil and abusive acts of those creating and aiding the Parental Alienation, leads the way for millions of children, even adult children,... (more...)

Expect to see the Arrogance, Bullying, Rudeness and Disrespect by those creating and aiding in Parental Alienation

Expect to see the arrogance, bullying, rudeness and disrespect by those who create parental alienation and those aiding that parent in maintaining the parental alienation. Even when you are reasonable and civil and are just trying to understand why you... (more...)

Going to the Mattresses takes on a new meaning with Parental Alienation

Going to the mattresses is from the “The Godfather” and is when the mafia goes to war with a rival clan or family. It meant they would stick together, keep their heads down, create an alliance and secretly work together to accomplish a goal. The goal... (more...)

The Art of Winning in an Unfair Game of Corruption

There is an Art to winning in an unfair game of corruption, emotional torture and abuse called Parental Alienation when many want to ignore the voices, signs and silent cries of the children and adults. They just keep abusing and abusing and abusing... (more...)

We have Two choices as to how we want to Live our Life; many leaders in pain make the wrong choice

Parental alienation can be used to teach our children and others so we can benefit from our experiences: To begin; a person must realize they have free will to make the choices THEY want and to also realize THEY own their mind. In other words, no one... (more...)

Why would a Person try to HIDE Money, Luxury Purchases, Retirement Plans, Bonuses, and other things If They were Honest?

Why would a person try to hide money, luxury purchases, retirement plans, bonuses, and other things if they were honest? They wouldn’t. This is why many sick, evil alienating parents have to: • remarry someone who is corrupt like them and will go... (more...)

How to easily explain Parental Alienation and why it is a Living Hell, like a modern day Holocaust

Parental Alienation is a living hell, like a modern day Holocaust, for both the loving parent and their precious alienated children who have literally been taken from their loving arms as Hitler and his soldiers did to children years ago. Like back then,... (more...)

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