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Dedication to “leaders” who have CHOSEN to ignore the BRAINWASHING of Jewish children & others like HITLER

This is dedicated to all of those “leaders” out there, especially JEWISH LEADERS with networks and resources that could easily make a difference in MILLIONS of children’s and families’ lives. Stevie Wonders sings “You Haven’t Done... (more...)

Don’t ALLOW Yourself to be Controlled

Don’t ALLOW yourself to be controlled; instead LEARN how to be truly happy without all of their lies and aggravation and be glad to be away from them. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. If you have some unhealthy relationships with family members or a significant... (more...)

USC, Boston University, NYU, Columbia, University of Redlands, Rutgers & other MBA programs leading the way

Admitting their mistakes, Embracing change, Empowering others USC and other business schools have set a positive precedent for change that I hope many other schools, universities and other organizations and their leaders follow. I really want to congratulate... (more...)

Corruption or Reasonableness? Supporting Parental Alienation?

 Is this a Democracy?  Bureaucracy? Evil? Bullying? Would you want to be treated this way? 9-19-2013      10:34am I just got back from Sinai Temple in west Los Angeles after they threw me out while I was quietly praying. I went to their sukkot... (more...)

Diplomacy; Is it for real or just another political move?

 When a person who has committed acts of parental alienation or has aided another in this form of child abuse, trying to amicably end the parental alienation and get the children and others the help they need can be very dicey. To begin, as many doctors,... (more...)

Rabbi GERALD WOLPE & other Jewish Leaders aiding in the Child Abuse of Parental Alienation

Chapter 2- for WEBPAGEThe New Rabbi061  Read More →

Do You Think Jewish Leaders & Organizations Will Finally Get Our Message About Helping to Stop This CHILD ABUSE?

Do you think this popular Rabbi and other Jewish organizations and Jewish leaders will finally get our serious and important message about stopping this CHILD ABUSE called Parental Alienation and change their ways?  OR Do you think they will continue... (more...)

Forgiveness; How Do We Know When We Can Truly Forgive?

Forgiveness: “I know that there is no one so righteous that they have not wronged another, financially or physically, through deed or speech. This pains my heart within me, because wrongs between humans and their fellow are not atoned by any holiday,... (more...)

Healing, Reunification & Building Strong, Sustainable Relationships

This blog was inspired by my wonderful, brilliant, courageous daughter and by Dr. Phil. Being with my daughter on the Dr. Phil show this week has empowered me to reveal some of the knowledge and experiences I have developed over my lifetime. I thought... (more...)

Because of My Wonderful, Courageous, Beautiful Daughter & Caring, Empathetic Dr. Phil

I started this campaign against Parental Alienation because I am aware of the harms Parental Alienation strategies has been causing millions of children and families for decades and would like to help them.  As many of my volunteer activities have shown,... (more...)

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