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Passing Laws to Promote Public Policy and Fundamental Rights

  Passing Laws to Promote Public Policy and Fundamental Rights by Eliminating Legal Incentives for Parental Alienation and Establishing Legal Sanctions Several fundamental rights are denied when parental alienation strategies are used to psychologically... (more...)

America’s Future is in Our Hands

This is a very poignant and important article written by my colleague who is a Talk Show Host at American Freedom Watch Radio in Florida.                                                                            ... (more...)

Forgiveness, Habits, Parental Alienation and other forms of Abuse

People with great potentials who are well educated and have highly regarded professional titles seem to describe many alienating parents and those who aid them in helping to destroy the sacred parent/child relationship with the loving parent creating... (more...)

Lift Up Your Hearts

Ambassador, friend, and colleague Doug Kmiec recently published a beautiful faith-filled book very appropriately titled, “Lift Up Your Hearts.” As a reporter accurately described; “This is not a book about politics really. It is about the strivings... (more...)

Always In Our Hearts

This is a beautiful poem written by a very compassionate woman who has also been victimized by parental alienation and wants to help others. Her name is Janet Cresswell and her poem brought tears to our eyes and shows why we must work together to bring... (more...)

The Royal Baby and Parental Alienation

All the wonderful excitement about the Royal Baby shows how important children are to a parent and how sacred the parent/child bond is. Stevie Wonder wrote the song, “Isn’t She Lovely”, when his daughter was born.  To some parental alienation... (more...)

When Avoiding Tax Laws Leads to Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is caused by parents who want to take advantage of tax deductions and other tax and monetary benefits they receive if they do not have to pay child support and pay for 100% of the children’s expenses. These incentives cause many... (more...)

See writers’ touching article on events page about this organization

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With Love Comes Responsibility

IF YOU LOVE CHILDREN AND YOU LOVE OUR COUNTRY…   How can you turn your head while our children suffer and become a burden to society? Ben Carson, the renowned Johns Hopkins surgeon, speaker and activist has been trying to help Americans recognize... (more...)

Why Are Our Leaders Ignoring Parental Alienation?

Why are many accomplished leaders ignoring the problem of Parental Alienation? Is this a Conspiracy? Many of our great country’s leaders should be very proud of their accomplishments. Not only have they personally contributed to the betterment of society,... (more...)

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