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Selling Your Soul, Cyrus the Great, Rainbows and Parental Alienation

Sometimes people want to be loved and accepted so badly that they will do almost “anything.” Anything can mean forgetting about the positive and healthy hobbies and habits or positive friends they enjoy. It can also mean telling lies, like saying... (more...)

Sometimes Letting Go of Associating with Unreasonable People is Necessary for Your Own Well Being

Have confidence and do not second guess yourself. If a person truly loves you, they will make positive changes and figure out a way to be reasonable so they help THEMSELVES grow. If they don’t want to do this then don’t waste your time with them.... (more...)

When you start to make Positive Changes

When you start to make positive changes by thinking and then doing new positive things and associating with new positive people it is important to make this a habit. You cannot do it once or twice or when you feel like it. You have to make the positive... (more...)

If People, Even Your Own Relatives do Not want to be Reasonable and Instead do Harmful Things

When you try to teach others positive, reasonable thoughts and reasonable behaviors and they do not want to learn then you have TWO CHOICES. You can either continue to associate with them and allow yourself to be negatively influenced by their disrespectful,... (more...)

Describing the Emotional Pain of An Alienating Parent and Why they are Sick.

When a person is in emotional pain, especially for many years, and they don’t try to figure out why so they can end it; they can become an alienating father (mother) or just a miserable person who harms others; often women and children because they... (more...)

Boundaries vs. Barriers

WHAT YOU ARE, YOUR CHARACTER and YOUR HAPPINESS is not about your namesake, what you have or what you think. It is all about your choices. Once you allow yourself to be open to being reasonable and willing to compromise (not controlling and manipulating... (more...)


Please never let unreasonable, irrational people; even your own parents make you think NEGATIVE thoughts about yourself. Know how smart and capable you are and that they are intentionally trying to take away your self-esteem so they can CONTROL you because... (more...)

“Dr. Zhivago” and Parental Alienation

“Dr. Zhivago” is a novel written by the brilliant and insightful Russian writer Boris Pasternak. He won the Nobel Prize for this novel but, it was banned in the Soviet Union. Many questioned why such a great literary work was suppressed by the Soviet... (more...)

Don’t be Afraid to Express Your Feelings; Don’t be a Rock and and Island

I was thinking about my Children and millions like them who have been deprived of the love, care and companionship of their loving Mother (father) due to horrible lies and false stories they have been threatened to believe; like my son who was forced... (more...)

Some Parents only Love You if they can CONTROL you; as the classic novel “The Chosen” shows.

Some people, including PARENTS only like people, EVEN THEIR OWN CHILDREN, when they can control them; they do not like those with Individual ideas. *** They do not love their children; they only love to CONTROL their children. Thus, parents like... (more...)

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