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Children and all people have a RIGHT to choose

Children and all people have a RIGHT to choose to love and communicate with both of their parents after a divorce without fearing punishment or retribution by a sick, evil parent and those aiding this parent. No one has a RIGHT to emotionally torture... (more...)

Solutions to help end the child abuse & emotional torture of Parental Alienation

Have You Ever Loved Me? This is a good question we should ask our alienated children to help them sort out their feelings. This was also the powerful title of a painting in an art show yesterday. It is only REASONABLE, that we discuss in a civil, polite... (more...)

Making Children Feel Incapable so they are Extremely Dependent

Making children feel incapable so they are extremely dependent upon them is a very common strategy sick, abusive parents use to intentionally destroy the scared parent/child relationship usually at the time of divorce. In other words, making the children... (more...)

It is never wrong to love your children, but sometimes…

It is never wrong to love your children, but sometimes… It is never wrong to love your children, but sometimes, as a loving parent we need to give them space and time to have some life experiences so they are better able to understand truth and reality.... (more...)

No One is Born an Abuser or a Criminal

No one is born an abuser or a criminal. Guilt, shame and grief is in all of us and it needs to be addressed responsibly, not directed at harming others. Sick, unhealed people take their guilt, shame and grief out on others. This includes those with respectable... (more...)

Corrupt Bureaucracies, Russian Novels, Equus & the Mental Abuse of Parental Alienation

Corrupt policies of Organizations and other Bureaucracies,  these classic Russian novels along with the show “Equus,” all have striking similarities to the emotional child abuse and emotional torture called Parental Alienation, commonly occurring... (more...)

Like Madoff & JP Morgan have shown: Jewish Organizations & Leaders have a Responsibility

When Madoff’s lies and schemes were revealed, a major question was whether he committed these acts all by himself, ruthlessly harming millions and our society. Bernie Madoff is now a disgraced Jew. 1. I have made it very clear, with emails and other... (more...)

We need to bring out this HORRIBLE TRUTH, NOW

As the Jewish Child Abuse Plot involving the emotional torture and terrorizing of children thickens; I need to bring to your attention some details now to protect all of us. I need to do this because as millions of us know and history has shown; sick,... (more...)

Why Jewish leaders are destroying precious children. Pure Evil.

Our children are our greatest treasures. All through history, parents have moved and embraced the hardships of starting their lives over again in a country which had laws enabling them to provide a better future for their children. When the excruciating,... (more...)

Happy New Year and do you realize how special you are?

Happy New Year!!! Do you realize you are a very responsible and kind parent because of what you have done and continue to do? Although many of us may not be with our children, we should be happy knowing that we are: • Giving them time and space to... (more...)

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