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As we are about to begin 2014, I hope and pray…

As we are about to begin 2014, I hope and pray that the millions of children, teens and young adults who are held captive, like slaves and suffering from harms brought on by the war of parental alienation will be freed soon. ***Many are in denial and... (more...)


Happy Holiday!!! At this time of year please remember for our children’s sake and so many others that our heart should be used daily and kept open. Many could use our kindness, compassion, knowledge and even our smile? Don’t be afraid to use your... (more...)

DR PHIL is also showing how abusive, alienating parents look at Divorce

DR PHIL is also showing how abusive, alienating parents look at divorce from a financial perspective instead of doing what is best for the CHILDREN as a loving, caring healthy parent would do. Many have commented on this article and I thought it was... (more...)

DR PHIL, myself & others are trying to SHOW what Parental Alienation is

DR PHIL, myself and others are trying to SHOW the world what the child abuse of parental alienation is; not by only hearing what the divorced parents and children (which includes teens and young adults) say, but looking at their actions and how they... (more...)


NEWS RELEASE. Dr. Phil  Show on Parental Alienation where Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder is the guest for the entire hour is airing Friday, November 1st. Check your local television listing for the time and channel in your area. I... (more...)


When someone tells you they now understand, have changed and are willing to help you, you MUST test them if you want to avoid being part of a selfish love or selfish relationship. You want to test them if you have any self-respect and know what you want... (more...)

Where is your heart and soul if you remain Silent?

 What are you living for and where are your values if you stay silent when:  1-You allow others to defame your character by allowing them to treat you as a person who does not deserve rights. Stand up for yourself and your Constitutional, Fundamental,... (more...)

“Jewish Love,” is it only reserved for the entitled elite, not alienated children?

Why don’t millions of Jewish children and their loving alienated parent count?  Aren’t they deserving of the “Jewish Love” the famed Rabbi David Wolpe talked about in his recent Holiday sermon? He claims the Jews are known for this “Jewish... (more...)

Dedication to “leaders” who have CHOSEN to ignore the BRAINWASHING of Jewish children & others like HITLER

This is dedicated to all of those “leaders” out there, especially JEWISH LEADERS with networks and resources that could easily make a difference in MILLIONS of children’s and families’ lives. Stevie Wonders sings “You Haven’t Done... (more...)

Don’t ALLOW Yourself to be Controlled

Don’t ALLOW yourself to be controlled; instead LEARN how to be truly happy without all of their lies and aggravation and be glad to be away from them. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. If you have some unhealthy relationships with family members or a significant... (more...)

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