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With Love Comes Responsibility

IF YOU LOVE CHILDREN AND YOU LOVE OUR COUNTRY…   How can you turn your head while our children suffer and become a burden to society? Ben Carson, the renowned Johns Hopkins surgeon, speaker and activist has been trying to help Americans recognize... (more...)

Why Are Our Leaders Ignoring Parental Alienation?

Why are many accomplished leaders ignoring the problem of Parental Alienation? Is this a Conspiracy? Many of our great country’s leaders should be very proud of their accomplishments. Not only have they personally contributed to the betterment of society,... (more...)

It is Time Alienated Children and Teenagers Had a Voice

We must help the children and teens whose many fundamental rights (provided under our Constitution) are being denied as a result of the psychological and emotional manipulation associated with Parental Alienation. These strategies are used by one parent... (more...)

Changing Laws to Make a Difference in the Life of a Child and Teenager

Hatred and fear comes easily when a child or teen is repeatedly deceived or mislead by one parent who teaches him or her to see the other parent, who is loving and kind, in a false light, or not in reality. This is called Parental Alienation and when... (more...)

Our Children Are Our Future

It is not reasonable to believe that the US Constitution was written by our Founding Fathers with the intent to harm millions of children by: encouraging a parent to psychologically and emotionally manipulate a child’s mind, resulting in this parent... (more...)

When Monetary or Other Benefits Encourage PAS

In 1976, PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME was identified and described by Doctors Wallerstein & Kelly. Dr. Richard Gardner coined the term in 1985. Parental Alienation Syndrome results when a child or teen adopts the alienating/strategizing parent’s... (more...)

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Amanda wrote: “I pray that somewhere my children do read something like this. It is awful when their perception of a parent has been altered by the other parent. My ex and his wife have done everything to wipe me out of my children’s lives... (more...)

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