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Mark my word, after this coronavirus plague ends; brave, compassionate and responsible WOMEN OF MANY RELIGIONS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD will UNITE and start a major “war” against those men and unfortunately some women too who shamefully beyond words continue to try to profit from and have fun abusing and terrorizing Us and our Children even after being sued by millions of Us.

Many marches are being held around the world this month, March 2020, to promote WOMEN’S RIGHTS which include protests against sexual, emotional and physical violence and abuse of Women, Mothers and our Children. This encompasses the EPIDEMIC problem... (more...)

Why PRESIDENT TRUMP’S “DEAL OF THE CENTURY” PROMOTES TERROR not Peace according to many reasonable people and indisputable, undeniable and incontestable facts.

THE TALIBAN which is the organization PRESIDENT TRUMP has UNREASONABLY, IRRATIONALLY and HORRIFICALLY chosen to work with to achieve peace in the Middle East is a military organization and political movement in Afghanistan. Horrifically, the Taliban... (more...)

1) Thanks so much for a GREAT BIRTHDAY also; 2) I don’t think many AMERICAN JEWS understand the essence of ISRAELI POLITICS or 3) How ISRAELI JEWS view AMERICAN POLITICS.

My new Israeli friends made my birthday yesterday fun and beautiful with their heartfelt wishes and gifts AND today change is coming in Israel no matter who wins this historic 3rd election because Israelis and also Arabs, Palestinians and others in the... (more...)

If as EXPECTED you have developed DRUG and ALCOHOL problems due to the SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE which is part of the Parental Alienation; DON’T WORRY. Just contact YOUR LOVING MOTHER IN ISRAEL or where ever she is and SHE WILL HELP YOU with her LOVE AND COMPASSION. These means of “escape” are common and expected so JUST HELP YOURSELF by CONTACTING YOUR MOTHER.

Thus. for MY CHILDREN and millions of others suffering from this EPIDEMIC problem of TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION: 1)TRUST YOURSELF;and 2) TRUST YOUR LOVING, ALIENATED MOTHER.  3) Contact her soon before the CORONAVIRUS or “PLAGUE”... (more...)

1) How I cope and even THRIVE while; 2) Feeling so sorry for MY ADULT CHILDREN and others since they CAN’T SEEM to REASONABLY AND RATIONALLY [after twelve (12) years now] ACCEPT THE OVERWHELMING FACTS that THEY HAVE THE POWER TO END the Parental Alienation. 3) They don’t seem to REASONABLY AND RATIONALLY REALIZE that they can END ALLOWING themselves to be SEXUALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY ABUSED and END DEPRIVING THEMSELVES of a NEW LIFE of LOVE if they would ONLY TRUST THEMSELVES and STOP BEING FEARFUL, (yes please stop being FEARFUL), of their abusers, who are sick cowards, by JUST CONTACTING their loving, law-abiding alienated Mother.

As OVERWHELMING FACTS PROVE; MY CHILDREN and other ADULT children suffering from the EPIDEMIC problem of PARENTAL ALIENATION in America, Israel and Worldwide: 1) just need to CHOOSE to CONTACT their loving, law-abiding Mother; 2) not UNREASONABLY and... (more...)

This is how MY BEAUTIFUL, SMART, CONFIDENT TEEN DAUGHTER was able to be BRAINWASHED into being SEXUALLY ABUSED by her evil, sick, manipulative father MARK HASSMAN and others he DEMANDED and how my WONDERFUL SONS were BRAINWASHED to participate.

I don’t know when this sexual abuse began but my sick, evil, manipulative husband MARK HASSMAN, encouraged MY DAUGHTER AND SONS to be disrespectful and disobedient to me. Of course, I became angry and also I developed seizures. Thus, he was STARTING... (more...)

Wanted to mention too that Israel has a remarkable security system and you will FEEL SAFER SURROUNDED BY THOSE WHO LOVE AND CARE ABOUT YOU IN ISRAEL than remaining among sick, evil sexual, emotional and physical abusers in America. You will NEVER FEEL “SAFE” among sick, evil predators who sexually, emotionally and physically abuse Mothers and their Children and others too which is all part of the TERROR of Parental Alienation.

Plus, GOD protects and provides for those who have been terrorized by Parental Alienation and other crimes of terror as my entire life proves. Again;*****MY CHILDREN, a world of LOVE and COMPASSION is here for you in ISRAEL with Me and others. Please... (more...)

To My Children who are all adults now and others too; GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN and BE WITH THOSE WHO LOVE YOU. This plague or virus is powerful.

As I have posted before, I get visions and other communications and I knew some “plague” or virus was going to come to this world and others are not surprised either. I believe as GOD has done before with: 1) Noah’s Ark; 2) when Moses... (more...)

MY CHILDREN, quickly prepare yourselves to COME TO ISRAEL with passports and plane tickets and GOD WILL HELP YOU, PROTECT AND PROVIDE FOR YOU as he has for ME. Can you see how these so-called JEWS will do whatever they can TO KEEP being able to SEXUALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY ABUSE YOU and also keep the PARENTAL ALIENATION going. We are all MIRACLES to have survived all this and our “mission” is not over; the fun part is beginning as we LEAD THE WAY.

MY CHILDREN, you are the PRIZE so PROUDLY TAKE CONTROL OF THIS HORRIBLE SITUATION which will CHANGE JUDAISM and the WORLD TOO. Come to Israel now.   MY DAUGHTER especially, and MY SONS TOO, TOGETHER we can WRITE A BOOK and do many other positive... (more...)

Do the JEWS OF TODAY deserve to have the JEWISH HOMELAND OF ISRAEL since they are promoting and profiting from the EPIDEMIC problem of TERRORISM called PARENTAL ALIENATION which includes the heinous crimes of SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE?

Disgracefully, it appears these SO-CALLED JEWS of the WORLD TODAY including: 1) RABBI MARVIN HIER who spoke at PRESIDENT TRUMP’S inauguration; 2) ALL other Rabbis; 3) ALL Jewish leaders and; 4) ALL of their followers SHAMEFULLY have repeatedly proven... (more...)

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