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Try this exercise of LOVE which is for Everyone, including Children Of All Ages who since the time of divorce have Not had a relationship with their Mother or Father.

First, be in a relaxing place, maybe with some soft music you enjoy and with some tea or coffee too. Sit back and just enjoy your surroundings. Second despite what others may have told you; YOU ARE NOT A WORTHLESS PERSON because YOU HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL.... (more...)

When you LOVE someone, you do not try to destroy the relationships they have with their Mother, Brothers, Sisters and others so you are the ONLY ONE they receive emotional and financial support from. Thus, they reasonably are FEARFUL of disobeying you and FEEL ALL ALONE which makes them easy to brainwash and manipulate as you intended. Also, some in Israel have CALLED ME A PROPHET FOR MY WORK to end this TERROR of Parental Alienation being carried out by JEWS and others. Anti-Semitism or Protecting Humanity?

WHAT I JUST DESCRIBED IS ANOTHER SCHEME THOSE WHO LACK LOVE IN THEIR HEART carry out against innocent Children of all ages and also the alienated Mother or Father who are all suffering from this epidemic problem of terror in America, Israel and Worldwide... (more...)

When you love someone you do not try to make them feel insecure by criticizing them so they lose confidence in themselves. Criticizing a person, INCLUDING YOUR OWN CHILDREN, in an unloving way makes them easier to control, brainwash and manipulate which a loving person would not do to anyone.

Instead, a person with love in their heart and with loving intentions would kindly try to explain how to do something in a more positive way. For example explaining that learning from their mistakes and the mistakes of others is important as long... (more...)

I have decided to change the focus of my Website and Facebook page to one about LOVE and I will start by saying: 1) I LOVE MY CHILDREN; 2) I LOVE my new life in ISRAEL and; 3) I want to FILL THE WORLD WITH LOVE which will make Parental Alienation OBSOLETE because those who have love in their heart will never promote Parental Alienation; they will proudly and fearlessly try to help end it.

Many wonderful things have happened to me here in Israel. I am very fortunate because I have met many people with honest and good intentions; who go out of their way to help others including a stranger like me and; use their knowledge, skills and experiences... (more...)

Just a quick wonderful update from Israel as many in America are preparing for Thanksgiving. It is only lunchtime in Israel and I have already had a great day.

First, I prepared a delicious Israeli breakfast for some very interesting and appreciative guests who enjoyed the sunrise, hiking trails, stars, view of Jordan and other natural beauty here in the Judean Desert at Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace.... (more...)

Why have religious and other leaders and people horrifically been refusing to help me FIND OUT WHERE MY CHILDREN ARE for the past eleven years which was when the well-documented Parental Alienation began? Are there three phases of Parental Alienation these leaders and people employ so they can illegally and immorally profit from DIVORCE and then also from the DEATH of Parental Alienation victims through INHERITANCE and BURIAL?

As my lawsuits in public records prove, there is a PARENTAL ALIENATION CONSPIRACY AND many of you reading this have similar records of this epidemic problem of terror and abuse. Does this well-documented Parental Alienation CONSPIRACY have 3 phases... (more...)

Is my still legal husband Mark F. Hassman alive and well, incapacitated or has he died?

Just a quick update; I posted the photo attached here as one of my main ones for this page since I received some comments that many liked this one. It is of me and my friend’s donkey. Also, please note that MANY WONDERFUL THINGS are happening for... (more...)

Why I love my new life in Israel among kind, caring, honest, compassionate and well-intentioned people AND some of the fun and enriching things I have been doing since my last post despite the rocket attacks which have clarified many important Israeli issues.

First, I REASONABLY NEVER, EVER EXPECTED lawyers, judges, the court-appointed therapist, religious leaders, religious organizations, executives, my Harvard educated still legal husband Mark Hassman and others to form a CONSPIRACY to deny me (and millions... (more...)

Why: 1) YOU SHOULD NOT BLAME YOUR CHILDREN WHO HAVE ALIENATED YOU; 2) ALIENATING CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE EMBARRASSED if they have Drug, Alcohol, Debt and other common problems of Parental Alienation; 3) SOLUTIONS TO END PARENTAL ALIENATION WHICH ARE ALREADY TAKING PLACE; 4) More SELF- INCRIMINATION of those sponsoring the Terrorism of Parental Alienation as proven by RECENT LETTERS from the California and Maryland Bar I received. 5) Photos of my wonderful new life of love, compassion, freedom and honesty in Israel among those who care about Truth, Love, Freedom, Family, Equal Rights and Justice.

First, don’t blame your Children who have alienated you from their life for several reasons. They: a) have been TRAUMATIZED; b) SUDDENLY at the time of divorce found themselves living without your love and honest, reasonable guidance; c) are living... (more...)

I am thrilled; it appears MY MOTHER NOW WANTS TO END HER ALIENATION OF ME which began about 30 years ago because I REFUSED to go along with her tax corruption. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO END THE ALIENATION and HAVE BEEN CONTACTING HER EVERY FEW YEARS to see if she wants to begin communicating again.

When I was 26 years old, I became aware that MY MOTHER; now deceased Father; my Sister; and their Lawyer were using my social security number and a fraudulent trust to cheat the U.S. government out of taxes and at the same time try to CONTROL ME and... (more...)

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