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Here is a more direct description of those who disgracefuly call themselves Jews while intentionally destroying humanity.

In response to some comments I received regarding my previous post regarding the disgraceful so-called JEWISH leaders, organizations, their members and others in America, Israel and ALL OVER THE WORLD who call themselves Jews BUT promote and/or ignore... (more...)

Everyone is welcome not only my children. This is a personal letter with personal details for my children including general travel information which everyone can use.

First, Everyone periodically please check my facebook page for updates and beautiful photos too which due to hacking I believe; I cannot post them here. Check: https://www.facebook.com/ParentalAlienationSolutions Dear S, J and M,I am now... (more...)

Unfortunately but as expected, I never heard from the following people about helping me begin to communicate with my children after eleven years of the well-documented Parental Alienation especially for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow in addition: 1) my mother also about ordering my birth certificate which would help me complete the special act or mitzvah of returning to my homeland Israel to live, pursuant to the sacred Law of Return; 2) Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg also about his required letter I need to complete this mitzvah; 3) Any American Jewish leader, Jewish Organization or their members who are willing to help me begin communicating with my children, and gather these required documents for the mitzvah of returning to Israel to live.

First, please note that I have been hacked again and cannot load this post on my facebook page. This is how evil predators behave. Now… Many people in Israel are disgusted with my mother and told me she doesn’t even deserve to be called a... (more...)

Here is an update of what has transpired thus far regarding THE REFUSAL of so-called JEWISH LEADERS and OTHER JEWS to easily help me, SARA (PENN) HASSMAN the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation because they are illegally, immorally and horrifically REFUSING to help me: 1) Accomplish the sacred Mitzvah of Aliyah which is returning to Israel, my birth place to live in accordance with the sacred and cherished LAW OF RETURN which they SHOULD WANT TO DO , can easily do and also; 2) FOR THE PAST ELEVEN (11) YEARS begin communicating with my children ALSO WHICH THEY SHOULD WANT TO DO and can easily do.

My daughter’s BIRTHDAY is this week, on May 23rd but none of them care about our criminal and illegal Parental Alienation for the past 11 years and that Parental Alienation is an EPIDEMIC PROBLEM in America, Israel and throughout the world. They... (more...)

Here is the email I just sent to my mother in response to the email she sent me which I copied below. I and many of you reading this stay strong as we cope with the terror and torture of Parental Alienation with GOD by our side.

Dear Mom, I was so happy to see that you signed the email you sent me the other day, 5/15/2019 with “Love.” I hope this means that you now want to love and not hate by beginning to communicate with me after 30 years of alienation in an HONEST,... (more...)

Here is the first and probably only response I will hear from my mother HELENE COPLAN PENN-DORF, the daughter of my wise, honest, compassionate and beloved GRANDFATHER BENJAMIN COPLAN who I miss dearly. He walks by my side and also the side of those of us trying to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in America, Israel and worldwide.

My Grandfather was a Jew who PROUDLY ACTED LIKE A JEW, living his life helping others and enriching himself in many positive ways until the day he died. He is what is called in Hebrew a “tsaddik” which is a righteous Jewish person who deserves... (more...)

Here is a recent email I sent which will hopefully begin the process of Tikkun Olam, healing the world, which includes ending the terror and torture of Parental Alienation being suffered by millions in America, Israel and around the world.

from: Sara Hassman <[email protected]>to: Helene Penn Dorf <[email protected]>date: May 15, 2019, 12:05 AMsubject: Helping Me make Aliyah which is a sacred Mitzvah Dear Mom, As you know, you have been receiving my posts... (more...)

Here is an email recently sent to RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG of the large and influential BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE in Baltimore, Maryland regarding the mitzvah or honor of helping me, Sara Hassman exercise my legal right represented by the Law of Return of making Aliyah. Jews have a birthright to return to Israel to live which is a very SACRED act.

My Israeli friend Moshe, as explained in the email below, is helping me accomplish the very sacred act of making Aliyah. Moshe told me yesterday, Friday May 10, 2019, shortly before Sabbath began here in Israel that I should not worry about anything... (more...)

Here is an email to my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN who has refused for the past eleven years, to end the Parental Alienation by opening up his heart and his mind.

from: Sara Hassman [email protected] to: Mark Hassman [email protected] date: May 5, 2019 Dear Mark, I don’t know if you are aware or you even care, but recently HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY was memorialized here in Israel and also in many countries... (more...)

Quick update from Akko, Israel during the Jewish holiday honoring FREEDOM called Passover,(Pesach, פסח in Hebrew).

I am immensely enjoying my life in Israel among loving, appreciative and compassionate individuals who are proud to support truth and justice. This especially includes the Israelis who have taken me in as a member of their family.I have not only been... (more...)

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