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BY MOVING TO ISRAEL I MADE A VERY POLITICAL AND ALSO RELIGIOUS STATEMENT. I refuse to put up with the lawlessness, immorality and lack of love of Americans including those who call themselves leaders because they hold “religious”, judicial, professional and other influential positions while secretly profiting from the epidemic problem of TERRORISM CALLED PARENTAL ALIENATION or by ignoring this TERRORISM.

My focus is ending Parental Alienation and you need to have LOVE in your heart in order to do it. Any person with LOVE IN THEIR HEART; especially those in religious, judicial, professional and other influential positions; would WANT TO use their skills,... (more...)

My Jewish New Year has been wonderful including KNOWLEDGE OF THIS NEW SCHEME used to terrorize alienated children of all ages including mine; TELLING THEM I AM NOT THEIR REAL MOTHER.

I want to start by saying that MY DAUGHTER LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE I DID WHEN I WAS A TEEN AND YOUNG ADULT AND MY SONS HAVE SOME OF MY PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS TOO. ***Also, TO MY CHILDREN sonograms taken before you were born and other tests will PROVE... (more...)

The Jewish New Year has started off great for me in Israel as this email explains. However, when I tried to send it to thank RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG of Beth Tfiloh synagogue my address was blocked so anyone reading this, please just send it from me. I used these following two email addresses: [email protected]; [email protected]

Here is the email: Toda and L’Shana Tova Rabbi Wohlberg, Rosh Hashanah just ended here in Israel so I wanted to email you to thank you for sending me your original letter with your signature and the specific wording that I “was born to a Jewish mother.”... (more...)

YOU HAVE GIVEN ME SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU HAVE TAKEN AWAY.To all of my family members, my Jewish brethren, my defendants and all others who have cheated me, betrayed my trust, destroyed loving companionships I shared with them and/or with others and defamed my beautiful character with lies and schemes; I want to let you know as the Jewish New Year begins that YOU HAVE GIVEN ME SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU HAVE TAKEN AWAY.

I am so grateful your fraudulent, criminal, immoral, malicious and jealous behavior drove me to find my beautiful new life in Israel among people who SHARE my values of love, kindness, truth, freedom, equal rights, peace and helping others in respectful... (more...)

Why I love my new life in Israel. Tonight we had a special pre-Jewish Holiday dinner and my friends really surprised me.

We were sitting around the table having tea and there was cake too and they brought over this large cellophane bag with a big red ribbon on the top. You could see the bag was filled with all kinds of chocolates, different cookies and many candies.... (more...)

PLEASE DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ME because I love my new life while IF THEY CHOOSE; I am also PAVING THE WAY for My Children and others to join me here in my world of love, peace, freedom and beauty in Israel. Also, I have fabulous plans for the Jewish High Holidays which is a time for renewal and positive changes.

As my entire life proves; I have always overcome my FINANCIAL AND EMOTIONAL challenges WHICH HAVE LED ME to a more fulfilling life with honest, loving, reasonable and law-abiding people LEAVING BEHIND those with negative, harmful, dishonest and unlawful... (more...)

Here is an email I just sent as I was recommended to do. I have a feeling that my eldest son is being used again for some new scheme, but I hope not. I hope he realizes he needs to come forth with the truth so he, as now a 30 year old adult is not incriminated as part of this horrible CONSPIRACY SPONSORING THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION. He has signed documents under penalty of perjury and appears to have made fraudulent transfers and committed other crimes.

from:Sara [email protected] to: [email protected],      [email protected],      [email protected] date: Sep 25, 2019, 10:56 pm My email address was blocked from [email protected] Accordingly, all of my defendants and... (more...)

I want to make it clear that I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY to hire people to help me find my children. As my divorce judgment proves on its face; I never received ANY assets or income (passive and other) including any of my savings and retirement income from my marriage of 20 years; still legally ongoing and I just barely survive financially.

If anyone would like to help me find my children, please email me at [email protected] and I can give you the necessary details. It is irrational, unreasonable and out of character that my children, who are now young adults, just want to continue... (more...)

Now the very serious question: Why has the NATION OF AMERICANS which as a collective group is supposed to PROMOTE DEMOCRACY in the United States and elsewhere been SERIOUSLY RETALIATING AGAINST ME for PEACEFULLY TRYING TO LOCATE MY CHILDREN so we can end the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION?

As any reasonable person knows and experts and history have proven; it is UNNATURAL for alienated children NOT TO TRY to contact their loving, law-abiding Mother who helped them thrive in many ways since the day they were born until the Parental Alienation... (more...)

If you feel bored and need more excitement in your life; come to Arad, Israel where I am. But, beware because you may fall in love with the kind, simple people who understand the importance of enjoying the natural beauty, being friendly and diligently helping others. Here are some examples.

I began my day watching the beautiful pink sunrise come over the Desert Mountains which is incredible. I have a beautiful view of the sunrise from my simple desert home. Those who have come to visit love my home and have told me they would love to have... (more...)

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