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If you feel bored and need more excitement in your life; come to Arad, Israel where I am. But, beware because you may fall in love with the kind, simple people who understand the importance of enjoying the natural beauty, being friendly and diligently helping others. Here are some examples.

I began my day watching the beautiful pink sunrise come over the Desert Mountains which is incredible. I have a beautiful view of the sunrise from my simple desert home. Those who have come to visit love my home and have told me they would love to have... (more...)

I love my new life in Israel with many kind and enriching people. I have exciting plans including Ending the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation here in Israel and America with the support of the FBI, CIA, Mossad and other powerful agencies. Thus, I recommend to MY CHILDREN, MY DEFENDANTS and those aiding them in the well-documented CONSPIRACY OF SPONSORING THE TERRORISM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION, please read and digest this post for your own wellbeing by acting with REMORSE AND providing COMPENSATION for the TERROR you have and continue to cause. Please learn to stop allowing your capable heart and mind to remain hardened.

Mossad is Israel’s secret police which targets enemies of Israel who sponsor TERRORISM. As any reasonable person knows, especially Jews who suffered severely from the Holocaust, Parental Alienation is a form of TERRORISM and repugnant to the principals... (more...)

My eldest son’s birthday is tomorrow, whom I haven’t seen for eleven (11) years due to the TERROR of Parental Alienation and not one Jewish or other leader will even TRY to help us begin communicating again. I KNOW this Son and My Other Two Children would NEVER suddenly stop communicating with me, especially for 11 years now if they weren’t threatened or oppressed. Also, a touching, poignant, relevant dragon story.

Photographs I took prove my youngest son a MINOR at the time, WAS BEATEN INTO SUBMISSION to alienate me, his loving, honest Mother. These photos which are in public records many times and I even posted them here on my website and facebook page PROVE... (more...)

A lot of great news from Israel with interesting photos too and how YOU can send some emails to help end the Terror of Parental Alienation.

Beginning with the election results: Prime Minister BENNY GANTZ was voted in office paving the way to restore Democracy; negotiate fairly; and promote the wellbeing of HUMANITY instead of lining of pockets as the ousted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu... (more...)

Here is the reason all those SPONSORING THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION: 1) Refuse to acknowledge the existence of this EPIDEMIC problem of TERROR in America, Israel and Worldwide and 2) Refuse to leave this conspiracy, cult, gang or whatever you would like to call their secret, very sophisticated organization of TERROR which has been in existence for decades.

First, why JOIN and then STAY in a conspiracy, cult or gang which destroys the loving, enriching companionship between a loving, law-abiding Mother (or Father) and her Children PERMANENTLY, beginning at the time of divorce? Second, here is the link to... (more...)

Some photos from my wonderful life in Israel and also why Strength and Kindness must go Together.

STRENGTH AND KINDNESS MUST GO TOGETHER in life as many acclaimed experts, authors and teachings including those of Judaism advocate. Strength without Kindness leads to cruelty, terror, abuse and many crimes and Kindness not tempered by strength leads... (more...)

DEFAMATION IS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME especially if it denies a person CITIZENSHIP. RACKETEERING and FINANCIAL ABUSE are also very serious crimes especially if a person cannot AFFORD to obtain the documents necessary to obtain Israeli citizenship and is denied her SACRED RIGHT to RETURN TO ISRAEL to live as a Jew in accordance with Israel’s Law of Return.

Think there will be major repercussions around the globe if the STATE OF ISRAEL denies me, SARA HASSMAN the Right to Return to Israel to live as a Jew as I am entitled based upon Israel’s sacred Law of Return. In other words, now due to the Parental... (more...)

The famous, acclaimed author Fyodor Dostoyevsky of Crime and Punishment and many other novels has written with support most of the following ideas which are very relevant to EXPLAINING HOW THOSE SPONSORING THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION BEHAVE and WHY. Will they change?

To begin, Dostoyevsky explains that: “Only at the height of stupidity” will a person NOT WANT WHAT IS REASONABLE, RATIONAL AND COMPASSIONATE and shamefully NOT HAVE ANY REMORSE for behaving this way. They claim they have a RIGHT or are ENTITLED to... (more...)

This post is a good summary of the TERROR of Parental Alienation and the song describes the mindset of those who SPONSOR THIS TERRORISM. They think they are too smart and powerful to get caught when they are their own worst enemy. They just think they can profit by terrorizing loving, law-abiding people and at the same time be happy and have peace and pride for their accomplishments. Oh well, what a fool believes.

Lawsuits and undeniable facts already in public records prove Corporate Fraud, Public Corruption, Civil Rights Violations and a CONSPIRACY of judges; lawyers, executives; the court-appointed therapist; religious organizations and their religious leaders... (more...)

It appears that ATTEMPTED MURDER is what my still legal husband Mark Hassman; his lawyers; my lawyers; judges; the court-appointed therapist; religious nonprofits and other religious organizations and their leaders and some members; executives; Bank of America; some nonprofit schools; and others involved in my divorce, criminal, federal and other related lawsuits are guilty of.

To briefly explain; all those mentioned are educated and many are also JEWISH. Thus they know, from the lessons of the HOLOCAUST and also from what many EXPERTS have proven; when you alienate children from their loving Mother both the Mother AND the... (more...)

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