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It appears MY beautiful, kind, innocent and vulnerable DAUGHTER as a teen or young adult began to be GANG RAPED by her evil and sick father MARK HASSMAN who also FORCED MY TWO kind and innocent SONS, a teen and young adult, to participate. Did JEWISH MARK HASSMAN think he would have better CONTROL over ALL OF MY BEAUTIFUL, INNOCENT three CHILDREN so he could: 1) CONTINUE THE PARENTAL ALIENATION and; 2) SECRETLY have his SEX SLAVES too at his disposal for: a) himself and also; b) his JEWISH and other “friends” who are helping him promote and profit from the PARENTAL ALIENATION?

What a deal of my husband MARK HASSMAN who is a Harvard Business School graduate; Certified Public Accountant; Chief Financial Officer with many Investment Licenses and years of experience. Specifically: 1) Our joint tax returns ALONE (without any investment,... (more...)

It appears that MARK HASSMAN learned to SEXUALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY ABUSE HIS Children from HIS JEWISH FATHER the belated Leonard Hassman, who it appears also abused his daughter Erica, while the following remained silent: 1) JEWISH Mark Hassman himself; 2) his JEWISH MOTHER belated Elaine (Recht Hassman) Adelberg; 3) his JEWISH BROTHER Joel Hassman; 4) other JEWISH relatives and; 4) the JEWISH COMMUNITIES throughout America. Thus, it appears that ABUSE has been SECRETLY PART OF THE JEWISH CULTURE for generations.

MY CHILDREN and others, it appears that your father’s sister Erica has been suffering from years of migraine headaches due to sexual, emotional and physical abuse by her father LEONARD HASSMAN but ALSO BECAUSE it was ignored and KEPT AS A FAMILY SECRET.... (more...)

Why I AM SORRY; FREE TRIPS TO ISRAEL and will MARK HASSMAN become VERY VIOLENT SOON because it appears as EXPECTED, HIS ANGER is increasing since: 1) the exposure of HIS SEXUAL, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL ABUSE of MY CHILDREN is increasing; 2) the SPIES HE SENDS to try to BEFRIEND ME so he can MONITOR MY BEHAVIOR are unsuccessful and; 3) my computer hacks are becoming more frequent?

MY CHILDREN, there are FREE TRIPS TO ISRAEL. These trips are with Aliyah groups in America which ENCOURAGE young adults and others to come to Israel and tour. You DO NOT HAVE TO GUARANTEE that you will stay and live here. These tour groups have found... (more...)

MY CHILDREN, it is reasonable that you should come, at least for a few days, and SEE FOR YOURSELF this wonderful world of Love I have found in Israel. It is quite different from the world of sexual, emotional and physical abuse, terror and control your father has FORCED UPON YOU. Now as adults, choose the life YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF.

Here are some photos from a fun and beautiful special event I went to this morning in Eilat at the beautiful Botanical Gardens for the holiday Tu BiShvat celebrating trees, gardens and nature. As one photo shows; why not let the beautiful sun into... (more...)

It appears MY CHILDREN are being SEXUALLY ABUSED by my husband MARK HASSMAN as a means of CONTROL which is: 1) Why this terror of Parental Alienation has been horrifically and unnaturally BEEN ABLE to go on for Twelve (12) YEARS now; 2) Why MY CHILDREN are STILL refusing to even send me an email or have a conversation and; 3) Why therapy has and continues to be FORBIDDEN. IF YOU THINK I AM WRONG, then let’s have some tests done and arrange for My Children and Me to have therapy TOGETHER with a reputable therapist who will keep our sessions private and confidential.

As you can imagine, MY HEARTACHES terribly, especially since not ONE JEW or other person will help me for 12 years now to just have a CONVERSATION with my children and find out WHY for 12 years they have been UNNATURALLY and UNREASONABLY alienating... (more...)

Just wanted to mention: 1) why I belong in Israel and; 2) AS MORE NEWS COMES OUT; I HOPE my ADULT children and other alienated ADULT children; YOU REALIZE for your own happiness and peace that UNLESS you start caring about yourself by ACTING as the capable, free thinking and free acting ADULTS YOU ARE; you will be abused because you will CONTINUE to be treated as PROPERTY by the immoral, sick, evil, abusive SOCIETY America has become. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN LIFE, now. Come to Israel.

It is very unfortunate the facts prove that in TODAY’S AMERICAN SOCIETY you cannot trust your unhappy and miserable family members and leaders who should have good, honorable, moral intentions NOT abuse you so they can PROFIT AT YOUR EXPENSE.   We... (more...)

Why are MILLIONS of JEWS who have the knowledge, power and capability to END this TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION “turning their cheek” or ignoring it and secretly promoting it so they can PROFIT while CALLING THEMSELVES JEWS and calling the VIOLENCE against them ANTI-SEMITIC when the Torah and ALL other JEWISH teachings promote LOVE, TRUTH, FAMILY, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE?

Why are the MEDIA, JEWISH and other LEADERS and JEWS classifying the VIOLENT ACTS against JEWS IN AMERICA TODAY as ANTI-SEMITISM when: 1) MILLIONS of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other experts, many JEWS themselves, have proven and; 2)... (more...)

I am ending the Parental Alienation for Myself and leaving in Peace because I know unequivocally that I am a wonderful Woman and Mother, as explained in great detail below, and it is unfortunate beyond any words that MY CHILDREN appear to be so BRAINWASHED that they believe: 1) theft, racketeering, lies, betrayal, hacking, spying and the like are acceptable behaviors and; 2) NOT ONE JEWISH BRETHERN, school administrator, legal or other professional or religious leader or person will help them realize the TRUTH; 3) apparently, all my Website and Facebook posts haven’t helped them reasonably WANT TO DISCUSS and UNDERSTAND this overwhelming TRUTH and; 4) I want to focus now on the beauty in Israel, including all the loving, kind people who understand that WOMEN, MOTHERS and their CHILDREN ARE NOT TO BE TREATED AS PROPERTY but as human beings who deserve kindness, love and respect.

Any reasonable person understands that I don’t want my seizures to return which were brought on twelve (12) years ago by THE EMOTIONAL ABUSE OF PARENTAL ALIENATION carried out by my husband MARK HASSMAN who encouraged my three children, who are all... (more...)

MY CHILDREN and OTHER YOUNG ADULT ALIENATED CHILDREN; UNITE as HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS did. My Children’s actions alone for the past twelve (12) years prove the BRAINWASHING. Now, become the LOVE GENERATION by restoring love so Parental Alienation will become part of HISTORY and NEVER AGAIN happens; like the HOLOCAUST.

MY CHILDREN’S ACTIONS ALONE prove the BRAINWASHING since not only experts but reasonable people walking on the street will agree that ONLY A BRAINWASHED SON OR DAUGHTER would refuse for twelve (12) years to have a conversation with their Mother to... (more...)

Here is what I just posted on the Linkedin and Facebook pages of Elaine Chao and also emailed her. Not only is she the secretary of transportation for PRESIDENT TRUMP; she is the wife of MITCH MCCONNELL who is the Senate Majority Leader.

Remember me from Harvard Business School, all those reunions? Hi Elaine, Remember me? I hope you and Mitch are happy in your life in Washington and I am writing to you because: 1) I have been receiving many emails from family members and staff members... (more...)

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