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To: 1) MY THREE CHILDREN; 2) RUTH BADER GINSBURG and the OTHER U.S. Supreme Court Justices; and 3) EVERYONE who does not want continue to: suffer from and/or remain part of the FAILED CULT or CONSPIRACY of PARENTAL ALIENATION created by MARK HASSMAN, who still Legally and Constitutionally remains my husband. Here is your EXIT PATH so you can enjoy FREEDOM and the WORLD OF LOVE.

First and foremost, MY THREE now adult CHILDREN and all teen and adult children suffering from the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM of TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION: YOU HAVE CHOICES. CHOOSE to STOP being OBEDIENT and instead use your OWN Mind, Heart and Soul... (more...)

Busy having a lot of fun in Israel; EXTORTION along with RACKETEERING severely is incriminating my defendants and those aiding them along with many other serious crimes; Shabbat Shalom from My Israeli World of Love.

I have been meeting many interesting guests and also having a lot of fun preparing Israeli meals and desserts with my Israeli friends in My World of Love at Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace with fabulous music in the background. I recently went... (more...)

As the stakes keep getting higher for those in the Conspiracy to promote Parental Alienation and for those aiding them…

I bet your initial reaction to my very incriminating email I sent to you and posted on the internet today is to make up more lies, compose a fraudulent indictment and come after me. This is how you operate as the overwhelming evidence in public records... (more...)

Here are: 1) more personal updates and photos from my wonderful life in Israel and also 2) more legal updates regarding how alienated children are turned into criminals by this Parental Alienation Conspiracy which does not care if these vulnerable, brainwashed, and abused alienated children are sent to jail because of what they were forced to do. (This includes vulnerable young adult children).

First, I have so many wonderful personal updates about my new life in Israel that I will only list those from the past day since I do not want this post to become too long. Yesterday, I had time to relax, read, exercise and have a picnic on one of... (more...)

Federal Racketeering Laws are very brutal. A Racketeer is one who obtains money illegally with acts of fraud, extortion, money laundering, emotional abuse, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, abuse of power, bribery and other crimes and immoral acts. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is what I am referring to and applies to my defendants and others who have aided them including HORRIFICALLY MY THREE (3) ADULT CHILDREN who have been turned into criminals by my ex-husband and others in this Parental Alienation conspiracy.

Federal Racketeering Laws are brutal because the U.S. Attorney takes the position that the acts of fraud, extortion, money laundering, emotional abuse, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, abuse of power, bribery and other crimes were malicious,... (more...)

Here are: 1) happy personal updates from Israel and 2) important legal updates all stated in the following email.

First, I have been having a lot of fun celebrating the Israeli holiday of Love. Fifty people came to relax and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful surroundings of Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace. We had a wonderful dinner followed by a campfire,... (more...)

I love living in Israel in my World of Love and want to focus on this however; I felt it important to send this email to many of my Jewish defendants and others who have been promoting the terror of Parental Alienation.

Here is the email: In light of President Trump and Israel barring the two Congresswomen who hate Israelis, Jewish people and refuse to change; do you think people like you who promote Parental Alienation of loving, law-abiding JEWISH Mothers like... (more...)

Here are the morning after photographs which are beautiful.

The first photograph is of the beautiful sunrise this morning from my home in the Judean Desert in Arad, Israel after the “star party.” We did see a few shooting stars along with the beautiful almost full moon. The few shooting stars moved either... (more...)

I am really looking forward to the “Star Party” tonight in Arad, Israel which will probably be followed by a relaxing morning swim in the famous Dead Sea. I just love my new life in Israel among peaceful, compassionate and enriching people who live life helping others reach their beautiful potential in the World of Love.

Tonight, some shooting stars will be visible starting from around 3:30 am along with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune which are commonly seen in the evening sky in Arad. Then after “star gazing,” I with some others may go to the famous Dead Sea which... (more...)

Like me, you too could have this AWESOME VIEW from your window and GO TO THESE FUN AND ENRICHING PLACES with peace of mind, freedom and love in your heart.

All you have to do is: 1) stop blaming people like Me and other loving, law-abiding Mothers and Fathers for your problems and; 2) stop associating with those who are using aliases, shell corporations and banks including many off shore and other fronts... (more...)

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