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I was reminded today of some important information I left out of the post yesterday regarding our rigged legal system and the conspiracy depriving divorcing American, Jewish and Christian Women and Mothers of their individual, constitutional, civil and other legal rights, like they are Slaves.

Evil, crooked and malicious MARK HASSMAN swore as the transcript from the 11/27/2018 hearing reflects that when he contacted the police about my email requesting the return of my stolen property and other assets under his control claiming I was violating... (more...)

Do both American LAWS and American and Religious VALUES not apply to a divorcing loving, honest, law-abiding American Jewish or Christian Wife and Mother whereby she is LEGALLY ALLOWED to be treated as a SLAVE who has NO INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS?

IS IT A CRIME requiring jail time FOR a loving, honest, law-abiding American Jewish Wife and Mother when she REQUESTED but never received: 1) Her 50% interest in the property and other assets of the community estate at the time of divorce and thereafter;... (more...)

Here are some special and famous Hansen cakes and cupcakes which will make you smile. They also represent the importance of Love and Family which are values reasonable and compassionate people hold near and dear to their hearts.

So have a wonderful evening and I will let you know how the hearing tomorrow 11/27/2018 goes. **** I am confident that no matter what transpires, it will be wonderful because it is a MIRACLE OF GOD that I have survived all of this terror and have been... (more...)

All religious leaders today in the United States including the Jews, Christians like PASTOR RICK WARREN who operates Saddleback mega church; pontificate piously about their devotion to morality and our laws of family, love, equal rights and justice while their ACTIONS bespeak evil, hatred, violence, terror, theft and other criminal acts because ALL OF THEM PROMOTE PARENTAL ALIENATION.

ANY ONE OF THEM could easily prove their innocence by publicly making a statement to the press about the terror of the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM of Parental Alienation and set up REUNIFICATION CENTERS like they did recently for the California fire victims and... (more...)

The amazing Turkey cake from the post below and also the Cornucopia and Torah cakes attached in this post are from the world famous bakery HANSEN’S in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Tarzana and Online too. Presidents, Celebrities and other famous people for the past SEVEN GENERATIONS have ordered and had delivered special cakes and cupcakes from HANSEN’S with their photos, logos and other designs airbrushed on them and in all shapes.

Not only do HANSEN’S cakes and cupcakes look amazing; they also taste amazing. You can see and order these amazing cakes and cupcakes on Instagram and also at https://www.shophansencakes.com/. Owner, Baker and Cake Designer PATRICK HANSEN is very talented... (more...)

Just a quick update regarding how long you think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR will keep the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT waiting for her minute order from the 11/16/2018 hearing where the transcript and her ruling PROVE: 1) she AGAIN denied me of Due Process of Law and Equal Rights and; 2) also REPEATEDLY ignored California and Federal Civil Rights Laws, Family Laws, Property Laws, Contract Laws and other laws when she knows she took a JUDICIAL OATH to UPHOLD these laws; NOT UNDERMINE THEM.

As explained in the recent prior posts, the net worth of the community estate under the control of my evil and crooked but still legal husband MARK HASSMAN has never been disclosed and neither has its 50/50 division and distribution. Accordingly, MARK... (more...)

More incrimination from the 11/16/2018 hearing which proves the existence of a Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering Enterprise intending to promote the terror of Parental Alienation by its members which include judges, lawyers, religious leaders, nonprofits, executives, the court-appointed therapist and many others and also a summary of their evil and malicious intentions and strategies.

As explained in the recent prior posts; the evil and malicious intentions and strategies of this Conspiracy and Racketeering Enterprise are to: 1. CREATE FALSE EVIDENCE by using invalid and fraudulent restraining orders, stay-away orders and a vexatious... (more...)

Please note, my website has been hacked and I cannot add my recent posts to it. This is how evil, crooked predators behave; they try to silence the truth BUT EXPECT THIS AND KEEP GOING. Never let them silence you and remember it is a MIRACLE I have survived all this terror of Parental Alienation and my health has come back enough so I can be the Voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End it. More examples of incrimination from yesterday’s 11/16/2018 hearing. These examples continue to show a mockery and miscarriage of justice by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and my evil, idiot, crooked but still legal husband MARK HASSMAN.

Remember, MARK HASSMAN is a HARVARD business school graduate, chief financial officer and certified public accountant who knows or should be able to UNDERSTAND BASIC DIVORCE LAW AND THE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS of the U.S. CONSTITUTION. Regardless, IGNORANCE... (more...)

The hearing today 11/16/2018 before crooked, evil, heartless and malicious JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR regarding evil and crooked MARK HASSMAN’S perjury, lies and malice PROVED AGAIN the existence of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to PROMOTE PARENTAL ALIENATION with the following game plan, crooked strategy or as PHILIP SEASTROM, Esq. swore in his personal declaration the “formulated litigation strategy” of his family law firm.

Again just to be clear, Parental Alienation commonly involves the crimes of Modern Slavery of the alienated children and alienated Mother or Father; Fraudulent Divorce Judgments; Criminally Granted Restraining Orders and Stay-away Orders; Invalid Vexatious... (more...)

As OUR REVOLUTION continues to thrive due to more and more of the indisputable facts being exposed in public records, online and elsewhere; my defendants, those aiding them and other criminal and evil predators are really grasping at straws to hide the truth so they can continue their criminal livelihood of profiting from Parental Alienation while pretending to be honest, moral professionals and organizations, even religious too.

This is not a joke; this is the outrageous truth. On May 9, 2018 there was hearing in the California Superior Court of Orange County, Dept. C63. It was ruled that the Guardian ad Litem CHERYL WALSH who was appointed by crooked and evil JUDGE CLAUDIA... (more...)

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