Parental Alienation is a SALES TECHNIQUE used to increase profits as the famous philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer’s PHILOSOPHY OF TRUTH proves which explains why JUSTICE BEDSWORTH became angry with me at the recent hearing. Also, I want to make it very clear that opposing those who are part of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to promote Parental Alienation, money laundering and other crimes which commonly accompany this terror is very reasonable and responsible; even if this involves OPPOSING YOUR OWN CHILDREN who as ADULTS have chosen to become Evil Predators themselves.

A reasonable, wise and responsible person does NOT stoop to the evil and criminal level of any CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE. If he or she did then they too would become part of this Conspiracy because THEIR SILENCE allows it to continue operating, as the famous Holocaust survivor ELIE WIESEL has written about extensively. Spreading the truth to help end the terror of Parental Alienation and responsibly and effectively using any special legal or other skills to end it, PROTECTS Humanity and our way of life in the Democratic Republic called the United States. Doing this also exemplifies YOUR LOVE: Love for America, Humanity, Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice for All.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

My defendants and those aiding and abetting them who are all part of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to promote Parental Alienation and all the crimes which commonly accompany this terror have passed through the first two stages of Truth regarding the following as I will explain:

1) The Divorce Judgment- which THEY HAVE NEVER DISPUTED illegally omitted the agreed upon Net Worth of the community estate; its Division; and its Distribution where there was NO INFORMED CONSENT and could not have been by anyone who signed said judgment and by anyone who has enforced it. The divorce judgment PROVES all of this ON ITS FACE along with pre and post-divorce judgment documents and hearings;

2) That I, a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother was illegally and criminally denied Custody and Visitation without ANY tests being performed and without ANY 2nd and 3rd professional opinions and due to only the REPORT of JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S court-appointed therapist which was based upon the hearsay of MARK HASSMAN and the minor son illegally under his custody and control. To make matters more incriminating BUT which is also not disputed and even appears in writing on the first page of said therapist’s report…

3) MARK HASSMAN through his law firm SEASTROM, SEASTROM & TUTTLE; BOUGHT and PAID FOR the court-appointed therapist’s report who wrote what he was paid to write without ANY tests performed and ANY credible evidence.

4) Restraining Orders and Stay-Away Orders requested and granted against me which senior attorney and founder PHILIP G. SEASTROM swore in his PERSONAL DECLARATION was part of his family law firm’s “formulated litigation strategy;”

5) Renewals of Restraining Orders and Stay-Away Orders even for 15 years until 2032 by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who also reviewed, filed and then signed said fraudulent and invalid divorce judgment;

6) Adding a Protective Person to some Restraining Order by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR whom both this judge and my (still) legal but evil turned criminal husband, MARK HASSMAN both allege to be his legal wife now. (which appear to have split-up).

7) The alleged legal wife is MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY a.k.a. the high-priced called girl from the Dr. Phil show who has been stealing my income and assets and using them for her own purposes like getting breast implants and other plastic surgery. No one has denied this either. These facts are on income and expense declarations prepared by SEASTROM, SEASTROM & TUTTLE and signed under penalty of perjury by MARK HASSMAN.

Recently at the April 19, 2018 hearing before the Court of Appeal Justices, JUSTICE BEDSWORTH, JUSTICE ARONSON and JUSTICE GOETHALS; Justice Bedsworth, the Acting Presiding Judge became very angry when I exposed the motive and intent of requesting, granting and renewing these Restraining Orders and Stay-Away Orders. The motive and intent is to try to criminally use these Restraining Orders and Stay-Away Orders along with false and misleading evidence to have me criminally and illegally declared a felon. 
Then all those in this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE can KEEP all of my property, income and other assets they have stolen from me and continue to steal from me as the DIVORCE JUDGMENT proves on its face. They can also CONTINUE to HARM OTHERS with acts of Parental Alienation which as experts have proven is DESTROYING loving, law-abiding Women, Mothers, Fathers, their Children, Humanity and our Democratic Republic.

JUSTICE BEDSWORTH said he was not interested in any of this become it relates to “the divorce judgment” and also because only trial courts not appellant courts are interested in “character.” 
I reasonably and objectively told him that this was ridiculous and a MOCKERY OF JUSTICE. Well, he became very angry and stormed off the bench and out of the courtroom with the other two Justices following behind him.

Why should JUSTICE BEDSWORTH have become angry with me? He should have been GRATEFUL for my legal knowledge, experiences and my overwhelming credible evidence which PROVES THIS TRUTH.

Many other Judges have ridiculed me and become anger with me too. So what? Ipso facto; let the truth speak for itself. I am just the messenger.
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR baselessly and criminally declared me a VEXATIOUS LITIGANT to try to PREVENT ME from EXPOSING THE TRUTH and DEFENDING MY LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution not only provides but encourages so that we continue to maintain our Democratic Republic.

Sinai Temple has banned me from coming to their premises for both public prayer services and any private events because I reasonably, compassionately and objectively questioned why they refuse to discuss and have educational events about the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation. NOT ONE Jewish Organization in the U.S. will come to my defense because ALL OF THEM have been and continue to profit from fraudulent divorce judgments and other crimes associated with the terror of Parental Alienation.

So now with the rescheduled oral arguments next month on May 23, 2018 regarding these restraining orders and stay-away orders; will JUSTICE BEDSWORTH, JUSTICE ARONSON AND JUSTICE GOETHALS pass through the third stage of truth and accept it as being self-evident OR will they still be stubborn, unreasonable and unobjective by violently continuing to oppose it? If they do continue to violently oppose the truth; they will be depriving me of my Legal and Constitutional rights.
In other words, will they refuse to open their eyes and truly listen so they can hear and absorb the Truth that millions of us are being harmed with fraudulent, baseless and invalid Restraining Orders and Stay-Away Orders being issued and renewed against us and criminally having others added as people to be protected; even our own children as my evil, (still) legal husband MARK HASSMAN did in 2009 which was renewed he said in 2011 and then many times since without any legal or rational basis.

What about all my other defendants? Will they pass through the third stage of truth and accept it as being self-evident OR will they still be stubborn, unreasonable and unobjective by violently continuing to oppose it?

Lastly, WHAT ABOUT MY THREE CHILDREN WHO ARE NOW YOUNG ADULTS? Will they pass through the third stage of truth and accept it as being self-evident OR will they still be stubborn, unreasonable and unobjective by violently continuing to oppose it?

AS WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE would say: To be an INDIVIDUAL or remain part of an evil COLLECTIVE GROUP like this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE promoting Parental Alienation and the crimes which accompany this terror…THAT IS THE QUESTION.

Attached is a song from the famous show “West Side Story.” This song especially the middle of it with the three girls singing, illustrates how those who are part of an unreasonable, dysfunctional COLLECTIVE group will, as ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER has proven; RIDICULE an INDIVIDUAL who has new, positive ideas which prove their COLLECTIVE IDEAS are OUTDATED and HARMFUL to honest, loving, law-abiding people and should be abandoned and abolished to make our world a better place; BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. Yes, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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