Parental Alienation is a very PROFITABLE BUSINESS for many in our Society

I want to make it very, very clear that PARENTAL ALIENATION IS A PROFITABLE BUSINESS for lawyers, judges, religious organizations, schools, therapists, business executives, relatives and others.

It STARTS when 1) the alienating father (mother) begins telling lies and false stories to BOTH the Children of all ages and their loving Mother;

2) then as all of them begin believing the lies he tell more and more so fights break out and there is no respect, love and trust anymore. This is the very severe emotional abuse. I developed seizures, had to to be hospitalized, medicated and lost my driver’s license due to the seizures.

3) then the abusive father gets the Children to agree with him that he needs a divorce and they all need to get away from the loving Mother who is in a severe state of abuse and emotional torture he intentionally put her in.

4) If your spouse is a certified public accountant, chief financial officer and financial consultant who received his MBA from Harvard who logically controlled the family finances; he has been moving the money so HE can take it all at the time of the divorce and claim he is “struggling” and “insolvent” by some definition.

5) this is when the religious organizations and their 501(c)(3), Vow of Poverty and other agreements come into play along with private schools. The money and community property gets moved there and also to relatives and others who make false loans.

6) Business partners agree to NOT divide the business property 50/50;

7) Lawyers agree NOT to diligently do discovery to disclose all community assets;

8) Judges agree NOT to diligently and reasonably inquire about community assets and the invalid paperwork;

9) the court appointed therapist writes a FALSE report saying the Mother should not have a companionship with her children without any rational basis;

10) in the meantime they keep abusing the Mother by getting restraining orders WITHOUT any rational basis and also file FALSE criminal lawsuits claiming the loving Mother violated the restraining orders. The restraining orders also prevent her from going to graduations and other celebrations, sports games and other events with the Children because the alienating father and his new wife are there.

11) Then the alienating father and his new wife and others use the Children to commit unlawful acts based on these lies and their loving Mother is not there to guide and protect the Children and they won’t listen to her because they have been brainwashed into believing she is crazy.

12) So all of these organizations, Corporations, and people have participated in PROFITING FROM THE DIVORCE because they received money or other benefits or have an agreement to do so. The money and property they have or will receive should have been distributed to the loving Mother at the time of the divorce.(her 50 percent share). If your community estate is worth millions of dollars, this is a lot of money.

The loving Mother is supposed to just die due to all of her problems and is not supposed to be an attorney who clerked for a Judge and also had beautiful relationships with all of her Children and KNOWS they would not behave this way unless they were brainwashed, abused, tortured and threatened.

***If you doubt my words then go to a religious organization or private school or any of these others and ask them to write and speak and have programs about the harms of this epidemic problem of abuse called parental alienation as many experts have proven it is an epidemic problem.[]
They ENCOURAGE divorce and ENCOURAGE parental alienation so they can PROFIT. Just look at what many experts and others have proven.

SEE THE FACTS and STOP BELIEVING THE LIES and then you will see the TRUTH. Then FACE IT by first, contacting your alienated parent if you are an alienated Child, Teen or Young Adult. Also, spread the truth in YOUR community so we can end it. 

Not only is ending Parental Alienation reasonable; we have a responsibility to help PROTECT our society and future generations from harm.

So face and then spread the truth and bring about important changes. Start this weekend. If I can do it, so can you.

As always, none of this is legal or other advice, just based on my knowledge.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

[1]- Kruk, E. (2013). Psychology Today; “The Impact of Parental Alienation on Children” Dr. Amy Baker writes parental alienation involves a set of strategies, including bad-mouthing the other parent, limiting contact with that parent,…




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