Parents Learn from their Children just as Children Learn from their Parents

Did you realize that Parents can learn from their Children just as Children can learn from their Parents?

People, including Parents and their Children can learn from each other what to do as well as what not to do. They can choose for themselves whether to be reasonable or bully and initiate other forms of violence.

When people live and work together with positive INTENTIONS, they learn and grow together in many positive ways. (Of course the opposite is true too for those who have a negative, manipulative focus).

I know an adult who is so attentive and seems very kind and caring; but if you WATCH what he does you will see that he is very corrupt. It is sad because he could do so many wonderful things for others which would help him too but; he has the wrong FOCUS. He refuses to focus his mind and show his leadership capabilities so he will have good, not evil intentions and good, not evil results.

Why do people and leaders of companies and organizations intentionally use and abuse vulnerable people especially women and children when they know better?
Thus, we have to make it no longer PROFITABLE for them to keep using and abusing people which includes destroying the special Mother/Child or Father/Child bond at the time of divorce called Parental Alienation which is emotional torture and abuse.

As you know from the so called “religious” organizations through their use of the 501(3) (c) agreements and other similar “charitable” agreements they have made Parental Alienation a Profitable Business.

The JEWS have been accepting contributions and donations from wealthy fathers in exchange for destroying the Mother/Child bond since the 1970’s as bestselling author Stephen Fried explains in great detail; [].

As a politician said; “You can’t collect $10million or $20million dollars in donations and NOT let it affect your judgment. Your behavior is influenced and that is the vice that is destroying us.”

Thus, until people including our leaders are forced to be REASONABLE and OBJECTIVE they will be influenced by those with money who pay them to do corrupt things. They call this politics when it is clearly abuse and corruption.

Most leaders are not STRONG ENOUGH to refuse contributions or donations from those who want them to do corrupt things.
However, if they DID refuse these types of contributions and donations; although they may INITIALLY profit less MONETARILY UNTIL the word got around how they were starting a NEW POSITIVE TREND; they would IMMEDIATELY profit immensely in many more important ways because they would be doing positive not corrupt things.

They would be doing things to HELP others reach their potential which would give these leaders HAPPINESS, PEACE OF MIND and SELF-ESTEEM; not shame.

Having happiness, peace of mind and self-esteem by helping others reach their POTENTIAL are things ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD cannot buy.

***But it takes a smart, courageous leader to stand up to his Coalition and insist that they change their evil ways or he will LEAVE and begin his or her own organization only accepting contributions and donations from those who want to help others reach their potential not destroy it.

I hope we see leaders like this soon as I personally forge forward bringing out the truth about parental alienation and all the people and organizations who help the sick, alienating father (mother) use and abuse precious children of all ages so they can “profit.” It is such a disgrace and immoral.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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