People, including PRESIDENT TRUMP, who are peacefully trying to End the epidemic problem of terror called Parental Alienation should be admired and respected as brave and compassionate REVOLUTIONARIES fighting against the SECRET evil, crooked American and Jewish CONSPIRACY/GOVERNMENT active all over the world.

People, including PRESIDENT TRUMP, who are peacefully trying to End Parental Alienation are not “traitors” of American Laws, Democracy, Judaism and other religions but fighting against this Conspiracy/Government’s ideas and behaviors of Tyranny. 
Tyranny is an evil, cruel and oppressive government which stifles Freedom, Love, Family, Equal Rights, Due Process, Justice and other values of Democracy which America and many other countries were founded upon.

Any reasonable and objective person knows that it is outrageous and very unreasonable to try to portray these courageous, loving, honest and compassionate Revolutionaries as “traitors” of American Laws, Democracy, Judaism and other reasonable religions when it is clearly and unequivocally the Secret Evil American and Jewish Conspiracy/Government active all over the world which is shamefully the very evil Traitor. 
Accordingly, the Conspiracy/Government, all its Co-Conspirators and Others aiding and abetting this terror of Parental Alienation must be held accountable for all the SEVERE HARMS they have intentionally and maliciously caused and continues to cause.

PRESIDENT TRUMP as he stated in his State of the Union address; reasonably, compassionately and responsibly wants to End the crimes of Modern Slavery and the Sex Trade which are both crimes of Parental Alienation. Thus, reasonable, compassionate and responsible people support PRESIDENT TRUMP’S Revolutionary ideas of ending Modern Slavery, the Sex Trade and also Parental Alienation. 
Only “traitors” of American Laws, Democracy, Judaism and other reasonable religions would oppose PRESIDENT TRUMP and also millions of us who support OUR REVOLUTION, of which I am the Voice, to try to End the epidemic problem of terror, torture, abuse, oppression, coercion and racketeering called Parental Alienation which MANY OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE ALREADY CRIMINALIZED. 
The evil so-called Jews and Americans in this Conspiracy have SOLD OUT the people they were ENTRUSTED TO PROTECT and maliciously have SOLD OUT HUMANITY and THEMSELVES too…all for what they idiotically perceive is a better life when they live a life of lies, betrayal and addictions which is void of LOVE. 
They define their life as necessary for “politics” and “business” and have accepted the fact that they have no private life; they are slaves to the Conspiracy/Government which operates in SECRET.
They have brainwashed themselves that they must be “loyal” to the principles and goals of this evil secret Conspiracy/Government which includes harming those who are reasonably against their evil ideals whom they shamefully label as “traitors,” when it is they who are the traitors as their ACTIONS prove daily.
***This evil secret Conspiracy/Government views Parental Alienation as a “good business deal” where they can live in luxury from the income and assets belonging to the hard labor of others. (OPM- they live off of “Other People’s Money”). This is evil; not Judaism; not Christianity; not Democracy; and not any other reasonable teachings or laws. This evil secret Conspiracy/Government and its evil ideals and goals which are destroying humanity has gone on for decades and must be ended and any reasonable, compassionate and responsible person knows.

Sadly, as the myriad of facts in public records prove from my lawsuits and those of others; each individual of this EVIL JEWISH AND AMERICAN SECRET CONSPIRACY/ GOVERNMENT and collective group refuses to break away and behave in honest, moral ways which conform to Democracy, Judaism and other reasonable religions. They just lead a double life, PRETENDING they are moral and righteous with all of their “charity work” which is a REDISTRIBUTION OF THE INCOME AND ASSETS TO THEMSELVES which belong to honest, working people like me and millions of others like me who are treated as PRESIDENT TRUMP called, Modern Day Slaves. 
We cannot even get a valid divorce decree/judgment where we receive our legally required fifty percent interest of the marital assets and income; instead we RECEIVED NOTHING; yes nothing. Disgracefully the Jewish and other lawyers, judges, professionals and their co-conspirators and those aiding and abetting them do not care that OUR SHARE was SECRETLY redistributed to them. To make matters more incriminating, for decades they have refused to acknowledge Parental Alienation and even help reunite loving, honest, law-abiding Mothers and Fathers with their Children. They also have repeatedly refused to use their resources and political and business influence to reasonably and responsibly help end the terror of Parental Alienation for millions of us.

I have just primarily discussed the FINANCIAL ASPECT of Parental Alienation and not the very evil ALIENATION between the children and their loving Mother or Father at the time of divorce and the very severe harms this evil has caused. Many of these children are sold into the Sex Trade and forced to commit other crimes by the EVIL JEWISH AND AMERICAN SECRET CONSPIRACY/GOVERNMENT while many of the Mothers and Fathers live in poverty trying to cope with serious problems of depression and distress as experts have proven.
Thus, I view OUR REVOLUTION to End Parental Alienation as one not only for ourselves but for future generations. I view “My Children” as the millions of children who have been scattered all over the United States and are suffering from the evil and terror of Parental Alienation and also the children of future generations.

As reasonably expected, those in this EVIL JEWISH AND AMERICAN SECRET CONSPIRACY/GOVERNMENT will destroy themselves from alcohol, drugs and other addictions and may try to make it look like a suicide because they foolishly refuse to compromise their standing in this Conspiracy/Government by joining OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation. 
However, also as reasonably expected; those in this Secret Conspiracy/Government are becoming fearful because the facts are very clear and they are afraid to go against the Conspiracy/Government and fight for Freedom, Love, Family, Equal Rights, Justice and Democracy. They have no heart, soul or mind anymore because they sold it to this Conspiracy/Government.

******But there is DISSENSION WITHIN THEIR OWN CONSPIRACY/GOVERNMENT because some no longer want to have power for the sake of power and do not care or have forgotten the ideals of this evil collective group. On the other hand, some refuse to face practical reality and change because they are evil, greedy cowards. 
This Conspiracy/Government no longer needs obstinate, uncompromising fools and evil predators. They need members who have NEW IDEALS OF COMPROMISE. Too much power is not a good thing as the wiser ones have come to realize and accordingly; they want to end this current Conspiracy/Government which promotes Parental Alienation, but will they or will they let it destroy them? 
Past services will not save them from their own demise. Unless they realize that they have FREEDOM to think AND ACT and are entitled to their own reasonable and positive thoughts (not hate speech) AND ACTIONS, then they will go down with this this EVIL JEWISH AND AMERICAN SECRET CONSPIRACY/GOVERNMENT.

Also, remember that it is a miracle of GOD that I along with many of you reading this have survived all this terror of Parental Alienation as GOD protects and provides for those who follow WITH THEIR ACTIONS, not just words, his teachings of Love, Family, Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice for all, not some.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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