Playing it SMART is using REASON not any form of Violence to get what you want.

Once you start using violence which includes lies, manipulation, intimidation, schemes, shaming others, emotional torture like Parental Alienation and other forms of violence; you will continue to create more and more shame for yourself as you lose your own self esteem and become irrational.

You will exchange your good values and good character for immoral behaviors and a corrupt way of life.

You will even lie, deceive and do other immoral and corrupt acts. Many will lie and deceive their own children as millions suffering from Parental Alienation can attest to. Also, this type of person is more inclined toward revenge then they are to sitting down and figuring out their problem using reason and being collaborative.

They also love to BLAME OTHERS for all of their problems and try to promote the image that they are perfect and should be admired and “obeyed.” Revenge is a form of violence and is unreasonable.
Many people only use a small percentage of their potential and just keep wasting their time and their talents. So, ignore these people and keep doing what you know is worthwhile, moral and just because as many experts have shown; the shame will eventually destroy these wretched people who use violence to harm others like millions of sick, alienating parents.
They are PREDATORS, abusers and narcissists so EXPECT them to behave this way.
Don’t listen to unreasonable people who tell you that you are “supposed to” do something that is irrational. Also, don’t let anyone shame you by telling you; “you promised,” when you did not promise anything and they are trying to put words in your mouth to control you and get you to do what THEY want.
This is all part of their acts of violence and manipulation.

Women, children and inexperienced, vulnerable young adults, please be especially careful. Predators love to prey on you because they take advantage of your inexperience and abuse your trust in them too. It is pure evil and sickness. You are an easy and fun target for them.
Even though our US Constitution and other laws provide for equal rights for “men” and “all humanity;” many of these people who use violence, which includes lies and manipulation to get what they want; love to prey on women, children and inexperienced, vulnerable young adults.

They don’t believe women and children have equal rights. Taking advantage of women and children makes these Predators and Narcissists feel strong and powerful because they are cowards and try to take advantage of others’ inexperience and naiveté. They especially love to betray your trust in them too.

Many also believe women and children do NOT have equal rights.
This is not only disgraceful but it is also unreasonable, irrational and sexist. Expect this attitude since they are predators; they need someone to take advantage of.
It is so sick but; this is what many experts have shown these predators, narcissists and others filled with shame consistently do.

PREDATORS are lazy and do not want to figure out their philosophies which are driving their harmful and unreasonable behaviors and substitute those for rational and reasonable behaviors and philosophies of kindness and compassion.
They just pretend but; if you consistently watch what they do, you will see how they are full of so much shame that they try to manipulate and control others instead of using reason and civil behaviors like having discussions to resolve issues.
They just love to fight, manipulate, lie and scheme.
***Don’t expect to change them, just be aware and play it smart by not spending much of your valuable time and energy with people like this. You deserve much better and also want to keep using your potential to do worthwhile things. People like this will intentionally distract you.
So, be strong and use reason. This is playing it smart.
If not I, then who?

-Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not the same as information alone but also judgment the manner in which information is collected and used.-Carl Sagan

If it Doesn’t Challenge You; It Doesn’t Change You.

So keep doing positive things to challenge yourself as you shape your beautiful character.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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