Playing the Civil Legal System against the Criminal Legal System to Profit from Divorce.

Restraining Orders requested and issued without any legal or rational basis are commonly used by very sick, abusive, corrupt fathers who alienate their children from their loving, law-abiding Mother and granted by a corrupt judge so they can play the civil legal system against the criminal legal system and PROFIT as I will explain.

I have been a law-abiding citizen my entire life of over 50 years and our children thrived in many ways when I was their full time caregiver and part of their life until the time of the divorce when the Parental Alienation began.

My husband (unfortunately we are still married due to our fraudulent divorce judgment), requested at the time of the divorce and was granted a restraining order against me so I could NOT go to our children’s graduations and other places if he was there and I could NOT email him to his business address about issues involving our children . He also fraudulently obtained “sole legal and sole physical custody” without my informed consent.
Then my very sick, abusive husband INTENTIONALLY sent me eighteen (18) emails about our children’s upcoming graduations from his prohibited business email address which I responded to NOT realizing they were sent from his prohibited business email address and thinking he was going to “allow” me to attend our children’s graduations despite the restraining order requested and then granted by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR without any legal or rational basis.

However, my sick, abusive husband took my 18 RESPONSIVE emails about our upcoming children’s graduations to the District Attorneys’ Office and told them I violated my restraining order because I contacted him. (Harbor-Newport Beach Facility case # 11HM10952).

The criminal judge THREW THE CASE OUT because I was baited and my husband mislead the district attorney and the judge and this was abuse of process and malicious prosecution and very, very heart wrenching for me since this was my husband’s idea of a fun, malicious “game.” I never did see my children I raised graduate from high school and college due to the restraining order requested and granted without any legal or rational basis.

To make matters worse, corrupt JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who signed and filed the fraudulent divorce agreement without the net worth being established and other abuses being committed; kept referring to me as having a criminal case PENDING against me and used this as one reason to deny me my lawful spousal support. 
The law is that a person is innocent until proven guilty but obviously not in JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S COURTROOM, as the public records show. (Since then, corrupt Judge Silbar has been dismissed from her position in this court but moved to another court).

Now my husband has gone to the same District Attorneys’ Office and this time alleged that I “IMPERSONATED PASTOR RICK WARREN” by sending emails from him to myself, about Parental Alienation, which I do not even know how to do.
There has been no evidence presented to support this allegation either, no surprise; but I have a new criminal case filed against me without any credible evidence. (Harbor-Newport Beach Facility case # 14HM07681)

This criminal court hearing is January 12, 2016 and the civil court hearing regarding my fraudulent divorce judgment, fraudulent spousal support and my loss of other legal rights and my damages is January 15, 2016 (LASC case ‪#‎BC580980‬).

What I expect to happen is that the District Attorney will decide to CONTINUE the criminal case until AFTER January 15, 2016 and then at the January 15th hearing before Judge Elizabeth White, my horrible and very, very sick husband will tell her that I have a criminal case PENDING against me and that I do not deserve any spousal support or my 50% interest in the community estate worth millions and I should just STARVE ON THE STREET AND BE DEPRIVED OF ALL MY LEGAL RIGHTS. Of course all the other defendants will agree because they do not want to go to jail for stealing my property from my divorce and depriving me of my legal rights either so they too can PROFIT FROM MY DIVORCE.

This is how sick, abusive people use the criminal and civil legal systems to try to silence and destroy someone who is exposing the TRUTH.
So, it will be interesting to see if this is exactly what happens. I will keep you posted.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience. I hope this helps many understand why restraining orders are so commonly used and this law needs to be changed. There needs to be a legal and rational basis for issuing them; NOT to help PROMOTE Parental Alienation.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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