PLEASE DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ME because I love my new life while IF THEY CHOOSE; I am also PAVING THE WAY for My Children and others to join me here in my world of love, peace, freedom and beauty in Israel. Also, I have fabulous plans for the Jewish High Holidays which is a time for renewal and positive changes.

As my entire life proves; I have always overcome my FINANCIAL AND EMOTIONAL challenges WHICH HAVE LED ME to a more fulfilling life with honest, loving, reasonable and law-abiding people LEAVING BEHIND those with negative, harmful, dishonest and unlawful intentions which control how they treat THEMSELVES and OTHERS.

I have learned that those I have left behind in my life DO NOT WANT TO listen to reason and rational thoughts and as ADVISED BY PROFESSIONALS it is best to move forward WITHOUT THEM WHILE ALSO DOING THE FOLLOWING:

1) Move on in a new chapter otherwise; they will continue to harm you because this is how they think and behave and they have NO REMORSE for the harms they have and continue to cause.
2) HOWEVER I have also been advised professionally to let those who DO NOT WANT TO listen to reason and rational thoughts know that:

i. IF THEY DO CHOOSE to become reasonable and learn to have honest, kind, responsible and moral thoughts and behavior that

ii. They are ALWAYS WELCOME INTO YOUR LIFE which is comprised of THOUGHTS AND BEHAVIOR of Love, Peace, Kindness, Freedom and Civility. There is no place for those who have thoughts and behavior of Hate, Greed and who use Criminal and Immoral behavior to get whatever they want while maliciously and irresponsibly ignoring who they harm.

iii. Being kind, reasonable and civil is what EVERY PARENT SHOULD EXPECT FROM THEIR CHILDREN ANYWAY. Being unkind, uncivil and unreasonable is abuse which causes health problems, physical and mental, as doctors and therapists have proven.

I remember My Children as they were for many years as I raised them as their full-time stay-at-home Mother until eleven years ago when the well-documented Parental Alienation began.
BUT LIKE I SAID; PLEASE DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ME because I have already begun to resolve my challenges regarding obtaining the documents necessary to become an Israeli citizen AND the challenges presented by the TERROR of Parental Alienation.

In addition, I am quite certain that My Children will EVENTUALLY become tired of being controlled and abused by their father and others in the well-documented CONSPIRACY SPONSORING THE EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION.
Also, I believe the loving, law-abiding, compassionate and responsible values I RAISED MY CHILDREN WITH and EXEMPLIFY MYSELF DAILY will become more obvious to My Children and they will want to get back to that way of life.

In addition, OUR CURRENT LEADERS will eventually be REPLACED BY NEW LEADERS WHO WILL HAVE A FRESH, POSITIVE and RESPONSIBLE PERSPECTIVE ON PARENTAL ALIENATION and many other important epidemic problems. Then, if positive changes haven’t come already, they will come in a major way as history has proven. Also, all my irrefutable facts are in public records.

In the meantime, ENJOY YOUR LIFE as I am doing while understanding that by continuing to spread the TRUTH ABOUT PARENTAL ALIENATION we are HELPING OTHERS so they are not harmed and also being honest, moral, reasonable and responsible which gives us self-esteem, happiness, peace and the ability to love too.

Also remember that our challenges help us grow in many positive ways. I could go back to those materially wealthy people in my life. However, they have CHOSEN to lead a life of PRETENDING to be honest, loving people while they are full of shame, grief, unhappiness, greed and lack self-esteem for all the harm and problems they have intentionally caused and continue to cause others and themselves too WITH ALL OF THEIR MONEY.
They never:
1) have enough material things,
2) never control enough people and
3) are never satisfied with life.
I would never choose to live that life. My world of Love, Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Self-Esteem and Kindness is a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER WAY TO LIVE as any reasonable person knows. Plus, as my life has proven; I have always been provided with the material things I need. Think this is a Miracle?

I am really looking forward to the Jewish High Holidays which begin this weekend. I will be spending them with many people who share my values and way of life of Love, Peace, Kindness, Happiness and Freedom. Plus, we will be enjoying delicious food together and taking some fun hikes and also probably sitting around a campfire as we enjoy the stars and the beautiful view of the Desert Mountains, the Dead Sea and Jordan.

I hope this helps many reading this who are suffering from the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION.

***Don’t waste your energy trying to change those who sponsor this terror but don’t stop bringing awareness to how they behave since this helps others understand and not become harmed themselves. Those who SPONSOR TERRORISM enjoy making people suffer because they think this gives them control over them.

So, have a wonderful weekend and I hope you focus on THE NEW CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE TOO and are ENJOYING IT AS I AM. The Jewish High Holidays are a time for positive changes and renewal so this is a great time start your new chapter WHILE LETTING YOUR CHILDREN KNOW YOU WILL ALWAYS WELCOME THEM TOO INTO YOUR EXCITING NEW LIFE as explained above.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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