Please note, my website has been hacked and I cannot add my recent posts to it. This is how evil, crooked predators behave; they try to silence the truth BUT EXPECT THIS AND KEEP GOING. Never let them silence you and remember it is a MIRACLE I have survived all this terror of Parental Alienation and my health has come back enough so I can be the Voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End it. More examples of incrimination from yesterday’s 11/16/2018 hearing. These examples continue to show a mockery and miscarriage of justice by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and my evil, idiot, crooked but still legal husband MARK HASSMAN.

Remember, MARK HASSMAN is a HARVARD business school graduate, chief financial officer and certified public accountant who knows or should be able to UNDERSTAND BASIC DIVORCE LAW AND THE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS of the U.S. CONSTITUTION. Regardless, IGNORANCE is not a defense of the law.
I requested a jury trial but JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR said I was not entitled to one.
Then this crooked, evil judge based upon crooked, evil MARK HASSMAN’S request, quashed (or threw out) both of my requests to subpoena BOTH crooked and evil
JUDGE/COMMISSION HURWITZ AND crooked and evil mother and ATTORNEY PAMELA SHAFFER so they can both explain why the June 5, 2009 restraining order with an ATTACHED Child Custody and Visitation order WERE GRANTED.
These orders denied me, a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother of custody and visitation WITHOUT ANY PROOF that I am a danger to my children or ANYONE. As I stated in court yesterday, the email dated 2/27/2011 MARK HASSMAN sent me, which is already part of public records in many courts, even stated that I was “an integral part of the positive upbringing of our children.”
This June 5, 2009 Restraining Order has been RENEWED many times AGAIN WITHOUT ANY PROOF OF REASON OR NECESSITY until outrageously 2032.
I guess my evil, crooked, greedy and idiot still legal husband MARK HASSMAN figures he will be dead by then so then I can go within 100 yards of my children because he will be deep down in Hell with his buddies and others in this Criminal Conspiracy.
Currently, with this INVALID restraining order I cannot attend any graduations, events or celebrations of my children because then I would be within 100 yards of him PLUS since he refuses and this evil JUDGE SILBAR refuses to order THAT I BE GIVEN THEIR CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION; I cannot contact them to plan my own celebrations and holiday and other events. I am sure you can imagine all the horrible lies my children have been and continue to be told.
BUT after ten years now and with all the evidence in public records……..
Especially with evidence of MY OWN CHILDREN aiding in STEALING MY ASSETS AND INCOME, it clearly appears from the FACTS that for TEN YEARS NOW; they HAVE CHOSEN and are complacent with being an evil, crooked predator LIKE THEIR FATHER MARK HASSMAN and do not care about ME.
In other words, MY IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE EDUCATED ADULT CHILDREN UNREASONABLY and IRRATIONALLY THINK it is easier and better somehow to be an evil predator and crooked while living with MY STOLEN MONEY AND ASSETS AND BELIEVING THE LIES then to live with the values and character I TAUGHT them and SHOW THEM daily by STANDING UP AGAINST corruption and supporting Love, Family, Freedom and Equal Rights.
Choices, Choices- make them wisely because they are currently and will continue to determine your destiny. I REASONABLY do not want evil predators in my life AGAIN, because I do not want to get sick AGAIN from their abuse and mind games of greed and corruption.
Back to more incrimination; crooked and evil JUDGE SILBAR, as the transcript reflects many times; allowed evil, crooked MARK HASSMAN to submit documents into evidence without first marking them for IDENTIFICATION and explaining the PURPOSE of them being marked as an EXHIBIT. This is a violation of Due Process, the basic laws of Courtroom Procedure and a violation of other laws.
****The entire hearing was a miscarriage of Justice and a mockery of Justice and a circus.
I even asked idiot, evil, crooked MARK HASSMAN where he got the idea that we are legally divorced?
Did his law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM tell him? JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, who is supposed to be unbiased and honest ordered him not to answer those questions because they are not relevant.
With all of his education and financial experiences since he controlled the community estate I asked him what its net worth is and where is MY 50% interest, what happened to it?
AGAIN, supposedly honest, unbiased JUDGE SILBAR ordered him not to answer.
I stated that this shows MY MOTIVE AND INTENT for sending him the email which he claims violated some restraining order.
Evidence of MOTIVE AND INTENT are always admissible and this email REASONABLEY REQUESTED that MARK HASSMAN send me MY assets and income from the community estate UNDER HIS CONTROL, which the divorce judgment PROVES I never received; SINCE my job of three years ended and I expected to need my money and other assets I AM LEGALLY ENTITLED TO RECEIVE. I reasonably wanted to MITIGATE MY DAMAGES.
I asked MARK HASSMAN if at Harvard business school and as a certified public accountant he was ever taught about MITIGATING YOUR DAMAGES; but again JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR ordered that he not answer those questions. There is so much more incrimination which I will write about next time but I am THRILLED so much incrimination is being exposed.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children)
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond…



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