Please see the comments I recently received from a supporter of OUR REVOLUTION to End the Epidemic Problem of terror, torture, abuse and oppression called Parental Alienation. Do you think this person is REALLY an alias being used by: 1) ONE OF MY ALIENATED CHILDREN; 2) a RABBI or 3) someone else trying to break out of a CULT which promotes Parental Alienation?

Here are the comments:

Laurinda Hogbin: Are you sure your children are getting a slice of the pie? It seems to me that if your husband is so greedy that he uses the kids to get more money, then he isn’t going to turn around and give money to the kids.

Parental Alienation Solutions: Yes I have proof, also why have they been alienating me for 10 years now? Are they acting with their own free will or have they been abused as the photos prove and also FEARFUL to contact me because they have been threatened? 
It will be interesting to resolve all of this for the welfare of not only my children but for society as this is an epidemic problem.

Laurinda Hogbin: What proof? Are they still receiving money now?

Parental Alienation Solutions: Overwhelming proof past and present. Are you spying for my still legal husband and children since you do not seem very concerned about promoting OUR REVOLUTION to end this terror? What have YOU DONE PROACTIVELY?

********Laurinda Hogbin: I can’t tell you what I’ve done proactively because this account is being watched. All I can tell you is, progress is being made.*********

Parental Alienation Solutions: Laurinda Hogbin PLEASE TELL ME who are you AFRAID OF whom you claim is “watching” this account because I will contact them and ask them to join OUR REVOLUTION and to stop intimidating you.

*****You have nothing to be afraid of: 1) if you are honest and not an evil predator harming vulnerable people OR; 2) if you diligently WANT TO AND DO BEGIN TO LEARN HOW TO CHANGE your evil, harmful ways. 
This is what emotional maturity is all about and also RECTIFYING the harms you have caused which GOD encourages as any reasonable person knows.

******So tell me who is INTIMIDATING YOU and I will end it. Everyone has FREEDOM to say what they have done to HELP OTHERS. Only an Evil Predator would try to prevent such free speech as any reasonable person knows. 
[End of Comments]

Please know that many wonderful things are happening for those of us who support OUR REVOLUTION as hearings and oral arguments are scheduled to take place over the next several months which will expose in PUBLIC RECORDS more facts of Parental Alienation and the Evil Predators promoting this terror. 
Overwhelming irrefutable facts also prove the existence of a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to create and/or promote Parental Alienation which includes Modern Slavery of the alienated children of all ages and their alienated Mother or Father; Fraudulent and Criminal Divorce Judgments, Restraining Orders, Vexatious Litigant Convictions and other criminal and malicious acts.

Like I have always said, give evil predators enough rope and time and watch them hang themselves and each other. 
Their “Delusions of Grandeur” being “Blind to Human Emotions” as well as their lack of courage and fortitude destroys them every time as history has repeatedly proven.

Our laws in the United States promote ADMINISTRATING JUSTICE EQUALLY for EVERYONE. Justice should not be able to be bought and playing with a loving, law-abiding Woman’s and Mother’s constitutional and other legal rights is not a con game either. However, TO MAKE THESE CHANGES you must hold the feet of these evil predators to the fire and force them to change or go to jail and suffer other sanctions. 
The facts repeatedly prove these evil predators have larceny, abuse, deception and other criminal acts in their hearts despite the laws. They also continue to be delusional because they believe their authority and influence will help them overcome their evil and malicious acts of Parental Alienation which is destroying humanity as experts have proven and any reasonable person knows.

****Love, Family and Equal Rights must be promoted not destroyed. Therefore those having SECRET POLICIES and a SECRET LIVELIHOOD to profit from Parental Alienation must be exposed and held accountable and their policies must be changed. This is common sense.

However, evil predators have been trying for decades to convince themselves that they can SELL love and happiness and also BUY love and happiness by profiting from destroying the love and happiness of their mark or those they make vulnerable with acts of Parental Alienation so they can then take advantage of them. 
Even more horrific, the Jews and many other religious organizations in the U.S. are committing BLASPHEMY because they tell their followers that committing acts of Parental Alienation will bring them happiness and love when it will bring them unhappiness, hate for themselves, shame, grief and anger and a lifetime of obsessions and criminal acts.

So, who do you think is truly sending me these comments? Is it someone trying to break out of one of these CULTS which calls themselves an organization promoting religion, business, politics, education and that they have been “chosen” to be part of this organization and have the potential to rise to a leadership position?
No one should ever be afraid to communicate the things they have done to help others in positive ways to reach their potential and make GOD’S world a better place for loving, honest people. 
Be PROUD to expose the truth to help those in your own communities and elsewhere. Together OUR REVOLUTION will end Parental Alienation for millions of us and also for future generations.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
:: Parental Alienation Solutions ::
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children)

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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