Please see the following letter I sent to my old classmate Wayne Resnick as I saw in Old Jerusalem yesterday a wonderful donation his parents made which I have attached

Their names are nailed on the wall above the hostel sign. Also, I have attached a photo of myself at the Western Wall. Please see Facebook page for photos. Just click the f in the circle above on this page.
To me it is very thrilling but also very emotional to be in such a sacred place. Here is the letter.

Dear Wayne,
It was such a nice surprise when I saw the gracious donation your parents MARTIN AND THALIA RESNICK made to the STATE OF ISRAEL as written on the building in the sacred Jewish section in Old Jerusalem by the Golden Menorah.

You know me as SARA PENN and we went to Pikesville Jr. High and High Schools together and our senior class prom was at your Martin’s West facility.

I was sorry to hear your father passed away as you are approaching his third year yahrzeit. I remember him and how gracious he was to allow our senior class to have our prom at his Martin’s West facility.

WAYNE, I read on your company website and on the internet that you are married, have two wonderful children and four grandchildren and you have risen through your family business and are now the President and CEO. These are wonderful mitzvahs and you must be very proud.
I also have made many important accomplishments however; I have not seen my three children for about ten years whom I raised with a lot of love and care as the full time, stay-at-home Mother.
This sudden alienation is due to the epidemic problem of terror, torture, abuse and oppression called Parental Alienation WHICH IS BEING PROMOTED BY JEWISH LEADERS, JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS AND THEIR MEMBERS who work with crooked Jewish and other Judges, Lawyers, the court-appointed Therapist, Executives, many Nonprofits [501(c)(3) and others], the Press and others.
I have this evil, criminal and racketeering problem even though my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN, the older brother of our classmate ERICA HASSMAN, swore that I was “an integral part of the positive upbringing of our three children.”

Mark and I had a wonderful marriage for about twenty years until he wanted to use his Harvard business school education, certified public accountant license and years of CEO experiences, including taking Jiffy Lube public at the beginning of our marriage, to operate a fraudulent Student Loan Fraud Scheme using our children’s social security numbers. He wanted to request student loan grants and invest the low interest rate money for his own purposes for “the family,” even though we did not need any student loans as tax returns and many other documents prove. I refused to go along with this corruption so the divorce and his acts of Parental Alienation began.

WAYNE, even though Parental Alienation is an epidemic problem in the U.S. and throughout the world; it has been kept a secret. This is because those like me who have ACTED LIKE JEWS or other honest religious or reasonable people by using our education, skills and experiences to end this terror have been emotionally and financially devastated.

It is truly a miracle of GOD, Wayne, that all my educational skills have returned enough since I have been enduring this terror for over ten years now. I have filed lawsuits to try to restore Love, Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice for All as well as set legal precedent for FUTURE GENERATIONS. I reasonably believe my actions should be respected and I should not be terrorized and emotionally tortured because BOTH JUDAISM AND DEMOCRACY promote Family, Love, Truth, Equal Rights and Justice; not trying to DESTROY the one trying to promote these important values and basic commandments of Judaism regarding lying, cheating, stealing, abuse and other criminal, immoral and evil acts.

Both Judaism and Democracy promote HONESTLY AND LOVINGLY helping children and others reach their special potential; not abusing them so they are forced to become obedient, unthinking, criminal slaves. They even use lies, restraining orders and other evil schemes to convince the children that their alienated Mother (or Father) does not love them anymore. As evil as Adolph Hitler was; he never did that.
PARENTAL ALIENATION commonly involves turning the children at the time of divorce against their loving, law-abiding Mother (or Father) so the crooked evil father can intentionally put his wife in a state of emotional distress (like Hitler did when he ripped children from the loving arms of their parents).
Then they bribe her lawyers and the judges to sanction the fraudulent divorce judgment which proves on its face that the Mother (or Father) was criminally and immorally denied her Constitutional Rights to custody, visitation and to receiving her fifty percent (50%) interest in the marital assets. Who do you think is secretly sharing the loving Mother’s assets she never received as the divorce decree proves on its face? This is such an evil parental alienation and racketeering conspiracy which these so-called JEWS are profiting from.

Wayne, remember STEVE HURWITZ from the class ahead of us who was very religious? It appears that his relative JUDGE LON HURWITZ granted the emergency request made by my husband MARK HASSMAN through his crooked and evil lawyers that I be denied custody and visitation and have a restraining order granted against me so I cannot go near my husband…This meant I could not attend our children’s graduations, birthday and other celebrations because he was present.
To make matters more evil, criminal and immoral, no tests were ever performed and there is no credible evidence proving that I am a danger to anyone and need to have a restraining order. I am and continue to be a loving, honest, law-abiding Woman and Mother and there was no legal or rational basis to request, grant, make permanent and extend this emergency restraining order until 2032.
As many photographs, notes, letters and documents prove; I had beautiful and enriching relationships with each one of my children until they were suddenly ended at the time of divorce which as expected devastated me. All this is very well documented by therapists and doctors. Wayne, I went to Hebrew school at BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE and had my wedding and Bat Mitzvah there too. You probably attended my Bat Mitzvah and my party at Woodholme Country Club. I contacted BETH TFILOH’S board members and also their senior RABBI MITCHEL WOHLBERG and reasonably and responsibly asked them to: 1) help me reunite with my children and; 2) have sermons, discussions, classes and other educational events about the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation; but they repeatedly refused. I have contacted many JEWISH organizations and leaders in the U.S. and requested the same things but; they also refused

Shamefully, several of our classmates are on the Board of Directors of BETH TFILOH. One is RONNIE DAVIS. So is STEVE HURWITZ who is married to my cousin LINDA ADLER. My sister RUTHIE PENN who married her classmate DAVID CARLINER were both three years behind us are also on this board and all of them claim to be very religious JEWS but are promoting and profiting from the terror of Parental Alienation.
Do you remember GLEN WEINBERG who was a year or two ahead of us and I also went to law school with him? He is also on BETH TFILOH’S board. Glen inherited millions from his uncle Harry Weinberg and established the HARRY AND JEANETTE WEINBERG FOUNDATION. This Foundation has also made contributions to Israel.
About six years ago I contacted Glen and asked him to use some of his Foundation money to help me end this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation by: 1) helping millions like me reunite with our children; 2) receive a legal divorce decree which complies with our laws of Democracy and; 3) bring awareness to this epidemic problem which the JEWS ARE PROMOTING by hiding and stealing marital assets which belong to the alienated Mother or Father and BRAINWASHING THE CHILDREN using lies, restraining orders and other schemes so the children believe their alienated Mother (or Father) does not love them anymore.
Disgracefully, GLEN told me that the Foundation was not to be used for such purposes but could never reasonably explain why it could not be used to promote the commandments and values of Judaism and Democracy including Love, Family, Truth, Equal Rights and Justice.

So, I am reaching out to you WAYNE. Will you please help me? I came to Israel a few days ago on January 22, 2019 to make Aliyah. I want to live in peace among those who live the life of JEWS promoting Love, Family, Truth, Equal Rights and Justice.
However, I was deprived of my fifty percent interest of the community estate which includes millions of dollars of assets like: properties, corporations, retirement and profit sharing plans, annuities, trust assets and savings which tax returns and other documents prove were never disclosed and stolen from me. I have also been denied my legal right to alimony.
Consequently, I do not know if I will be able to afford to make Aliyah and obtain my JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT to live and work in Israel. I had been living and working in Los Angeles and was able to save enough for my flight and some other travel expenses.

WAYNE, since it appears you share your parent’s JEWISH way of life which does not include promoting Parental Alienation, will you please help me bring awareness to this problem so we can end it? I do not have a cell phone in Israel but you can contact me by email at: [email protected] This is a global problem which the JEWS are promoting as this comment I received on my Facebook page and many facts in my law suits irrefutably prove:

Wayne, as the famous Holocaust survivor, author and activist ELI WIESEL said: To remain silent only helps the evil predators, not those suffering.
Also, please feel free to check out my website at
Very sincerely,
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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