Please Take My Hand and Leave Your Torture Chamber You Were Placed In

Parental Alienation is emotional torture with enormous profits. This is serious organized emotional and even in many situations physical torture with enormous profits affecting millions and it is high time this is recognized so it can be stopped and these children freed.

Like these beautiful flowers growing out of the hard, rough concrete and wooden rubble; our children are beautiful, precious souls who will grow out of their harmful, corrupt environments of this madness of the war of parental alienation and the emotional torture that is part of it. Our love, kindness and compassion we show them which will not wane or falter will help them survive with less scars.

As Remarque, the bestselling author of the classic novel “All Quiet on the Western Front” wrote when describing prisoners of war;
“…it looks as though there were little windows in dark village cottages saying that behind them are rooms full of peace.”
We just need to keep reaching out our loving hand until our children, which includes teens and young adults, allow us to discover their rooms full of peace.

***Our children know their loving parent would NEVER leave them in a harmful environment, letting them suffer and continued to be emotionally tortured with lies, schemes and misleading statements about their loving parent. They know we are trying to extract them and they are just trying to hold on the best they know how. This is why I put my story, which is really millions of our story, in the public eye on the Dr. Phil show, as a way to extract them from this war of parental alienation and this emotional torture.

Sometimes, love demands that we endure the brunt of the harm to ultimately bring about peace and love. In the Bible, Timnah was the first to jump into a pool of scalding water in an effort to make it less scalding for her loved ones. Sometimes, life demands that we do the same, following her lead. This is love and compassion as we face with our children a common enemy of this war of parental alienation; the creator and his or her soldiers.
Our love and actions to help them will make the parent/child bond even stronger once this war with its emotional torture and in some situations physical torture, ends and we are reunited with our precious children.

Love sees the whole array of the good, bad and the ugly but at the same time is willing to forgive if positive changes are made so the bad and ugly behaviors cease. ***This is how love grows.
A loving parent will never abandon their children.
Instead, we keep trying to encourage them to take our loving hand; leaving the war of parental alienation and the emotional torture and enter a world of peace, love, kindness and compassion with us by their side.
With that being said, the ultimate choice is theirs which will determine their character.
When will they choose to leave the life of lies and corrupt and their silent torture-chamber and return to a life of honesty, kindness and love they once knew?

When will they truly understand this war of parental alienation and how they have been used as toys, pawns and bargaining chips by the creator and his soldiers profiting from this war? They are profiting by not paying child support and are receiving tax and financial benefits for having schemed and lied to obtain full custody and by having the insidious control over these children. This sick parent who has created this war has destroyed the sacred parent/child bond by emotionally torturing these children so they believe their loving parent should be hated or feared and never seen again.

***Unfortunately, based on these children’s limited life experiences and knowledge of the world, their comprehension of what is going on around them in this war of parental alienation makes them easy targets for a sick, coward like an alienating parent whom these children have grown up to trust, to easily fall prey and become emotionally and also physically tortured.
This abuse of trust is how these sick creators of the war and his or her soldiers brainwash these precious children who love and trust them.

***These precious, innocent children have to become wise to the fact that their sick parent and his or her soldiers like a sick step-mother are harming and using them and this takes maturity. They have to stop trying to protect them and stop believing they need them for financial and emotional support; both of which are commonly just lies and unreliable.

These precious children also have to come to this realization about their sick parent and his soldiers like a step-mother, while they continue to be told lies and are being misled and without any therapy since the creator and his or her soldiers forbid therapy. This is why I had to go on the Dr. Phil show and have therapy offered on national television since I had been trying for over 5 years to arrange it.
Since the show, the father has even tried to interfere and make it less effective, as expected. Also, neither he nor the step-mother will agree to fill out a simple chart weekly recording their efforts of support as they stated they wanted to act to encourage the mother/daughter reunification. Really?

No surprise as we are showing the behaviors of the creator and his soldiers in the war of parental alienation and the torture-chamber these precious children are trying to survive in.
These millions of emotionally tortured children have a lot of pent-up anger and other emotions and this is why we are seeing many harm themselves and cause harm to others. It is not their fault as they believe for their survival they must submit to the demands of their sick parent the creator and his or her sick soldiers helping with the emotional torture.

*** Heart breaking, as this war could have been prevented if the creator received the emotional help he or she needed instead of taking it out on our precious, innocent children and preying upon their innocence. Pure evil and I will not stand by and watch it destroy millions of children, their families and our society.

***This is serious organized emotional and even in many situations physical torture with enormous profits affecting millions and it is high time this is recognized so it can be stopped and these children freed. We need to change the laws that allow these sick creators of this war of parental alienation and those who aid them to profit from this torture which is destroying a generation of children and our society.

It is such a disgrace that those who have become involved in this emotional torture include many Jewish leaders like the most influential Rabbi in the United States, Rabbi David Wolpe, those at his Congregation and most Jewish organizations and seminaries.

Even Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, who heads the Rabbinical Assembly which is supposed to function as the monitoring body for Rabbis and Jewish institutions, has instead intentionally aided in this emotional torture as she, specifically, has repeatedly ignored this war of parental alienation. She as a Rabbi herself is on one of President Obama’s commissions, but still has allowed this torture to continue as my unanswered emails and telephone calls to her office illustrate. This is not holding her official duties responsibly or with any humanity. What does she and her Assembly actually stand for? Are they just a façade for justice while actually perpetuating emotional torture of children for a profit?

Like Watergate, the perpetration of this war of parental alienation and the emotional torture which is part of parental alienation reaches high into powerful political circles.
These powerful individuals, like Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Julie Schonfeld and Jewish institutions are among those who are supposed to protect our children, families and our freedoms and wholesome family values, have instead become involved in emotionally torturing our children for enormous profits as the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe started doing in the 1970’s.
This late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe, who started the Wolpe family legacy of abuse and torture when he accepted a huge donation from a father who was emotionally torturing his daughter by destroying the mother/daughter relationship right in front of his eyes and others at his congregation. All of them stood there and let it happen time and time again as he called it an “epidemic” at his congregation.

In addition, this disgraceful Rabbi Gerald Wolpe continued to ignore the emotional torture of children and the war of parental alienation at his synagogue for decades. As both a Rabbi and a Jewish individual he had a professional and moral responsibility to protect children not allow them to be emotionally tortured. However, he died with the legacy of being part of the emotional torture and abuse of innocent children. Shameful as I am a fellow Jew and disgusted beyond words.

To make matters even worse, when the bestselling author wrote about this torture, not only did this Rabbi who was alive and well at that time, continue to ignore this war of parental alienation and the emotional torture of these children, but so did all the Jewish institutions. It is such a disgrace.

Then I came along kindly requesting that Rabbi David Wolpe, this late Rabbi’s son address this war of parental alienation and found myself exiled from his son’s Congregation for some unexplained reason for 2 years now.
I was then ignored by many Jewish leaders and organizations when trying to merely find out the reason for being exiled.
This appears to be a serious conspiracy to emotionally torture these children for profit when these Jewish leaders and organizations have a responsibility to protect them.
***They do not have immunity from the law or a license to emotionally torture children as they have been doing for decades while reaping in profits for themselves and their causes. Where is their morality and sense of responsibility for these innocent children they have been preying on for decades?

I will not stop until I bring closure and rescue these millions of children including my own. A loving, caring parent and individual would not stop until their children are free from this emotional torture. This is also the challenge God has placed upon me and I will continue with great passion.
***These children’s stories as to how they have been emotionally tortured and told lies so they believe their loving parent doesn’t love them and should be hated or feared must be heard. It is high time this conspiracy of torture ends.

As long as we keep showering our children who are war torn and emotionally and possibly physically tortured as well with our love, kindness and compassion as best we can and continue to show them that we do kind, caring, honest and loving things and this is the type of environment we live in; they should emerge from this madness like these beautiful flowers from the rubble.
Also we have to keep reminding them that none of this was their fault and they should not feel ashamed or guilty.
They are just prisoners and victims of the war of parental alienation and the emotional torture that goes along with it. We must try to bring them through as unscathed as possible as we are their loving parent.
“If not I, then who?”

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation. org



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